Documentary News United Kingdom 1988


Documentary News United Kingdom 1988

Documentary News United Kingdom 1988

34 seasons, 1633 episodes

The people, places and stories making news in the British countryside.

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Season 1 (24 lipca 1988)

1. July 24, 1988

24 lipca 1988

2. July 31, 1988

31 lipca 1988

3. August 7, 1988

7 sierpnia 1988

4. August 14, 1988

14 sierpnia 1988

5. August 21, 1988

21 sierpnia 1988

6. August 28, 1988

28 sierpnia 1988

7. September 4, 1988

4 września 1988

8. September 11, 1988

11 września 1988

9. September 18, 1988

18 września 1988

10. September 25, 1988

25 września 1988

11. October 2, 1988

2 października 1988

12. October 9, 1988

9 października 1988

13. October 16, 1988

16 października 1988

14. October 23, 1988

23 października 1988

15. October 30, 1988

30 października 1988

16. November 6, 1988

6 listopada 1988

17. November 13, 1988

13 listopada 1988

18. November 20, 1988

20 listopada 1988

19. November 27, 1988

27 listopada 1988

20. December 4, 1988

4 grudnia 1988

21. December 11, 1988

11 grudnia 1988

22. December 18, 1988

18 grudnia 1988

23. January 1, 1989

1 stycznia 1989

24. January 8, 1989

8 stycznia 1989

25. January 15, 1989

15 stycznia 1989

26. January 22, 1989

22 stycznia 1989

27. January 29, 1989

29 stycznia 1989

28. February 5, 1989

5 lutego 1989

29. February 12, 1989

12 lutego 1989

30. February 19, 1989

19 lutego 1989

31. February 26, 1989

26 lutego 1989

32. March 5, 1989

5 marca 1989

33. March 12, 1989

12 marca 1989

34. March 19, 1989

19 marca 1989

35. March 26, 1989

26 marca 1989

36. April 2, 1989

2 kwietnia 1989

37. April 9, 1989

9 kwietnia 1989

38. April 16, 1989

16 kwietnia 1989

39. April 23, 1989

23 kwietnia 1989

40. April 30, 1989

30 kwietnia 1989

41. May 7, 1989

7 maja 1989

42. May 14, 1989

14 maja 1989

43. May 21, 1989

21 maja 1989

44. May 28, 1989

28 maja 1989

45. June 4, 1989

4 czerwca 1989

46. June 11, 1989

11 czerwca 1989

47. June 18, 1989

18 czerwca 1989

48. June 25, 1989

25 czerwca 1989

49. July 2, 1989

2 lipca 1989

50. July 9, 1989

9 lipca 1989

51. July 16, 1989

16 lipca 1989

Season 2 (23 lipca 1989)

1. July 23, 1989

23 lipca 1989

2. July 30, 1989

30 lipca 1989

3. August 6, 1989

6 sierpnia 1989

4. August 13, 1989

13 sierpnia 1989

5. August 20, 1989

20 sierpnia 1989

6. August 27, 1989

27 sierpnia 1989

7. September 3, 1989

3 września 1989

8. September 10, 1989

10 września 1989

9. September 17, 1989

17 września 1989

10. September 24, 1989

24 września 1989

11. October 1, 1989

1 października 1989

12. October 8, 1989

8 października 1989

13. October 15, 1989

15 października 1989

14. October 22, 1989

22 października 1989

15. October 29, 1989

29 października 1989

16. November 5, 1989

5 listopada 1989

17. November 12, 1989

12 listopada 1989

18. November 19, 1989

19 listopada 1989

19. November 26, 1989

26 listopada 1989

20. December 3, 1989

3 grudnia 1989

21. December 10, 1989

10 grudnia 1989

22. December 17, 1989

17 grudnia 1989

23. December 31, 1989

31 grudnia 1989

24. January 7, 1990

7 stycznia 1990

25. January 14, 1990

14 stycznia 1990

26. January 21, 1990

21 stycznia 1990

27. January 28, 1990

28 stycznia 1990

28. February 4, 1990

4 lutego 1990

29. February 11, 1990

11 lutego 1990

30. February 18, 1990

18 lutego 1990

31. February 25, 1990

25 lutego 1990

32. March 4, 1990

4 marca 1990

33. March 11, 1990

11 marca 1989

34. March 18, 1990

18 marca 1990

35. March 25, 1990

25 marca 1990

36. April 1, 1990

1 kwietnia 1990

37. April 8, 1990

8 kwietnia 1990

38. April 15, 1990

15 kwietnia 1990

39. April 22, 1990

22 kwietnia 1990

40. April 29, 1990

29 kwietnia 1990

41. May 6, 1990

6 maja 1990

42. May 13, 1990

13 maja 1990

43. May 20, 1990

20 maja 1990

44. May 27, 1990

27 maja 1990

45. June 3, 1990

3 czerwca 1990

46. June 10, 1990

10 czerwca 1990

47. June 17, 1990

17 czerwca 1990

48. June 24, 1990

24 czerwca 1990

49. July 1, 1990

1 lipca 1990

50. July 8, 1990

8 lipca 1990

51. July 15, 1990

15 lipca 1990

Season 3 (22 lipca 1990)

1. July 22, 1990

22 lipca 1990

3. August 5, 1990

5 sierpnia 1990

4. August 12, 1990

12 sierpnia 1990

5. August 19, 1990

19 sierpnia 1990

6. August 26, 1990

26 sierpnia 1990

7. September 2, 1990

2 września 1990

8. September 9, 1990

9 września 1990

9. September 16, 1990

16 września 1990

10. September 23, 1990

23 września 1990

11. September 30, 1990

30 września 1990

12. October 7, 1990

7 października 1990

13. October 14, 1990

14 października 1990

14. October 21, 1990

21 października 1990

15. October 28, 1990

28 października 1990

16. November 4, 1990

4 listopada 1990

17. November 11, 1990

11 listopada 1990

18. November 18, 1990

18 listopada 1990

19. November 25, 1990

25 listopada 1990

20. December 2, 1990

2 grudnia 1990

21. December 9, 1990

9 grudnia 1990

22. December 16, 1990

16 grudnia 1990

23. December 30, 1990

30 grudnia 1990

24. January 6, 1991

6 stycznia 1991

25. January 13, 1991

13 stycznia 1991

26. January 20, 1991

20 stycznia 1991

27. January 27, 1991

27 stycznia 1991

28. February 3, 1991

3 lutego 1991

29. February 10, 1991

10 lutego 1991

30. February 17, 1991

17 lutego 1990

31. February 24, 1991

24 lutego 1991

32. March 3, 1991

3 marca 1991

33. March 10, 1991

10 marca 1991

34. March 17, 1991

17 marca 1991

35. March 24, 1991

24 marca 1991

36. March 31, 1991

31 marca 1991

37. April 7, 1991

7 kwietnia 1991

38. April 14, 1991

14 kwietnia 1991

39. April 28, 1991

28 kwietnia 1991

40. May 5, 1991

5 maja 1991

41. May 12, 1991

12 maja 1990

42. May 19, 1991

19 maja 1991

43. May 26, 1991

26 maja 1991

44. June 2, 1991

2 czerwca 1991

45. June 9, 1991

9 czerwca 1991

46. June 16, 1991

16 czerwca 1991

47. June 23, 1991

23 czerwca 1991

48. June 30, 1991

30 czerwca 1991

49. July 7, 1991

7 lipca 1991

50. July 14, 1991

14 lipca 1991

Season 4 (21 lipca 1991)

1. July 21, 1991

21 lipca 1991

2. July 28, 1991

28 lipca 1991

3. August 4, 1991

4 sierpnia 1991

4. August 11, 1991

11 sierpnia 1991

5. August 18, 1991

18 sierpnia 1991

6. August 25, 1991

25 sierpnia 1991

7. September 1, 1991

1 września 1991

8. September 8, 1991

8 września 1991

10. September 22, 1991

22 września 1991

11. September 29, 1991

29 września 1991

12. October 6, 1991

6 października 1991

13. October 13, 1991

13 października 1991

14. October 20, 1991

20 października 1991

15. October 27, 1991

27 października 1991

16. November 3, 1991

3 listopada 1991

17. November 10, 1991

10 listopada 1991

18. November 17, 1991

17 listopada 1991

19. November 24, 1991

24 listopada 1991

20. December 1, 1991

1 grudnia 1991

21. December 8, 1991

8 grudnia 1991

22. December 15, 1991

15 grudnia 1991

23. January 5, 1992

5 stycznia 1992

24. January 12, 1992

12 stycznia 1992

25. January 19, 1992

19 stycznia 1992

26. January 26, 1992

26 stycznia 1992

27. February 2, 1992

2 lutego 1992

28. February 9, 1992

9 lutego 1992

29. February 16, 1992

16 lutego 1992

30. February 23, 1992

23 lutego 1992

31. March 1, 1992

1 marca 1992

32. March 8, 1992

8 marca 1992

33. March 15, 1992

15 marca 1992

34. March 22, 1992

22 marca 1992

35. March 29, 1992

29 marca 1992

36. April 5, 1992

5 kwietnia 1992

37. April 15, 1992

15 kwietnia 1992

38. April 19, 1992

19 kwietnia 1992

39. April 26, 1992

26 kwietnia 1992

40. May 3, 1992

3 maja 1992

41. May 10, 1992

10 maja 1992

42. May 17, 1992

17 maja 1992

43. May 24, 1992

24 maja 1992

44. May 31, 1992

31 maja 1992

45. June 7, 1992

7 czerwca 1992

46. June 14, 1992

14 czerwca 1992

47. June 21, 1992

21 czerwca 1992

48. June 28, 1992

28 czerwca 1992

49. July 5, 1992

5 lipca 1992

50. July 12, 1992

12 lipca 1992

Season 5 (19 lipca 1992)

1. July 19, 1992

19 lipca 1992

2. July 26, 1992

26 lipca 1992

3. August 2, 1992

2 sierpnia 1992

4. August 9, 1992

9 sierpnia 1992

5. August 16, 1992

16 sierpnia 1992

6. Country File Special Report, Strictly For The Birds

16 sierpnia 1992

7. August 23, 1992

23 sierpnia 1992

8. August 30, 1992

30 sierpnia 1992

9. September 6, 1992

6 września 1992

10. September 13, 1992

13 września 1992

11. September 20, 1992

20 września 1992

12. September 27, 1992

27 września 1992

13. October 4, 1992

4 października 1992

14. October 11, 1992

11 października 1992

15. October 18, 1992

18 października 1992

16. October 25, 1992

25 października 1992

17. November 1, 1992

1 listopada 1992

18. November 8, 1992

8 listopada 1992

20. November 22, 1992

22 listopada 1992

21. November 29, 1992

29 listopada 1992

22. December 6, 1992

6 grudnia 1992

23. December 13, 1992

13 grudnia 1992

24. December 20, 1992

20 grudnia 1992

25. January 3, 1993

3 stycznia 1993

26. January 10, 1993

10 stycznia 1993

28. January 24, 1993

24 stycznia 1993

29. January 31, 1993

31 stycznia 1993

30. February 7, 1993

7 lutego 1993

32. February 21, 1993

21 lutego 1993

33. February 28, 1993

28 lutego 1993

34. March 7, 1993

7 marca 1993

35. March 14, 1993

14 marca 1993

36. March 21, 1993

21 marca 1993

37. March 28, 1993

28 marca 1993

38. April 7, 1993

7 kwietnia 1993

39. April 11, 1993

11 kwietnia 1993

41. April 25, 1993

25 kwietnia 1993

42. May 2, 1993

2 maja 1993

43. May 9, 1993

9 maja 1993

44. May 16, 1993

16 maja 1993

45. May 23, 1993

23 maja 1993

46. May 30, 1993

30 maja 1993

47. June 6, 1993

6 czerwca 1993

48. June 13, 1993

13 czerwca 1993

49. June 20, 1993

20 czerwca 1993

50. June 27, 1993

27 czerwca 1993

51. July 4, 1993

4 lipca 1993

52. July 11, 1993

11 lipca 1993

53. July 18, 1993

18 lipca 1993

Season 6 (25 lipca 1993)

