American Veteran

Documentary War & Politics USA 2021

American Veteran

Documentary War & Politics USA 2021

Documentary War & Politics USA 2021

1 season, 4 episodes

This four-part documentary series traces the veteran experience across the arc of American history and explores the present-day divide between civilian and veteran communities.

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Season 1 (26 października 2021)

1. The Calling

As recruits take the oath to serve, they leave the civilian world to become a soldier, sailor, marine, airman or woman. This is the start of their transformation.

26 października 2021

2. The Mission

Military life shapes servicemen and women in profound, unexpected ways. Veterans' stories showcase the raw impact of these experiences.

2 listopada 2021

3. The Return

Hollywood war stories seem to end with the hero's triumphant return, but in reality, the road back to civilian life is often less certain.

9 listopada 2021

4. The Reckoning

Veterans reflecting on their service ask how we -- veterans and civilians together -- can move America forward.

16 listopada 2021


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  • Original title: American Veteran
  • English title: American Veteran
  • First air date: 2021-10-26
  • Origin countries: USA
  • Languages: English
  • Where to watch American Veteran: PBS
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