1. July 25, 1993

25 lipca 1993

2. August 1, 1993

1 sierpnia 1993

3. August 8, 1993

8 sierpnia 1993

4. August 15, 1993

15 sierpnia 1993

5. August 22, 1993

22 sierpnia 1993

6. August 29, 1993

29 sierpnia 1993

7. September 5, 1993

5 września 1993

8. September 12, 1993

12 września 1993

9. September 19, 1993

19 września 1993

10. September 26, 1993

26 września 1993

11. October 3, 1993

3 października 1993

12. October 10, 1993

10 października 1993

13. October 17, 1993

17 października 1993

14. October 24, 1993

24 października 1993

15. October 31, 1993

31 października 1993

16. November 7, 1993

7 listopada 1993

17. November 14, 1993

14 listopada 1993

18. November 21, 1993

21 listopada 1993

19. November 28, 1993

28 listopada 1993

20. December 5, 1993

5 grudnia 1993

21. December 12, 1993

12 grudnia 1993

22. Review Of The Year

19 grudnia 1993

23. January 2, 1994

2 stycznia 1994

24. January 9, 1994

9 stycznia 1994

25. January 16, 1994

16 stycznia 1994

26. January 23, 1994

23 stycznia 1994

27. January 30, 1994

30 stycznia 1994

28. February 6, 1994

6 lutego 1994

29. February 13, 1994

13 lutego 1994

30. February 20, 1994

20 lutego 1994

31. February 27, 1994

27 lutego 1994

32. March 6, 1994

6 marca 1994

33. March 13, 1994

13 marca 1994

34. March 20, 1994

20 marca 1994

35. March 27, 1994

27 marca 1994

36. April 3, 1994

3 kwietnia 1994

37. April 10, 1994

10 kwietnia 1994

38. April 24, 1994

24 kwietnia 1994

39. May 1, 1994

1 maja 1994

40. May 8, 1994

8 maja 1994

41. May 15, 1994

15 maja 1994

42. May 22, 1994

22 maja 1994

43. May 29, 1994

29 maja 1994

44. June 5, 1994

5 czerwca 1994

45. June 12, 1994

12 czerwca 1994

46. June 19, 1994

19 czerwca 1994

47. June 26, 1994

26 czerwca 1994

48. July 3, 1994

3 lipca 1994

49. July 10, 1994

10 lipca 1994

50. July 17, 1994

17 lipca 1994

Season 7 (24 lipca 1994)

1. July 24, 1994

24 lipca 1994

2. July 31, 1994

31 lipca 1994

3. August 7, 1994

7 sierpnia 1994

4. August 14, 1994

14 sierpnia 1994

5. August 21, 1994

21 sierpnia 1994

6. August 28, 1994

28 sierpnia 1994

7. September 4, 1994

4 września 1994

8. September 11, 1994

11 września 1994

9. September 18, 1994

18 września 1994

10. September 25, 1994

25 września 1994

11. October 2, 1994

2 października 1994

12. October 9, 1994

9 października 1994

13. October 16, 1994

16 października 1994

14. October 23, 1994

23 października 1994

15. October 30, 1994

30 października 1994

16. November 6, 1994

6 listopada 1994

17. November 13, 1994

13 listopada 1994

18. November 20, 1994

20 listopada 1994

19. November 27, 1994

27 listopada 1994

20. December 4, 1994

4 grudnia 1994

21. December 11, 1994

11 grudnia 1994

22. December 18, 1994

18 grudnia 1994

23. January 1, 1995

1 stycznia 1995

24. January 8, 1995

8 stycznia 1995

25. January 15, 1995

15 stycznia 1995

26. January 22, 1995

22 stycznia 1995

27. January 29, 1995

29 stycznia 1995

28. February 5, 1995

5 lutego 1995

29. February 12, 1995

12 lutego 1995

30. February 19, 1995

19 lutego 1995

31. February 26, 1995

26 lutego 1995

32. March 5, 1995

5 marca 1995

33. March 12, 1995

12 marca 1995

34. March 19, 1995

19 marca 1995

35. March 26, 1995

26 marca 1995

36. April 9, 1995

9 kwietnia 1995

37. April 16, 1995

16 kwietnia 1995

38. April 23, 1995

23 kwietnia 1995

39. April 30, 1995

30 kwietnia 1995

40. May 7, 1995

7 maja 1995

41. May 14, 1995

14 maja 1995

42. May 21, 1995

21 maja 1995

43. May 28, 1995

28 maja 1995

44. June 4, 1995

4 czerwca 1995

45. June 18, 1995

18 czerwca 1995

46. July 2, 1995

2 lipca 1995

47. July 9, 1995

9 lipca 1995

Season 8 (23 lipca 1995)

1. July 23, 1995

23 lipca 1995

2. July 30, 1995

30 lipca 1995

3. August 6, 1995

6 sierpnia 1995

4. August 13, 1995

13 sierpnia 1995

5. August 20, 1995

20 sierpnia 1995

6. August 27, 1995

27 sierpnia 1995

7. September 3, 1995

3 września 1995

8. September 10, 1995

10 września 1995

9. September 17, 1995

17 września 1995

10. September 24, 1995

24 września 1995

11. October 1, 1995

1 października 1995

12. October 8, 1995

8 października 1995

13. October 15, 1995

15 października 1995

14. October 22, 1995

22 października 1995

15. October 29, 1995

29 października 1995

16. November 5, 1995

5 listopada 1995

17. November 12, 1995

12 listopada 1995

18. November 19, 1995

19 listopada 1995

19. November 26, 1995

26 listopada 1995

20. December 3, 1995

3 grudnia 1995

21. December 10, 1995

10 grudnia 1995

22. December 17, 1995

17 grudnia 1995

23. December 31, 1995

31 grudnia 1995

24. January 7, 1996

7 stycznia 1996

25. January 14, 1996

14 stycznia 1996

26. January 21, 1996

21 stycznia 1996

27. January 28, 1996

28 stycznia 1996

28. February 4, 1996

4 lutego 1996

29. February 11, 1996

11 lutego 1996

30. February 18, 1996

18 lutego 1996

31. February 25, 1996

25 lutego 1996

32. March 3, 1996

3 marca 1996

33. March 10, 1996

10 marca 1996

34. March 17, 1996

17 marca 1996

35. March 24, 1996

24 marca 1996

36. March 31, 1996

31 marca 1996

37. April 7, 1996

7 kwietnia 1996

38. April 14, 1996

14 kwietnia 1996

39. April 28, 1996

28 kwietnia 1996

40. May 5, 1996

5 maja 1996

41. May 12, 1996

12 maja 1996

42. May 19, 1996

19 maja 1996

43. May 26, 1996

26 maja 1996

44. June 2, 1996

2 czerwca 1996

45. June 16, 1996

16 czerwca 1996

46. June 30, 1996

30 czerwca 1996

47. July 7, 1996

7 lipca 1996

48. July 14, 1996

14 lipca 1996

Season 9 (21 lipca 1996)

1. July 21, 1996

21 lipca 1996

2. July 28, 1996

28 lipca 1996

3. August 4, 1996

4 sierpnia 1996

4. August 11, 1996

11 sierpnia 1996

5. August 18, 1996

18 sierpnia 1996

6. August 25, 1996

25 sierpnia 1996

7. September 1, 1996

1 września 1996

8. September 8, 1996

8 września 1996

9. September 15, 1996

15 września 1996

10. September 22, 1996

22 września 1996

11. September 29, 1996

29 września 1996

12. October 6, 1996

6 października 1996

13. October 13, 1996

13 października 1996

14. October 20, 1996

20 października 1996

15. October 27, 1996

27 października 1996

16. November 3, 1996

3 listopada 1996

17. November 10, 1996

10 listopada 1996

18. November 17, 1996

17 listopada 1996

19. November 24, 1996

24 listopada 1996

20. December 1, 1996

1 grudnia 1996

21. December 8, 1996

8 grudnia 1996

22. December 15, 1996

15 grudnia 1996

23. January 5, 1997

5 stycznia 1997

24. January 12, 1997

12 stycznia 1997

25. January 19, 1997

19 stycznia 1997

26. January 26, 1997

26 stycznia 1997

27. February 2, 1997

2 lutego 1997

28. February 9, 1997

9 lutego 1997

29. February 16, 1997

16 lutego 1997

30. February 23, 1997

23 lutego 1997

31. March 2, 1997

2 marca 1997

32. March 9, 1997

9 marca 1997

33. March 16, 1997

16 marca 1997

34. March 23, 1997

23 marca 1997

35. March 30, 1997

30 marca 1997

36. April 6, 1997

6 kwietnia 1997

37. April 20, 1997

20 kwietnia 1997

38. April 27, 1997

27 kwietnia 1997

39. May 4, 1997

4 maja 1997

40. May 11, 1997

11 maja 1997

41. May 18, 1997

18 maja 1997

42. May 25, 1997

25 maja 1997

43. June 1, 1997

1 czerwca 1997

44. June 15, 1997

15 czerwca 1997

45. June 30, 1997

30 czerwca 1997

46. July 5, 1997

5 lipca 1997

47. July 13, 1997

12 lipca 1997

48. July 20, 1997

20 lipca 1997

Season 10 (26 lipca 1997)

1. July 26, 1997

26 lipca 1997

2. August 3, 1997

3 sierpnia 1997

3. August 9, 1997

9 sierpnia 1997

4. August 17, 1997

17 sierpnia 1997

5. August 23, 1997

23 sierpnia 1997

6. August 31, 1997

31 sierpnia 1997

7. September 7, 1997

7 września 1997

8. September 14, 1997

14 września 1997

9. September 21, 1997

21 września 1997

10. September 28, 1997

28 września 1997

11. October 5, 1997

5 października 1997

12. October 12, 1997

12 października 1997

13. October 19, 1997

19 października 1997

14. October 26, 1997

26 października 1997

15. November 2, 1997

2 listopada 1997

16. November 9, 1997

9 listopada 1997

17. November 16, 1997

16 listopada 1997

18. November 23, 1997

23 listopada 1997

19. November 30, 1997

30 listopada 1997

20. December 7, 1997

7 grudnia 1997

21. December 14, 1997

14 grudnia 1997

22. Review Of The Year

21 grudnia 1997

23. January 4, 1998

4 stycznia 1998

24. January 11, 1998

11 stycznia 1998

25. January 18, 1998

18 stycznia 1998

26. January 25, 1998

25 stycznia 1998

27. February 1, 1998

1 lutego 1998

28. February 8, 1998

8 lutego 1998

29. February 15, 1998

15 lutego 1998

30. February 22, 1998

22 lutego 1998

31. March 1, 1998

1 marca 1998

32. March 8, 1998

8 marca 1998

33. March 15, 1998

15 marca 1998

34. March 22, 1998

22 marca 1998

35. March 29, 1998

29 marca 1998

36. April 5, 1998

5 kwietnia 1998

37. April 12, 1998

12 kwietnia 1998

38. April 19, 1998

19 kwietnia 1998

39. May 3, 1998

3 maja 1998

40. May 10, 1998

10 maja 1998

41. May 17, 1998

17 maja 1998

42. May 24, 1998

24 maja 1998

43. May 31, 1998

31 maja 1998

44. June 6, 1998

6 czerwca 1998

45. June 14, 1998

14 czerwca 1998

46. June 20, 1998

20 czerwca 1998

47. June 28, 1998

28 czerwca 1998

48. July 4, 1998

4 lipca 1998

49. July 12, 1998

12 lipca 1998

50. July 19, 1998

19 lipca 1998

Season 11 (25 lipca 1998)

1. July 25, 1998

25 lipca 1998

2. August 2, 1998

2 sierpnia 1998

3. August 8, 1998

8 sierpnia 1998

4. August 16, 1998

16 sierpnia 1998

5. August 23, 1998

23 sierpnia 1998

6. August 29, 1998

29 sierpnia 1998

7. September 6, 1998

6 września 1998

8. September 13, 1998

13 września 1998

9. September 20, 1998

20 września 1998

10. September 27, 1998

27 września 1998

11. October 4, 1998

4 października 1998

12. October 11, 1998

11 października 1998

13. October 25, 1998

25 października 1998

14. November 1, 1998

1 listopada 1998

15. November 8, 1998

8 listopada 1998

16. November 15, 1998

15 listopada 1998

17. November 22, 1998

22 listopada 1998

18. November 29, 1998

29 listopada 1998

19. December 6, 1998

6 grudnia 1998

20. December 13, 1998

13 grudnia 1998

21. January 3, 1999

3 stycznia 1999

22. January 10, 1999

10 stycznia 1999

23. January 17, 1999

17 stycznia 1999

24. January 24, 1999

24 stycznia 1999

25. January 31, 1999

31 stycznia 1999

26. February 7, 1999

7 lutego 1999

27. February 14, 1999

14 lutego 1999

28. February 21, 1999

21 lutego 1999

30. March 7, 1999

7 marca 1999

31. March 14, 1999

14 marca 1999

32. March 21, 1999

21 marca 1999

33. March 28, 1999

28 marca 1999

34. April 4, 1999

4 kwietnia 1999

35. April 11, 1999

11 kwietnia 1999

36. April 25, 1999

25 kwietnia 1999

37. May 2, 1999

2 maja 1999

38. May 9, 1999

9 maja 1999

39. May 16, 1999

16 maja 1999

40. May 23, 1999

23 maja 1999

41. May 30, 1999

30 maja 1999

42. June 6, 1999

6 czerwca 1999

43. June 13, 1999

13 czerwca 1999

44. June 27, 1999

27 czerwca 1999

45. July 4, 1999

4 lipca 1999

46. July 11, 1999

11 lipca 1999

47. July 18, 1999

18 lipca 1999

Season 12 (25 lipca 1999)

1. July 25, 1999

25 lipca 1999

2. August 1, 1999

1 sierpnia 1999

3. August 8, 1999

8 sierpnia 1999

4. August 15, 1999

15 sierpnia 1999

5. August 22, 1999

22 sierpnia 1999

6. August 29, 1999

29 sierpnia 1999

7. September 5, 1999

5 września 1999

8. September 12, 1999

12 września 1999

9. September 19, 1999

19 września 1999

10. September 26, 1999

26 września 1999

11. October 3, 1999

3 października 1999

12. October 10, 1999

10 października 1999

13. October 24, 1999

24 października 1999

14. October 31, 1999

31 października 1999

15. November 7, 1999

7 listopada 1999

16. November 14, 1999

14 listopada 1999

17. November 21, 1999

21 listopada 1999

18. November 28, 1999

28 listopada 1999

19. December 5, 1999

5 grudnia 1999

20. December 12, 1999

12 grudnia 1999

21. December 19, 1999

19 grudnia 1999

22. January 2, 2000

2 stycznia 2000

23. January 9, 2000

9 stycznia 2000

24. January 16, 2000

16 stycznia 2000

25. January 23, 2000

23 stycznia 2000

26. January 30, 2000

30 stycznia 2000

27. February 6, 2000

6 lutego 2000

28. February 13, 2000

13 lutego 2000

29. February 20, 2000

20 lutego 2000

30. February 27, 2000

27 lutego 2000

31. March 5, 2000

5 marca 2000

32. March 12, 2000

12 marca 2000

33. March 19, 2000

19 marca 2000

34. March 26, 2000

26 marca 2000

35. April 2, 2000

2 kwietnia 2000

36. April 9, 2000

9 kwietnia 2000

37. April 23, 2000

23 kwietnia 2000

38. April 30, 2000

30 kwietnia 2000

39. May 7, 2000

7 maja 2000

40. May 14, 2000

14 maja 2000

41. May 21, 2000

21 maja 2000

42. May 28, 2000

28 maja 2000

43. June 4, 2000

4 czerwca 2000

44. June 11, 2000

11 czerwca 2000

45. June 18, 2000

18 czerwca 2000

46. June 25, 2000

25 czerwca 2000

47. July 2, 2000

2 lipca 2000

48. July 9, 2000

9 lipca 2000

49. July 16, 2000

16 lipca 2000

Season 13 (23 lipca 2000)

1. July 23, 2000

23 lipca 2000

2. July 30, 2000

30 lipca 2000

3. August 6, 2000

6 sierpnia 2000

4. August 13, 2000

13 sierpnia 2000

5. August 20, 2000

20 sierpnia 2000

6. August 27, 2000

27 sierpnia 2000

7. September 3, 2000

3 września 2000

8. September 10, 2000

10 września 2000

9. September 17, 2000

17 września 2000

10. October 15, 2000

15 października 2000

11. October 22, 2000

22 października 2000

12. October 29, 2000

29 października 2000

13. November 5, 2000

5 listopada 2000

14. November 12, 2000

12 listopada 2000

15. November 19, 2000

19 listopada 2000

16. November 26, 2000

26 listopada 2000

17. December 3, 2000

3 grudnia 2000

18. December 10, 2000

10 grudnia 2000

19. December 17, 2000

17 grudnia 2000

20. January 7, 2001

7 stycznia 2001

21. January 14, 2001

14 stycznia 2001

22. January 21, 2001

21 stycznia 2001

23. January 28, 2001

28 stycznia 2001

24. February 4, 2001

4 lutego 2001

25. February 11, 2001

11 lutego 2001

26. February 18, 2001

18 lutego 2001

27. February 25, 2001

25 lutego 2001

28. March 4, 2001

4 marca 2001

29. March 11, 2001

11 marca 2001

30. March 18, 2001

18 marca 2001

31. March 25, 2001

25 marca 2001

32. April 1, 2001

1 kwietnia 2001

33. April 8, 2001

8 kwietnia 2001

34. April 15, 2001

15 kwietnia 2001

35. April 29, 2001

29 kwietnia 2001

36. May 6, 2001

6 maja 2001

37. May 13, 2001

13 maja 2001

38. May 20, 2001

20 maja 2001

39. May 27, 2001

27 maja 2001

40. June 3, 2001

3 czerwca 2001

41. June 10, 2001

10 czerwca 2001

42. June 17, 2001

17 czerwca 2001

43. June 24, 2001

24 czerwca 2001

44. July 1, 2001

1 lipca 2001

45. July 8, 2001

8 lipca 2001

46. July 15, 2001

15 lipca 2001

Season 14 (22 lipca 2001)

1. July 22, 2001

22 lipca 2001

2. July 29, 2001

29 lipca 2001

3. August 5, 2001

5 sierpnia 2001

4. August 12, 2001

12 sierpnia 2001

5. August 19, 2001

19 sierpnia 2001

6. August 26, 2001

26 sierpnia 2001

7. September 2, 2001

2 września 2001

8. September 9, 2001

9 września 2001

9. September 23, 2001

23 września 2001

10. September 30, 2001

30 września 2001

11. October 7, 2001

7 października 2001

12. October 14, 2001

14 października 2001

13. October 21, 2001

21 października 2001

14. October 28, 2001

28 października 2001

15. November 4, 2001

4 listopada 2001

16. November 11, 2001

11 listopada 2001

17. November 18, 2001

18 listopada 2001

18. November 25, 2001

25 listopada 2001

19. December 2, 2001

2 grudnia 2001

20. December 9, 2001

9 grudnia 2001

21. December 16, 2001

16 grudnia 2001

22. January 6, 2002

6 stycznia 2002

23. January 13, 2002

13 stycznia 2002

24. January 20, 2002

20 stycznia 2002

25. January 27, 2002

27 stycznia 2002

26. February 3, 2002

3 lutego 2002

27. February 10, 2002

10 lutego 2002

28. February 17, 2002

17 lutego 2002

29. February 24, 2002

24 lutego 2002

30. March 3, 2002

3 marca 2002

31. March 10, 2002

10 marca 2002

32. March 17, 2002

17 marca 2002

33. March 24, 2002

24 marca 2002

34. March 31, 2002

31 marca 2002

35. April 7, 2002

7 kwietnia 2002

36. April 21, 2002

21 kwietnia 2002

37. April 28, 2002

28 kwietnia 2002

38. May 5, 2002

5 maja 2002

39. May 12, 2002

12 maja 2002

40. May 19, 2002

19 maja 2002

41. June 2, 2002

2 czerwca 2002

42. June 9, 2002

9 czerwca 2002

43. June 16, 2002

16 czerwca 2002

44. June 23, 2002

23 czerwca 2002

45. June 30, 2002

30 czerwca 2002

46. July 7, 2002

7 lipca 2002

47. July 14, 2002

14 lipca 2002

Season 15 (21 lipca 2002)

1. July 21, 2002

21 lipca 2002

2. July 28, 2002

28 lipca 2002

3. August 4, 2002

4 sierpnia 2002

5. August 18, 2002

18 sierpnia 2002

6. August 25, 2002

25 sierpnia 2002

7. September 1, 2002

1 września 2002

8. September 8, 2002

8 września 2002

9. September 15, 2002

15 września 2002

10. September 22, 2002

22 września 2002

11. September 29, 2002

29 września 2002

12. October 6, 2002

6 października 2002

13. October 13, 2002

13 października 2002

14. October 20, 2002

20 października 2002

15. October 27, 2002

27 października 2002

16. November 3, 2002

3 listopada 2002

17. November 10, 2002

10 listopada 2002

18. November 17, 2002

17 listopada 2002

19. November 24, 2002

24 listopada 2002

20. December 1, 2002

1 grudnia 2002

21. December 8, 2002

8 grudnia 2002

22. December 15, 2002

15 grudnia 2002

23. January 5, 2003

5 stycznia 2003

24. January 12, 2003

12 stycznia 2003

25. January 19, 2003

19 stycznia 2003

26. January 26, 2003

26 stycznia 2003

27. February 2, 2003

2 lutego 2003

28. February 9, 2003

9 lutego 2003

29. February 16, 2003

16 lutego 2003

30. February 23, 2003

23 lutego 2003

31. March 2, 2003

2 marca 2003

32. March 9, 2003

9 marca 2003

33. March 16, 2003

16 marca 2003

34. March 23, 2003

23 marca 2003

35. March 30, 2003

30 marca 2003

37. April 13, 2003

13 kwietnia 2003

38. April 20, 2003

20 kwietnia 2003

39. April 27, 2003

27 kwietnia 2003

40. May 4, 2003

4 maja 2003

41. May 11, 2003

11 maja 2003

42. May 18, 2003

18 maja 2003

43. May 25, 2003

25 maja 2003

44. June 1, 2003

1 czerwca 2003

45. June 8, 2003

8 czerwca 2003

46. June 15, 2003

15 czerwca 2003

47. June 22, 2003

22 czerwca 2003

48. June 29, 2003

29 czerwca 2003

49. July 6, 2003

6 lipca 2003

50. July 13, 2003

13 lipca 2003

Season 16 (27 lipca 2003)

1. July 27, 2003

27 lipca 2003

2. August 3, 2003

3 sierpnia 2003

3. August 10, 2003

10 sierpnia 2003

4. August 17, 2003

17 sierpnia 2003

5. August 31, 2003

31 sierpnia 2003

6. September 7, 2003

7 września 2003

7. September 14, 2003

14 września 2003

8. September 21, 2003

21 września 2003

9. September 28, 2003

28 września 2003

10. October 5, 2003

5 października 2003

11. October 12, 2003

12 października 2003

12. October 19, 2003

19 października 2003

13. October 26, 2003

26 października 2003

14. November 2, 2003

2 listopada 2003

15. November 9, 2003

9 listopada 2003

16. November 16, 2003

16 listopada 2003

17. November 23, 2003

23 listopada 2003

18. November 30, 2003

30 listopada 2003

19. December 7, 2003

7 grudnia 2003

20. December 14, 2003

14 grudnia 2003

21. January 4, 2004

4 stycznia 2004

22. January 11, 2004

11 stycznia 2004

23. January 18, 2004

18 stycznia 2004

24. January 25, 2004

25 stycznia 2004

25. February 1, 2004

1 lutego 2004

26. February 8, 2004

8 lutego 2004

27. February 15, 2004

15 lutego 2004

28. February 22, 2004

22 lutego 2004

29. February 29, 2004

29 lutego 2004

30. March 7, 2004

7 marca 2004

31. March 14, 2004

14 marca 2004

32. March 21, 2004

21 marca 2004

33. March 28, 2004

28 marca 2004

34. April 4, 2004

4 kwietnia 2004

35. April 11, 2004

11 kwietnia 2004

36. April 18, 2004

18 kwietnia 2004

37. April 25, 2004

25 kwietnia 2004

38. May 2, 2004

2 maja 2004

39. May 9, 2004

9 maja 2004

40. May 16, 2004

16 maja 2004

41. May 23, 2004

23 maja 2004

42. May 30, 2004

30 maja 2004

43. June 13, 2004

13 czerwca 2004

44. June 20, 2004

20 czerwca 2004

45. June 27, 2004

27 czerwca 2004

46. July 4, 2004

4 lipca 2004

Season 17 (25 lipca 2004)

1. July 25, 2004

25 lipca 2004

2. August 1, 2004

1 sierpnia 2004

3. August 8, 2004

8 sierpnia 2004

4. August 15, 2004

15 sierpnia 2004

5. August 22, 2004

22 sierpnia 2004

6. August 29, 2004

29 sierpnia 2004

7. September 5, 2004

5 września 2004

8. September 12, 2004

12 września 2004

9. September 19, 2004

19 września 2004

10. October 3, 2004

3 października 2004

11. October 10, 2004

10 października 2004

12. October 17, 2004

17 października 2004

13. October 24, 2004

24 października 2004

14. October 31, 2004

31 października 2004

15. November 7, 2004

7 listopada 2004

16. November 14, 2004

14 listopada 2004

17. November 21, 2004

21 listopada 2004

18. November 28, 2004

28 listopada 2004

19. December 5, 2004

5 grudnia 2004

20. December 12, 2004

12 grudnia 2004

21. January 2, 2005

2 stycznia 2005

22. January 9, 2005

9 stycznia 2005

23. January 16, 2005

16 stycznia 2005

24. January 23, 2005

23 stycznia 2005

25. January 30, 2005

30 stycznia 2005

26. February 6, 2005

6 lutego 2005

27. February 13, 2005

13 lutego 2005

28. February 20, 2005

20 lutego 2005

29. February 27, 2005

27 lutego 2005

30. March 5, 2005

6 marca 2005

31. March 13, 2005

13 marca 2005

32. March 20, 2005

20 marca 2005

33. March 27, 2005

27 marca 2005

34. April 3, 2005

3 kwietnia 2005

35. April 10, 2005

10 kwietnia 2005

36. April 17, 2005

17 kwietnia 2005

37. May 1, 2005

1 maja 2005

38. May 8, 2005

8 maja 2005

39. May 15, 2005

15 maja 2005

40. May 22, 2005

22 maja 2005

41. May 29, 2005

29 maja 2005

42. June 5, 2005

5 czerwca 2005

43. June 12, 2005

12 czerwca 2005

44. June 19, 2005

19 czerwca 2005

45. June 26, 2005

26 czerwca 2005

46. July 3, 2005

3 lipca 2005

47. July 10, 2005

10 lipca 2005

48. July 17, 2005

17 lipca 2005

Season 18 (24 lipca 2005)

1. July 24, 2005

24 lipca 2005

2. July 31, 2005

31 lipca 2005

3. August 7, 2005

7 sierpnia 2005

4. August 14, 2005

14 sierpnia 2005

5. August 21, 2005

21 sierpnia 2005

6. August 28, 2005

28 sierpnia 2005

7. September 4, 2005

4 września 2005

8. September 11, 2005

11 września 2005

9. September 25, 2005

25 września 2005

10. October 2, 2005

2 października 2005

11. October 9, 2005

9 października 2005

12. October 16, 2005

16 października 2005

13. October 23, 2005

23 października 2005

14. October 30, 2005

30 października 2005

15. November 6, 2005

6 listopada 2005

16. November 20, 2005

20 listopada 2005

17. November 27, 2005

27 listopada 2005

18. December 4, 2005

4 grudnia 2005

19. December 11, 2005

11 grudnia 2005

20. December 18, 2005

18 grudnia 2005

21. January 8, 2006

8 stycznia 2006

22. January 15, 2006

15 stycznia 2006

23. January 22, 2006

22 stycznia 2006

24. January 29, 2006

29 stycznia 2006

25. February 5, 2006

5 lutego 2006

26. February 12, 2006

12 lutego 2006

27. February 19, 2006

19 lutego 2006

28. February 26, 2006

26 lutego 2006

29. March 5, 2006

5 marca 2006

30. March 12, 2006

12 marca 2006

31. March 19, 2006

19 marca 2006

32. March 26, 2006

26 marca 2006

33. April 2, 2006

2 kwietnia 2006

34. April 9, 2006

9 kwietnia 2006

35. April 16, 2006

16 kwietnia 2006

36. April 30, 2006

30 kwietnia 2006

37. May 7, 2006

7 maja 2006

38. May 14, 2006

14 maja 2006

40. May 28, 2006

28 maja 2006

41. June 4, 2006

4 czerwca 2006

42. June 11, 2006

11 czerwca 2006

43. June 18, 2006

18 czerwca 2006

44. June 25, 2006

25 czerwca 2006

45. July 2, 2006

2 lipca 2006

46. July 9, 2006

9 lipca 2006

47. July 16, 2006

16 lipca 2006

48. July 23, 2006

23 lipca 2006

49. July 30, 2006

30 lipca 2006

50. August 6, 2006

6 sierpnia 2006

51. August 13, 2006

13 sierpnia 2006

52. August 20, 2006

20 sierpnia 2006

58. August 27, 2006

27 sierpnia 2006

Season 19 (3 września 2006)

1. September 3, 2006

3 września 2006

2. September 10, 2006

10 września 2006

3. September 17, 2006

17 września 2006

4. September 24, 2006

24 września 2006

5. October 8, 2006

8 października 2006

6. October 15, 2006

15 października 2006

7. October 22, 2006

22 października 2006

8. October 29, 2006

29 października 2006

9. November 5, 2006

5 listopada 2006

10. November 12, 2006

12 listopada 2006

11. November 19, 2006

19 listopada 2006

12. November 26, 2006

26 listopada 2006

13. December 3, 2006

3 grudnia 2006

14. December 10, 2006

10 grudnia 2006

15. December 17, 2006

17 grudnia 2006

16. January 7, 2007

7 stycznia 2007

17. January 14, 2007

14 stycznia 2007

18. January 21, 2007

21 stycznia 2007

19. January 28, 2007

28 stycznia 2007

20. February 4, 2007

4 lutego 2007

21. February 11, 2007

11 lutego 2007

22. February 18, 2007

18 lutego 2007

23. February 25, 2007

25 lutego 2007

24. March 4, 2007

4 marca 2007

25. March 11, 2007

11 marca 2007

26. March 18, 2007

18 marca 2007

27. March 25, 2007

25 marca 2007

28. April 1, 2007

1 kwietnia 2007

29. April 8, 2007

8 kwietnia 2007

30. April 15, 2007

15 kwietnia 2007

31. April 29, 2007

29 kwietnia 2007

32. May 6, 2007

6 maja 2007

33. May 13, 2007

13 maja 2007

34. May 20, 2007

20 maja 2007

35. May 27, 2007

27 maja 2007

36. June 3, 2007

3 czerwca 2007

37. June 10, 2007

10 czerwca 2007

38. June 17, 2007

17 czerwca 2007

39. June 24, 2007

24 czerwca 2007

40. July 1, 2007

1 lipca 2007

41. July 8, 2007

8 lipca 2007

42. July 15, 2007

15 lipca 2007

43. July 22, 2007

22 lipca 2007

44. July 29, 2007

29 lipca 2007

45. August 5, 2007

5 sierpnia 2007

46. August 12, 2007

12 sierpnia 2007

47. August 19, 2007

19 sierpnia 2007

53. August 26, 2007

25 sierpnia 2007

Season 20 (9 września 2007)

1. September 9, 2007

9 września 2007

2. September 16, 2007

16 września 2007

3. September 23, 2007

23 września 2007

4. October 7, 2007

7 października 2007

5. October 14, 2007

14 października 2007

6. October 21, 2007

21 października 2007

7. October 28, 2007

28 października 2007

8. November 4, 2007

4 listopada 2007

9. November 11, 2007

11 listopada 2007

10. November 18, 2007

18 listopada 2007

11. November 25, 2007

25 listopada 2007

12. December 2, 2007

2 grudnia 2007

13. December 9, 2007

9 grudnia 2007

14. December 16, 2007

16 grudnia 2007

15. 2008-01-06

6 stycznia 2008

16. 2008-01-13

13 stycznia 2008

17. Countryfile Season 20 Episode 17

20 stycznia 2008

18. 2008-01-27

27 stycznia 2008

19. Countryfile Season 20 Episode 19

3 lutego 2008

20. Countryfile Season 20 Episode 20

10 lutego 2008

21. 2008-02-17

17 lutego 2008

22. Countryfile Season 20 Episode 22

24 lutego 2008

23. 2008-03-02

2 marca 2008

24. 2008-03-09

25. 2008-03-16

16 marca 2008

26. 2008-03-23

23 marca 2008

27. 2008-03-30

28. Countryfile Season 20 Episode 28

6 kwietnia 2008

29. Countryfile Season 20 Episode 29

20 kwietnia 2008

30. Countryfile Season 20 Episode 30

27 kwietnia 2008

31. Countryfile Season 20 Episode 31

4 maja 2008

32. 2008-05-11

11 maja 2008

33. Countryfile Season 20 Episode 33

18 maja 2008

34. Countryfile Season 20 Episode 34

25 maja 2008

35. Countryfile Season 20 Episode 35

1 czerwca 2008

36. 2008-06-08

37. 2008-06-15

38. 2008-06-22

39. 2008-06-29

40. 2008-07-06

41. 2008-07-13

42. 2008-07-20

43. 20th Anniversary Edition

20th anniversary show This week Countryfile celebrates its 20th anniversary. Since 1988 the programme has been reporting on the people, places and stories making news in the British countryside. Swaledale The first ever Countryfile was filmed in Swaledale in North Yorkshire. The sweeping river valley is carved out by the River Swale, but access to the river is an ongoing issue. John Craven heads to Keld on the river bank to revisit a story which Countryfile reported on two decades ago. Many canoeists think they should have access to rivers just like ramblers do in the countryside, however, anglers are concerned that their private, and often paid for, retreats will be overwhelmed. John also explores an institution which the show has become famous for - the BBC weather forecast. Weatherman Bill Giles, who presented the first ever Countryfile weather forecast, takes a trip down memory lane. John gets a surprise when he comes face to face with his dead ringer. Impressionist Jon Culshaw dons the famous red jacket, Wellington boots and glasses for their first meeting.

27 lipca 2008

44. 2008-08-03

45. 2008-08-10

John Craven visits Weymouth as it prepares to host the 2012 Olympic sailing events.

10 sierpnia 2008

46. 2008-08-17

47. 2008-08-24

48. 2008-08-31

John Craven heads to Warwickshire, where this year's harvest is in full swing.

31 sierpnia 2008

Season 21 (7 września 2008)

1. 2008-09-07

John Craven heads to Dunster in Somerset, where a castle is getting a green makeover.

7 września 2008

2. 2008-09-14

Countryfile Photographic Competition with its theme of Animals in Action is judged.

14 września 2008

3. 2008-09-21

The team visits the village of Cerne Abbas and reports on British blueberries.

21 września 2008

4. 2008-09-28

John Craven heads for Castle Howard in North Yorkshire.

28 września 2008

5. 2008-10-12

John Craven reveals why there's more to Stonehenge than its mysterious standing stones.

12 października 2008

6. 2008-10-19

John Craven visits Calder Valley to discover how the countryside inspired poet Ted Hughes.

19 października 2008

7. 2008-10-26

John Craven heads to Calke Abbey in Derbyshire as it prepares to celebrate Halloween.

26 października 2008

8. 2008-11-02

John Craven visits the farm bought by the public for four million pounds.

2 listopada 2008

9. 2008-11-09

Countryfile marks Remembrance Sunday by heading to Cannock Chase in Staffordshire.

9 listopada 2008

10. 2008-11-16

John Craven heads to the Fal Estuary in Cornwall as oyster fishing season gets underway.

16 listopada 2008

11. 2008-11-23

John Craven heads to Wytham Woods in Oxfordshire to study the effects of climate change.

23 listopada 2008

12. 2008-11-30

John Craven visits the Lake District to mark 75 years of the mountain rescue service.

30 listopada 2008

13. 2008-12-07

John Craven explores the mines in the Forest of Dean in Gloucester.

7 grudnia 2008

14. 2008-12-14

John Craven investigates the Christmas preparations in Scotland's Cairngorms.

14 grudnia 2008

15. 2009-01-04

John Craven celebrates the nation's love affair with the horse.

4 stycznia 2009

16. 2009-01-11

A look at how the British countryside is transformed with the passing of each season.

11 stycznia 2009

17. 2009-01-18

John Craven visits the Cairngorm Mountains to assess the ski season and taste the whisky.

18 stycznia 2009

18. 2009-01-25

John Craven explores the New Forest, where controversial plans are causing concern.

25 stycznia 2009

19. 2009-02-01

John Craven assesses the impact of a marine improvement programme on the Norfolk coast.

1 lutego 2009

20. 2009-02-08

John heads to Cambridge University, while Miriam O'Reilly looks at Britain's rat problem.

8 lutego 2009

21. 1,000th Episode

John Craven marks the 1,000th episode by revisiting the story of the foot-and-mouth crisis

15 lutego 2009

22. Countryfile Season 21 Episode 22

John Craven visits Kew Gardens to celebrate its 250th anniversary.

22 lutego 2009

23. March 1, 2009

John Craven marks St David's Day by heading to the hills of Pumlumon in mid Wales.

1 marca 2009

24. Countryfile Season 21 Episode 24

John Craven visits Slimbridge to mark the centenary of the birth of Sir Peter Scott.

8 marca 2009

25. March 15, 2009

John Craven is in County Fermanagh in Northern Ireland to explore the UK's first geopark.

15 marca 2009

26. Countryfile Season 21 Episode 26

John Craven visits Belvoir Castle, and Miriam O'Reilly reports on a vicious plant disease.

22 marca 2009

27. March 29, 2009

Would a huge barrage across the Severn Estuary ruin priceless archaeological sites?

29 marca 2009

28. April 5, 2009

Matt Baker and Julia Bradbury mark the 60th anniversary of landmark legislation.

5 kwietnia 2009

29. April 12, 2009

Julia Bradbury and Matt Baker explore the diverse landscape of the North York Moors.

12 kwietnia 2009

30. April 19, 2009

Julia Bradbury and Matt Baker explore the area around Ben Nevis.

19 kwietnia 2009

31. 31

Matt Baker and Julia Bradbury visit the South Downs, plus James Wong on beating hay fever.

26 kwietnia 2009

32. May 3, 2009

Julia Bradbury and Matt Baker explore the Malvern Hills, and John Craven visits Norway.

3 maja 2009

33. 33

Matt Baker and Julia Bradbury report from Isambard Kingdom Brunel's Royal Albert Bridge.

10 maja 2009

34. May 17, 2009

17 maja 2009

35. May 24, 2009

24 maja 2009

36. May 31, 2009

31 maja 2009

37. June 7, 2009

7 czerwca 2009

38. June 14, 2009

14 czerwca 2009

39. June 21, 2009

21 czerwca 2009

40. June 28, 2009

28 czerwca 2009

41. July 5, 2009

5 lipca 2009

42. July 12, 2009

12 lipca 2009

44. August 2, 2009

2 sierpnia 2009

45. August 9, 2009

9 sierpnia 2009

46. August 16, 2009

16 sierpnia 2009

47. August 23, 2009

23 sierpnia 2009

48. August 30, 2009

30 sierpnia 2009

Season 22 (5 kwietnia 2009)

1. 2009-04-05

Matt Baker and Julia Bradbury mark the 60th anniversary of landmark legislation.

5 kwietnia 2009

2. Countryfile Season 22 Episode 2

Julia Bradbury and Matt Baker explore the diverse landscape of the North York Moors.

12 kwietnia 2009

3. 2009-04-19

Julia Bradbury and Matt Baker explore the area around Ben Nevis.

19 kwietnia 2009

4. Countryfile Season 22 Episode 4

Matt Baker and Julia Bradbury visit the South Downs, plus James Wong on beating hay fever.

26 kwietnia 2009

5. 2009-05-03

Julia Bradbury and Matt Baker explore the Malvern Hills, and John Craven visits Norway.

3 maja 2009

6. 2009-05-10

Matt Baker and Julia Bradbury report from Isambard Kingdom Brunel's Royal Albert Bridge.

10 maja 2009

7. October 18, 2009

18 października 2009

8. October 25, 2009

25 października 2009

9. November 1, 2009

1 listopada 2009

10. November 8, 2009

8 listopada 2009

11. November 15, 2009

15 listopada 2009

12. November 22, 2009

22 listopada 2009

13. November 29, 2009

29 listopada 2009

14. 14

15. December 17, 2009

17 grudnia 2009

16. January 3, 2010

3 stycznia 2010

17. January 10, 2010

10 stycznia 2010

18. January 17, 2010

17 stycznia 2010

19. January 24, 2010

24 stycznia 2010

20. January 31, 2010

31 stycznia 2010

21. February 7, 2010

7 lutego 2010

24. February 28, 2010

28 lutego 2010

25. March 7, 2010

7 marca 2010

26. March 14, 2010

14 marca 2010

27. March 21, 2010

21 marca 2010

28. March 28, 2010

28 marca 2010

29. April 4, 2010

4 kwietnia 2010

30. April 11, 2010

11 kwietnia 2010

31. April 18, 2010

18 kwietnia 2010

32. April 25, 2010

25 kwietnia 2010

34. Spring Special

3 maja 2010

35. May 9, 2010

9 maja 2010

36. May 16, 2010

16 maja 2010

38. May 30, 2010

30 maja 2010

39. June 6, 2010

6 czerwca 2010

40. June 13, 2010

13 czerwca 2010

41. June 20, 2010

20 czerwca 2010

42. June 27, 2010

27 czerwca 2010

43. July 4, 2010

4 lipca 2010

44. July 25, 2010

25 lipca 2010

45. August 1, 2010

1 sierpnia 2010

46. August 8, 2010

8 sierpnia 2010

47. August 15, 2010

15 sierpnia 2010

48. August 22, 2010

22 sierpnia 2010

49. August 29, 2010

29 sierpnia 2010

Season 23 (11 marca 2012)

1. 11th March 2012

Matt Baker and Julia Bradbury explore North Kent. It may be known as the Garden of England, but Julia discovers there is more to this place than its apples and pears. Savvy food producers are finding there is a taste here for all sorts of food, like snails. She meets a snail breeder and a woman hoping to put snails on the map of Kent produce. While Julia samples the area's slimy delights, Matt is in the woods, where the locals are finding out new ways to make the trees pay. Elsewhere, John Craven investigates the impact everyday foods have on the environment, and reveals some of the worst offenders. Down on the farm, Adam has his hands full as he readies his farm for spring.

11 marca 2012

2. 18th March 2012

Matt Baker and Julia Bradbury visit the New Forest. Matt finds out how the local ponies are keeping an invasive pond weed in check, and Julia gets to grips with some big machinery to help clear the land for a special conservation project. Ellie Harrison is also in the New Forest, getting out of breath as she discovers the delights of adventure racing. John Craven is in Scotland, where deer-stalking is a vital part of the Highland's economy. He investigates why huge numbers of them are being culled to make way for trees. Adam Henson keeps lots of rare breed chickens on his farm in the Cotswolds, but this week he looks to add some unusual egg-laying hens to his collection.

18 marca 2012

3. 25th March 2012

Julia Bradbury and Matt Baker are in Middle England finding out what rural Leicestershire has to offer. Matt meets two young sisters who are keeping the family farming tradition alive. Julia heads over the border to Rutland to discover why wild birds need protection from the local otters, before sampling some of Leicestershire's finest foods. John Craven visits some of the driest parts of Britain to find out who the droughts are hurting the most. And, now the weather seems to be getting warmer, Adam Henson's letting some of his cattle out of their winter housing and back into the fields - much to their delight.

25 marca 2012

4. 1st April 2012

Countryfile is in County Durham. Matt Baker visits the family farm, where his children give him a hand with lambing. Julia Bradbury learns more about an adder project on the moors, and she discovers why the River Wear has been named as one of the 10 most improved rivers for cleanliness in the country. Helen Skelton gets up close to a naked reclining lady over the border in Northumberland as she looks at a new landscape sculpture from artist Charles Jencks. John Craven investigates the devastating new virus to hit the countryside, Schmallenberg. And Adam is on his farm, where his kunekune sow has just given birth.

1 kwietnia 2012

5. 8th April 2012

Matt Baker heads to Wales to celebrate the 200th anniversary of the Monmouth and Brecon canal, while Ellie Harrison discovers why the Brecon Beacons provide the perfect terrain for soldiers training for international conflicts. Down on the farm, Adam is keeping a close eye on his indoor lambing sheds, but he still finds time for a trip to Dartmoor to learn about the rare breed sheep which give birth outside. Meanwhile, Jules Hudson is at the other end of the country in Lancashire, discovering why a thriving farming community was evicted from the land eighty years ago. Plus John Craven investigates why badger baiting is on the rise in the British countryside and reveals what is being done to clamp down on this barbaric practice.

8 maja 2012

6. 15th April 2012

Matt Baker and Ellie Harrison head to the South Pennines, where old rivals Yorkshire and Lancashire collide. It is also home to the Pennine Way, which runs through the backbone of England. Ellie takes in part of the Pennine Way with local poet Simon Armitage. Meanwhile, Matt uses two wheels for some extreme mountain biking. Elsewhere, Tom Heap investigates the controversy surrounding onshore wind turbines. Down on the farm, Adam is taking delivery of thousands of new workers. He is hoping the honey bee will help pollinate his fields of oil seed rape.

15 maja 2012

7. 22nd April 2012

Ellie Harrison is in Hampshire, where she delves back into the programme's archives to re-discover some of the amazingly different journeys the team have been on around the UK. Ellie walks in the footsteps of journalist, radical politician, farmer and traveller William Cobbett as she travels through his beloved home village of Botley. She also takes a steam train on the famous Watercress Line and learns about the history of this once busy transport link. And Ellie is not the only one on the train; Julia Bradbury is on the Pennistone Line in Yorkshire, where music helps her journey pass by. Matt Baker is on horseback in Lancashire as he treads an old packhorse route. John Craven is under sail power as he travels around the Llyn Peninsula in the company of dolphins, and Adam Henson explores the Dorset coast by kayak.

22 maja 2012

8. 29th April 2012

Matt Baker and Ellie Harrison experience the bracing mix of sandy beaches and remote heathland that make up much of the Suffolk coastline. Matt heads to the seaside town of Southwold to help spruce up the famous beach huts. Ellie is further inland, exploring the old industrial waterways which now inspire a host of artists. Tom Heap is on the opposite side of the country, finding out why we are still digging up one of our greatest natural defences against climate change, peat. Meanwhile, Adam Henson pays tribute to an extraordinary race horse.

29 maja 2012

9. 13 May 2012 (HD)

Matt Baker and Ellie Harrison are amongst the rolling hills and wooded valleys of Exmoor. At this time of year red deer are shedding their antlers, so Matt goes to see if he can find some, while Ellie gets to try her hand at falconry with a Harris hawk. Tom Heap is in the north of England investigating the growing problem of abandoned and neglected horses. Meanwhile, Adam Henson goes to meet a farmer who is losing half his Longhorn cattle to TB.

13 maja 2012

13. November 28, 2010

28 listopada 2010

14. December 5, 2010

5 grudnia 2010

16. December 19, 2010

19 grudnia 2010

17. December 26, 2010

26 grudnia 2010

18. January 2, 2011

2 stycznia 2011

19. January 9, 2011

9 stycznia 2011

20. January 16, 2011

16 stycznia 2011

21. January 23, 2011

23 stycznia 2011

22. January 30, 2011

30 stycznia 2011

23. February 6, 2011

6 lutego 2011

24. February 13, 2011

13 lutego 2011

25. February 20, 2011

20 lutego 2011

26. February 27, 2011

27 lutego 2011

27. March 6, 2011

6 marca 2011

28. March 13, 2011

13 marca 2011

29. March 20, 2011

20 marca 2011

30. March 27, 2011

27 marca 2011

31. April 3, 2011

3 kwietnia 2011

32. April 10, 2011

10 kwietnia 2011

33. April 17, 2011

17 kwietnia 2011

Season 24 (1 kwietnia 2012)

2. 11th September 2011

11 września 2011

3. 18th September 2011

18 września 2011

4. 25th September 2011

25 września 2011

5. 2nd October 2011

2 października 2011

6. 9th October 2011

9 października 2011

7. 16th October 2011

16 października 2011

8. 23rd October 2011

23 października 2011

9. 30th October 2011

30 października 2011

10. 6th November 2011

6 listopada 2011

11. 13th November 2011

13 listopada 2011

12. 20th November 2011

20 listopada 2011

13. 27th November 2011

27 listopada 2011

14. 4th December 2011

4 grudnia 2011

15. 11th December 2011

11 grudnia 2011

16. 18th December 2011

18 grudnia 2011

17. 28th December 2011

28 grudnia 2011

18. 4th January 2012

4 stycznia 2012

19. 8th January 2012

8 stycznia 2012

20. 15th January 2012

15 stycznia 2012

21. 22nd January 2012

22 stycznia 2012

22. 29th January 2012

29 stycznia 2012

23. 5th February 2012

5 lutego 2012

24. 12th February 2012

12 lutego 2012

25. 19th February 2012

19 lutego 2012

26. 26th February 2012

26 lutego 2012

27. 4th March 2012

4 marca 2012

28. 11th March 2012

11 marca 2012

29. 18th March 2012

18 marca 2012

30. 25th March 2012

25 marca 2012

31. 1st April 2012

Countryfile is in County Durham. Matt Baker visits the family farm, where his children give him a hand with lambing. Julia Bradbury learns more about an adder project on the moors, and she discovers why the River Wear has been named as one of the 10 most improved rivers for cleanliness in the country. Helen Skelton gets up close to a naked reclining lady over the border in Northumberland as she looks at a new landscape sculpture from artist Charles Jencks. John Craven investigates the devastating new virus to hit the countryside, Schmallenberg. And Adam is on his farm, where his kunekune sow has just given birth.

1 kwietnia 2012

32. 8th April 2012

8 kwietnia 2012

33. 15th April 2012

15 kwietnia 2012

34. 22nd April 2012

22 kwietnia 2012

35. 29th April 2012

29 kwietnia 2012

36. 6th May 2012

6 maja 2012

37. 13th May 2012

13 maja 2012

38. 20th May 2012

20 maja 2012

39. 27th May 2012

27 maja 2012

40. 3rd June 2012

3 czerwca 2012

41. 10th June 2012

10 czerwca 2012

42. 17th June 2012

17 czerwca 2012

43. 24th June 2012

24 czerwca 2012

44. 1st July 2012

1 lipca 2012

45. 8th July 2012

8 lipca 2012

46. 15th July 2012

15 lipca 2012

47. 22nd July 2012

22 lipca 2012

48. 29th July 2012

29 lipca 2012

49. 5th August 2012

5 sierpnia 2012

50. 12th August 2012

12 sierpnia 2012

51. 19th August 2012

19 sierpnia 2012

52. 26th August 2012

26 sierpnia 2012

53. 2nd September 2012

2 września 2012

54. Furness Peninsula

A unique insight into how the Furness Peninsula has been shaped by nature and man.

9 września 2012

55. Nottinghamshire

Matt and Ellie discover the ancient woodlands and industrial heritage of Nottinghamshire.

16 września 2012

56. Lochaber

In Lochaber, Matt Baker goes on the greatest railway journey in the world.

23 września 2012

57. Usk Valley

Julia Bradbury and John Craven explore the Usk Valley, known as the gateway to Wales.

30 września 2012

58. Northumberland

The team visit England's most northerly county, Northumberland.

7 października 2012

59. Hampshire

In a special edition of Countryfile, Matt Baker and Julia Bradbury explore Hampshire.

14 października 2012

60. East Sussex

Matt Baker explores the East Sussex coastline and looks at some of its iconic legacies.

21 października 2012

61. Anglesey

The Countryfile team explore Anglesey, Wales's largest island.

28 października 2012

62. West Sussex

Ellie Harrison spends the day with expert woodsman Ben Law in West Sussex.

4 listopada 2012

63. Forest of Dean Remembrance

Countryfile visits the Royal Forest of Dean, one of our most ancient woodlands.

11 listopada 2012

64. Leicestershire

John Craven and Julia Bradbury head to rural Leicestershire.

18 listopada 2012

65. Somerset

Matt Baker and Julia Bradbury explore Somerset's countryside and coastline.

25 listopada 2012

66. South Downs

The team visit the heart of rural England, exploring the chalk-lands of the South Downs.

2 grudnia 2012

67. South Gloucestershire

Countryfile is deep in Gloucestershire exploring some woodland treasures.

9 grudnia 2012

68. Snettisham

Matt Baker and Julia Bradbury visit the RSPB bird reserve at Snettisham.

16 grudnia 2012

69. Christmas Special

The team help with the preparations for a seasonal celebration deep in rural Warwickshire.

23 grudnia 2012

70. 30th December 2012

Ellie looks back at the men and women who have been inspired by the British countryside.

30 grudnia 2012

Season 25 (6 stycznia 2013)

1. Horses and Dogs

A look through the archives to see how horses and dogs are an integral part of rural life.

6 stycznia 2013

2. Hertfordshire

Matt Baker and Julia Bradbury head to the Hertfordshire countryside.

13 stycznia 2013

3. Exmoor

Matt Baker and Julia Bradbury head to Exmoor, where Julia learns about Alfred Vowles.

20 stycznia 2012

4. South Wales

Matt Baker and John Craven head to South Wales.

27 stycznia 2013

5. Yorkshire Dales

John Craven explores the historic ruins of Jervaulx Abbey, once home to Cistercian monks.

3 lutego 2013

6. Cornwall Coast

Countryfile heads to the north Cornwall coast. Matt Baker explores its glens and ruins.

10 lutego 2013

7. Cotswolds

In this edition of Countryfile, Adam Henson ventures no more than 10 miles from his Cotswolds farm as discovers the delights of the local food available right on his doorstep. His mission is simple: he is to collect the ingredients to make a pizza for his family's evening meal. He visits a local flour mill for the dough for the pizza base, a local halloumi cheese maker and a man who makes meatballs from his herd of Hereford cattle. It is an unusual combination, so what his daughter Ella make of it? Adam also delves back into the Countryfile archives to dig out the best of the foodie stories covered on the programme. Matt Baker and Ellie Harrison take each other on in the battle of the Yorkshire puddings, Julia Bradbury is on her home turf in Leicestershire tucking into stilton cheese and pork pies, Jules Hudson is out fishing off the Cornish coast for sardines and Katie Knapman discovers the unusual taste of Yorkshire sushi.

17 lutego 2013

8. Bristol

Matt Baker and Julia Bradbury are in Bristol, a city with the countryside on its doorstep.

24 lutego 2013

9. Northumberland

Countryfile heads to the wild, rugged and dramatic landscape of Northumberland.

3 marca 2013

10. A Royal Appointment

The Countryfile team pay a special visit to Prince Charles on his Gloucestershire farm.

10 marca 2013

11. Lyme Bay

Countryfile is in Lyme Bay, where the rugged west Dorset and east Devon coastlines meet.

17 marca 2013

12. Golden Valley

Matt Baker is with the farmers trying to make a living from sheep in the Golden Valley.

24 marca 2013

13. Spring Compilation

In this special edition of Countryfile, Ellie Harrison charts the arrival of spring. She is on St Michaels Mount in Cornwall, where the season comes early. The daffodils are in full bloom, the days are getting longer, and the islanders are busy getting everything ready for the start of the tourist season. She catches up with the boatman launching a newly refurbished ferry, joins the team given the stately rooms a deep spring clean, and talks the chaplain to find out why St Michaels Mount is such a place of pilgrimage. Whilst Ellie is on the island, she looks back at some of the best spring stories to have featured on Countryfile. These include the time Julia took to the skies above Herefordshire in search of our ancient orchards, and when Matt went to Exmoor to look for signs of our biggest mammal. Plus a second look at what happened when Adam went on a spring round-up with a difference.

31 marca 2013

14. Northamptonshire

Matt Baker explores the Grand Union Canal and Julia Bradbury discovers hidden heritage.

7 kwietnia 2013

15. Suffolk

Matt explores Suffolk's boating heritage as he puts the finishing touches to a boat.

14 kwietnia 2013

16. Luddenden

In Calderdale, West Yorkshire, Ellie Harrison follows in the footsteps of Whitely Turner.

21 kwietnia 2013

17. Country Architecture Compilation

Ellie Harrison visits the historic Sudeley Castle in Gloucestershire.

28 kwietnia 2013

18. Cambridgeshire

Ellie Harrison takes a peek behind the scenes at Newmarket, the home of horse racing.

5 maja 2013

19. Hampshire

Matt Baker explores the maritime history of Hampshire.

12 maja 2013

20. Henley-on-Thames

Matt Baker and Julia Bradbury head to the Thames Valley, on the doorstep of London. This area of countryside has at its heart the river that bears its name. Matt takes to the water with an Olympian to find out what makes Henley-on-Thames such a breeding ground for gold medal winning rowers. Meanwhile, Julia is at Burnham Beeches on the hunt for giant wood ants with an unusual defence mechanism which led to the discovery of formic acid. John Craven visits the Household Cavalry as they take part in an equine health survey launched by the charity Blue Cross. Elsewhere, Tom Heap is on the south west coast to find out why our seabirds are in decline; and down on the farm, Adam's Highland bull Eric is causing a bit of a stir.

19 maja 2013

21. The Humber

Countryfile travels to Yorkshire and the Humber, with Matt out on the Humber estuary.

26 maja 2013

22. Fife

Countryfile is in the historic kingdom of Fife. Matt Baker explores Tentsmuir forest.

2 czerwca 2013

23. Teign Valley

The Countryfile team launch their annual photographic competition.

9 czerwca 2013

24. North Wales Woodfest

Ellie Harrison and Matt Baker head to North Wales, and Matt heads to the Woodfest.

16 czerwca 2013

25. Kent

The Countryfile team are on the coastal flatlands of Kent.

23 czerwca 2013

26. Transport Compilation

John Craven visits the Lake District and looks back at transport-related stories.

30 czerwca 2013

27. Cambrian Mountains

The Countryfile team explore the Cambrian mountains, one of Wales' best-kept secrets.

7 lipca 2013

28. Shetland

Ellie Harrison and Adam Henson head for the Shetlands, where Ellie meets seaweed farmers.

14 lipca 2013

29. Peak District

The team is in the Peak District, where John Craven looks at the secrets this familiar landscape is hiding deep underground. There's the precious shining mineral called Blue John, of which a new seam has just been discovered, thanks to a family riddle. In 2014, part of the Tour de France cycle race route will take in the highs of the Peak District. Ellie Harrison tests out part of this challenging route with a seasoned cyclist. Along the way she finds out the history of a very special site where tanks were tested ahead of going to the front in World War II. Helen Skelton is also in the Peaks, in the village of Tideswell which is trying to persuade local people to buy their food from the village shops. She takes part in a local initiative which teaches people where their food comes from in the countryside, and also learns to shoot at targets and then cook up a delicious game pie. Over the last few decades more and more of the fish we eat has come from farms. Tom Heap is in Scotland to see fish farming for himself, discover the benefits and find out about the controversy that this relatively new form of farming has caused. Adam Henson is on Exmoor, helping out with the annual round-up of wild native ponies.

1 grudnia 2013

30. Cheshire

The Countryfile team are in Cheshire, where John Craven looks into the history of silk in the area. It all started with farmers making buttons for extra cash, and developed into an industry supporting 70 mills along the rivers. Helen Skelton is also in the county, meeting renowned fantasy author Alan Garner OBE. Cheshire born and bred, Alan's work has been inspired by the landscapes of the county. Jules Hudson is at Beeston Castle. On a clear day the stunning ruin looks out across nine counties. Jules looks into the history of the fortress and hunts out some of the wildlife species who live there. John Craven is also be at Jodrell Bank Observatory, seeing how telescopes in farmers' fields are leading the way in the technology we take for granted. Four years ago, the government announced plans for a national path around the whole of the English coastline. Tom Heap investigates why less than 1% of this project has been completed, and travels to Wales to discover why their own coastal path has been such a success. Adam Henson is on the Mendip Hills in Somerset on a family dairy farm with a difference. They produce 14,000 tonnes of cheese a year, and it is all run on 100% green energy.

8 grudnia 2013

31. Christmas Special

The Countryfile team celebrate the festive season with a woodland Christmas at Westonbirt Arboretum in Gloucestershire, lighting up a mile-long stretch of enchanted woodland with glitter balls, lasers, meteorite lights and bubbles full of smoke. Julia Bradbury acts as lighting apprentice for the day, learning from the experts how to create a magical festive display. Matt Baker learns about the history of the ancient woodland, and how the Forestry Commission keep the trees happy and healthy. John Craven is with the volunteers who run the hedgehog hospitals. They are overflowing at this time of year with juvenile hedgehogs who need fattening up before they go into hibernation. Tom Heap finds out how farmers capitalise on Christmas. Some sell Christmas trees and mistletoe, while others have reindeers for Christmas events. Adam Henson is on his farm settling his animals in for the Christmas period, with his father and his son lending a hand. He also visits his local agricultural college in Cirencester, seeing how the students there prepare for their break and tracking down the choir for a few carols. Ellie Harrison is with Michelin award-winning chef Tom Kerridge as they cook up something tasty with partridge and pears in the woodland. The whole team come together at the end of the programme for the big light switch on and some festive cheer.

22 grudnia 2013

32. Compilation - Wildlife Winners and Losers

Ellie Harrison explores the plight of some of our most endangered animals. From water voles to wildcats, Ellie finds out what is being done to bring them back from the brink. She looks at plans to reintroduce big cats like the lynx, and finds out more about the beavers and wild boar already at large in the British countryside. Ellie spends the day at a wildlife sanctuary in Kent, where she helps get the water voles ready for their winter health check. She ventures into the lair of a wild wolf pack, and she gets up close to a wildcat kitten that has already had a fight for life. During her time at the sanctuary, Ellie looks back at some of the wildlife winners and losers that have featured on the programme in the past. These include Julia Bradbury's visit to the Yorkshire Dales to take perfect pictures of red squirrels in the snow, and Matt Baker's journey underground to see how old man-made caves are providing the perfect habitat for horseshoe bats. There is also another look at John Craven's visit to the Lakes to see for himself the final chapter in the 20-year reintroduction of red kites.

29 grudnia 2013

33. Padstow

Countryfile is in North Cornwall. Matt Baker visits a stately home with an interesting past. Prideaux Place has been in the same family for fourteen generations and once housed American soldiers during the Second World War as they prepared for the D-Day landings. Matt gets access to the 'American Wing' which has remained untouched since 1943. Prideaux Place is thought to have the oldest fallow deer park herd in the country. Matt helps catch one special buck that's got himself in a spot of bother. Meanwhile, Helen Skelton is finding out why artists, writers and poets flock to Cornwall for inspiration. She also gets on her bike to test out a new woodland trail where cycling and conservation are working hand in hand. And Adam's in Dorset meeting a young shepherd and his Christmas lambs that are taking centre stage in a nativity. Tom Heap learns about plans to expand British farming to make the most of the increasing global market for dairy products. He travels to Wales to meet a farmer who is increasing his herd of dairy cattle and believes this is an opportunity not to be missed. But, Tom also hears from those who can't afford to expand - as well as people concerned about the consequences of producing more milk.

15 grudnia 2013

34. Out and About

John Craven visits north Devon in search of the perfect bank holiday day out. But for him it is a working day out too. He visits Lynton where he lends a hand on the water-powered cliff railway, serves up cream teas at Watersmeet and puts on his pads and whites to go in to bat for Lynmouth and Lynton Cricket Club. During his day out, John looks back at some of the best days out that Countryfile has featured. There was the time Julia took to the hills as an Edwardian lady to hike in an old fashioned way, when Matt went looking for deer in the Scottish Highlands and found himself witnessing one of the rarest spectacles in nature, and the time Ellie braved the waves surfing for some winter sun.

25 sierpnia 2013

35. Gower

Ellie Harrison and Matt Baker head for South Wales' Gower Peninsula. Ellie visits Swansea Docks to see how its once filthy waters are now so clean that mussels thrive there. And she finds out how little yellow fishes are helping people flush their waste water down the right pipes. Matt joins the divers pulling tonnes of waste a year out of the waters off the peninsular, before hitting dry land to hook up with the volunteers keeping its beaches pristine. Adam explores the threat to livestock from nuisance dogs, and John Craven reveals the final twelve photographs to make it into next year's Countryfile calendar.

1 września 2013

36. Staithes

Ellie Harrison and Matt Baker head for Staithes on the north Yorkshire coast. It is an old fishing village that has long been a magnet for artists. Matt meets the new breed of painters putting Staithes back on the art map, and even offers up his own contribution to the village's annual Arts and Heritage Festival. Up on the moors, Ellie discovers an ancient bee bole - the only one of its kind in the UK. Boles were places where bees would have been kept centuries ago. She also meets the family of bee keepers doing all they can to keep our native black bees alive. Back down in the village, Ellie has a close encounter with a feisty lobster and learns all about traditional Staithes bonnets. Tom Heap investigates solar power and asks why we are installing so many in farmers' fields when we have so many spare rooftops. Adam is busy harvesting his wheat, which he shows us is much more versatile than we think. And wildlife cameraman Richard Taylor Jones goes looking for kingfishers to film near his Kent home.

8 września 2013

37. Dorset

Ellie Harrison and Matt Baker are in Dorset for the Great Dorset Steam Fair. It is the biggest steam gathering in the UK, and Matt goes behind the scenes meeting the enthusiasts keeping the boilers stoked and wheels oiled. In an echo of Dorset's agricultural past Ellie spends time with a Romany gypsy family. They were once the main seasonal workforce, but now there are few left living the old life. She then meets the lady bringing a bit of tropical heat to Dorset's rural byways, before throwing down the gauntlet to Matt back at the Steam Fair. Julia looks at the efforts being made to help small furry animals cross one busy Kent road. Jules Hudson is in Wales' Elan Valley to find out the part played by its reservoirs in the Dambusters raids. And Adam looks at the threat to livestock from nuisance dogs.

15 września 2013

38. Devon

Ellie Harrison and Matt Baker are in Devon, where Ellie gets to witness a very special homecoming. She meets Joey - the lifelike horse puppet that features in the successful stage play, War Horse. Joey has come to Iddelsleigh - the small village that inspired the story - and Ellie is there to greet him. Ellie then heads to North Devon to find out how beavers are being used to help manage the last of the region's rare culm grassland. Just a few miles away, Matt is deep in the woods at the start of a massive multi-million pound programme to regenerate some of the country's last tracts of pristine ancient woodland. Wildlife cameraman Richard Taylor Jones shows us the stars moving across the heavens with some amazing 'starlapse' photography. Tom Heap asks whether the number of domestic cats in the UK is posing a threat to our wildlife. And down on Adam's farm it may be harvest time, but there are still animals to be looked after. So Adam has a seasonal stock take.

22 września 2013

39. Shropshire

Countryfile is in Shropshire. Its countryside is rich picking for some of Britain's finest homegrown foods. Matt Baker and Ellie Harrison head to the small market town of Ludlow for its annual food and drink festival. This place is up there with the best when it comes to all things local. Matt samples a few delights on offer at the festival, and he meets the farmer putting the county's native breed of sheep back on the culinary map. Meanwhile, Ellie finds out how rare breed pigs are giving our continental cousins a run for their money, and doing their bit for conservation too. Elsewhere, Tom Heap looks at the threat that non-native invasive species are posing to British plants and wildlife - and even to our own houses. But, as he discovers, some home-grown species also seem to be upsetting the delicate balance of flora and fauna in the countryside. And Adam is in Wales catching up with two sheep dog handlers representing Wales in this year's One Man and His Dog competition.

29 września 2013

40. Abergavenny

The team are in Abergavenny, a town famous for its markets and its food. Matt Baker is looking at the history and heritage of the old mining town of Blaenavon, seeing how the old spoil heaps have become rich habitat for a surprising number of creatures. The spoil heaps have also been made into a world-class BMX bike trail - Matt takes on some local young people in a time trial. He also sees how one old pit is now producing cheese rather than coal. Julia Bradbury is combining her love of food and art; she is at the Abergavenny Food Festival, where a group of artistically minded local people get together to make huge sculptures based on the food on show. Julia also explores the Monmouthshire and Brecon canal, and joins the team of volunteers restoring the waterway and bringing it back to life. Helen Skelton is in Scotland, meeting two of the contestants in this year's One Man and His Dog. John Craven heads to Essex to surprise the winner of this year's photographic competition - and to launch the Countryfile Calendar for 2014. Tom Heap is in Lincolnshire, investigating the criminal gangs behind widespread illegal hare coursing in the countryside.

6 października 2013

41. Compilation - Wild Harvest

In this special edition of Countryfile, John Craven is in Somerset where something strange is going on: a mast. Once every ten years or so, trees, shrubs and hedgerows all produce a super abundance of fruit. John finds out it is nature's way of compensating for bad seasons. He then heads for the hedgerows, where amongst the blackberries he finds the odd wild apple tree - the result of casually discarded apple cores. He starts picking and soon has enough to take along to a community apple pressing event, where he catches up with the original cider-drinking superstars, The Wurzels. During his Wild Harvest, John looks back at some of the best of all things autumnal to have featured on Countryfile. Like the time Matt hooked up with Antony Worrall Thompson to celebrate British sweet chestnuts. Or when Julia got a lesson in the science of autumn from BBC weatherman John Hammond. And the time Ellie went to Wales to discover the dark arts of mushroom growing.

13 października 2013

42. Yorkshire Dales

John Craven visits the remote and strange landscape of Crummack Dale in the Yorkshire Dales. Here he learns about the Norber Erratics - giant boulders scattered after the last ice age, which have inspired painters, poets and dancers. And in a Countryfile exclusive he witnesses the first ever release of captive bred native crayfish anywhere in the UK. Ellie Harrison is in Kent, discovering the old industrial sites that are amongst the best nature reserves in the country. Tom Heap investigates whether our love of foraging is threatening the countryside. And Helen Skelton and Adam Henson meet more contestants taking part in this year's One Man and His Dog competition.

20 października 2013

43. One Man and His Dog

For the first time, Countryfile is home to the BBC's One Man and His Dog competition, showcasing the time-honoured skills and traditions of sheep dog trialling. The very best sheep dogs and their handlers from England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales compete to become the 2013 champions. Matt Baker takes to the commentary box to take us through all the trialling action. Julia Bradbury finds out if the collie really is the brains in the operation, or if the simple sheep has been pulling the wool over our eyes. And Adam is in Bala in North Wales - the birthplace of sheep dog trialling - helping farmers bring down more than 900 Welsh mountain sheep from the hills.

27 października 2013

44. Hertfordshire

The team are in the county of Hertfordshire. When Matt Baker and his family moved to the county 18 months ago, they took on an orchard of 16 apple trees along with their new house. Matt brings in the experts to learn how to look after his new orchard, and discovers what varieties of apples it might hold. Julia Bradbury is exploring the Hertfordshire countryside, which inspired the world-famous sculptor Henry Moore. His love of the landscape was evident in his work - especially his love of sheep, as Julia soon finds out. Ellie Harrison is also in Hertfordshire. looking at the wildlife hidden in its reservoirs. The dumping of rubbish on farmland is costing millions of pounds a year in clean-up costs - and damaging the environment. Tom Heap investigates the scale of the problem and finds out what is being done to stamp it out. Adam Henson is away from his farm and in Cornwall, helping to reintroduce sheep to the mystical ruins of Tintagel Castle - not an easy task, as he soon finds out.

3 listopada 2013

45. Cannock Chase

On this week's programme, the team are in the wilds of Cannock Chase in Staffordshire. Julia Bradbury explores how with more than two million visitors a year coming on foot, mountain bike and horseback, volunteers are key to managing the landscape. She'll also be at the ancestral home of the Earl of Lichfield, Shugborough Hall, seeing how the local council manage a stately home. Matt Baker is celebrating the centenary of Staffordshire's county council farms. He joins in at milking time for first time farmers Giles and Emily and has a surprise for one farmer who first appeared on Countryfile as a teenager in 1995. As Countryfile marks Remembrance Sunday, Jules Hudson looks at the role Cannock Chase played as a training ground for troops. From the spread of Spanish slugs to disease resistant ash trees, Tom Heap is finding out why more and more organisations are using the public to gather and analyse huge amounts of information about the countryside. But can people power ever be as effective as the work of trained professionals? Adam Henson is in Ireland. This year the country has suffered its worst ever fodder crisis. Adam meets the man who thinks he's got the solution, he can grow fresh green fodder every day of the year - whatever the weather!

10 listopada 2013

46. Suffolk

The team are in the coastal county of Suffolk. Julia Bradbury celebrates the centenary of the birth of one of our greatest composers, Benjamin Britten. He was inspired by many aspects of the Suffolk countryside, so Julia spends some time looking at one of his less well known operas, Curlew River. Matt Baker is with some of the county's best loved but rarest farm animals, the magnificent Suffolk Punch heavy horse. Ellie Harrison is also in Suffolk, meeting some alpacas on a farm where they are ultrasounding the pregnant mothers to be. Julia Bradbury is also looking for wildlife in an unlikely place, Sizewell B Nuclear Power Station. Tom Heap is in Scotland, finding out why hill farmers think they are going to get a raw deal in the future. Then he heads to Wales, where upland farmers are challenging the controversial view that they should no longer receive subsidies. Adam Henson is away from his Cotswold farm this week and is in Wales, where a young woman has won a competition to run a sheep farm in Snowdonia for a year - as Adam arrives, she is just taking in her first load of ewes.

17 listopada 2013

47. Compilation - Our Living Laboratory

Countryfile looks at the part the landscape has played in making scientific breakthroughs, and the way in which such breakthroughs have changed our understanding of the land we live in. John Craven heads to Wytham Woods, Oxford University's 'laboratory with leaves'. It is 70 years since Charles Elton first made scientific observations in these woods; John walks in his footsteps to find out how Elton's work still plays a part in shaping our ideas of the world, and meets the scientists carrying his work forward. John also looks back at the best of Countryfile's forays into the world of science, including Matt Baker's look at the pioneer of natural history; Gilbert White and Julia Bradbury's trip to the coast to uncover the story of the palaeontologist and fossil collector, Mary Anning; the time when Adam learned how Hollywood wizardry is helping scientists breed the perfect pig; and when Tom Heap found out how robotics could transform farming in the future.

24 listopada 2013

48. Peak District

John Craven looks at the mineral Blue John hidden deep underground in the Peak District. Ellie Harrison tests out part of the 2014 Tour de France cycle race route.

1 grudnia 2013

49. Cheshire

The team are in rural Cheshire. Matt Baker finds out about agricultural apprentices and Tom Heap asks whether we should be building more affordable houses in rural areas.

8 grudnia 2013

50. Padstow

Countryfile is in North Cornwall, and Helen Skelton finds out why artists, writers and poets flock there for inspiration. Meanwhile Matt Baker helps catch a fallow deer.

15 grudnia 2013

51. Christmas Special

The Countryfile team celebrate the festive season with a woodland Christmas at Westonbirt Arboretum in Gloucestershire as they switch on the holiday illuminations.

22 grudnia 2013

52. Compilation - Wildlife Winners and Losers

Ellie Harrison explores the plight of some of Britain's most endangered animals and looks back at some classic Countryfile moments.

29 grudnia 2013

Season 26 (5 stycznia 2014)

1. Compilation - The Countryfile Calendar Year

John Craven looks at the year ahead, visits the Killerton Estate and introduces some choice Countryfile films from the last few years.

5 stycznia 2014

2. Surrey

A visit to Conan Doyle's Surrey home. Plus Leicester longwool sheep, an artist who loves horses, and David Cameron's pledge to discourage new developments near villages.

12 stycznia 2014

3. Winter Special

Julia Bradbury and John Hammond learn why the UK gets the unique winters it does. Landscape artist Andy Goldsworthy visits Dumfries and Galloway to create a new work of art.

19 stycznia 2014

4. Gwaun Valley

Ellie Harrison and John Craven visit Pembrokeshire's Gwaun Valley and Preseli Hills. Ellie discovers Iron Age treasures, and John samples the local homebrew.

26 stycznia 2014

5. Worcestershire

The Countryfile team is in Worcestershire. Matt Baker visits Witley Court, while Helen Skelton meets the creatures of the Wyre Forest and cooks up a Malvern pudding.

2 lutego 2014

6. The Lake District

The Countryfile team is in the Lake District, looking in detail at some of the locations featured in the opening titles of the programme.

9 lutego 2014

7. Wiltshire

The Countryfile team visits the rural county of Wiltshire. Matt Baker visits a pig farm, and Julia Bradbury looks at the birds that call the UK home in the winter months.

16 lutego 2014

8. Portland

Countryfile is on the Isle of Portland, off the Dorset coast. Matt Baker visits Portland's lighthouses, while Julia Bradbury explores the famous Portland stone quarries.

23 lutego 2014

9. Kent

In Kent, Matt Baker island hops to Elmley Marshes on the Isle of Sheppey, Ellie Harrison explores Knole House in Sevenoaks and John Craven finds out about Kentish blue cheese.

2 marca 2014

10. Perthshire

Ellie Harrison meets scientists bringing endangered conifer species back to Scotland and also discovers what impact beavers are having on the countryside.

9 marca 2014

11. Somerset

The Countryfile team head to Somerset, which has taken a battering from the winter storms. Matt Baker meets the locals who have come together to create a silage food bank.

16 marca 2014

12. Compilation - Beaches

Ellie Harrison sees how the beaches of Norfolk are bouncing back from December's storm surge and looks back at some of Countryfile's best beach-themed stories.

23 marca 2014

13. Co Durham

Countryfile is in the beautiful County Durham, where Matt Baker helps his mother with lambing, and Ellie Harrison learns about the farmsteads of Weardale.

30 marca 2014

14. Gloucestershire

Countryfile has an exclusive interview with the Princess Royal at her home, Gatcombe Park in Gloucestershire; and Ellie Harrison meets the experts at Kew Gardens.

6 kwietnia 2014

15. Southport

The Countryfile team visit the Merseyside coast around Southport. Matt Baker looks at the history of shrimping in the area, and Ellie Harrison visits a family potato farm.

13 kwietnia 2014

16. Isles of Scilly

The team head to the Isles of Scilly. Ellie Harrison looks at the problem of rats on the islands, while Matt Baker helps transport 50 ducklings to a duck farm.

20 kwietnia 2014

17. Yorkshire Dales

Matt Baker and Ellie Harrison go in search of the great icons of Yorkshire. Tom Heap asks if eating horse meat could help solve the crisis over abandoned horses.

27 kwietnia 2014

18. Hills and Mountains Compilation

Ellie Harrison explores some of Britain's most spectacular hills and mountains, revealing that an iconic mountain is up for sale.

4 maja 2014

19. Lee Valley

Matt Baker and Ellie Harrison are in the Lee Valley, the green lung of London. Ellie takes to the water to see what is being done to clean up its chalk streams.

11 maja 2014

20. 18/05/2014

Special edition of Countryfile. Ellie Harrison listens to the dawn chorus, Matt Baker searches for cranes, and Adam Henson goes on a voyage of discovery with John Hammond.

18 maja 2014

21. Shropshire

Countryfile is in Shropshire, where Matt Baker discovers the garden that inspired Charles Darwin's thinking and Ellie Harrison learns of a special restoration project.

25 maja 2014

22. Buckinghamshire

In Buckinghamshire, Matt Baker visits Waddesdon Manor and learns about the Rothschild family, while Ellie Harrison discovers creatures great and small.

1 czerwca 2014

23. Transformations Compilation

Helen Skelton is in Snowdonia looking at how the landscape has undergone many transformations down the ages, it is an area that has never stood still.

8 czerwca 2014

24. Port Talbot

Matt Baker and Ellie Harrison are in Port Talbot in South Wales. Ellie has a go at the country's fastest-growing watersport. Matt is in pursuit of an unusual animal.

15 czerwca 2014

25. Oxenhope

Ellie Harrison and John Craven are in and around Oxenhope in West Yorkshire. They see how the county is gearing up for the start of the Tour de France.

22 czerwca 2014

26. Lincolnshire

Matt Baker and Ellie Harrison visit Lincolnshire, where Matt meets one of the last surviving members of the Dambusters squadron and Ellie hunts for the man orchid.

29 czerwca 2014

27. Peak District

Countryfile is in the Peak District where John Craven is on the set of the BBC drama, The Village, and Tom Heap looks at the value of the British shooting industry.

6 lipca 2014

28. Gower

Countryfile is in Gower, south Wales, where Matt Baker explores Whiteford Burrows and explodes previously unearthed World War II ordnance on the sands with the MOD.

13 lipca 2014

29. John Craven's 25th Anniversary

Countryfile takes a trip down memory lane with the legend John Craven as he celebrates 25 years on the show.

20 lipca 2014

30. Cornwall

Matt Baker joins foragers scouring the coast of Cornwall for free food and Anita Rani makes an explosive entrance in her first show as she blasts 26,000 tonnes of rock.

3 sierpnia 2014

31. Summer Special

The Countryfile team head to the Cotswold County Show in Cirencester for a celebration of the best of rural Britain, bringing along special guests.

10 sierpnia 2014

32. Northern Ireland

John Craven and Shauna Lowry head for the Sperrin Mountains, James Wong has the latest from the Grow Wild campaign and Adam Henson explores the world of ticks.

17 sierpnia 2014

33. Herefordshire

John Craven and Anita Rani are in Herefordshire exploring the county's burgeoning foodie culture. John meets Simon Cutter, a farmer breeding pure Hereford cattle.

24 sierpnia 2014

34. Kids Countryside

In this bank holiday edition of the programme Helen Skelton looks at how the British countryside has shaped childhoods down the ages.

25 sierpnia 2014

35. Staffordshire

Jules Hudson and Ellie Harrison are in Staffordshire exploring its wide open moorlands and the imposing millstone grit ridges of the Roaches.

31 sierpnia 2014

36. Stourbridge

Matt Baker and Ellie Harrison are in the Black Country, where they visit 18th-century English gardens Hagley Park and the Leasowes and the mysterious Kinver Rock Houses.

7 września 2014

37. Norfolk

Countryfile is in Norfolk, where Jules Hudson is given access to MOD training grounds in the Brecklands and Anita Rani meets an artist who paints the workers of the land.

14 września 2014

38. Devon

Countryfile is in Devon, where Matt Baker explores Dartmoor and Anita Rani meets a sculptor who is inspired by the ancient trees in the Devon landscape.

21 września 2014

39. One Man and His Dog

Countryfile plays host to the One Man and His Dog sheepdog trials, and Matt Baker and Helen Skelton present all the action from Byland Abbey.

28 września 2014

40. Harvest

Matt finds out how the latest technology is helping farmers get the harvest in quickly and efficiently and John announces the winner of the year's photographic competition.

5 października 2014

41. Music Compilation

John Craven explores the life and work of the composer Ralph Vaughan Williams and looks back at some other best bits of Countryfile that featured music.

12 października 2014

42. Autumn Special

In this seasonal special the team look at how autumn marks a time of transformation for the wildlife, landscape and communities of the countryside.

19 października 2014

43. Northumberland

Matt and Ellie are in Northumberland, where they visit Hadrian's Wall and experience some of the best dark skies in England.

26 października 2014

44. Isle of Wight

The team are on the Isle of Wight, where Matt Baker strolls along the oldest pier in the UK and Ellie Harrison visits Queen Victoria and Prince Albert's private beach.

2 listopada 2014

45. World War One Special

In an extended programme for Remembrance Sunday, Countryfile explores the First World War's lasting legacy on the landscape of the western front.

9 listopada 2014

46. Crafts of the Countryside

Ellie Harrison looks back through the Countryfile archive to revisit the crafts of the countryside. She also visits Acton Scott, a historic working farm.

16 listopada 2014

47. Berkshire

Countryfile is in Berkshire. John Craven visits the county's agricultural college, Shauna Lowry is in the valley of the racehorse and Sanjida O'Connell walks the Ridgeway.

23 listopada 2014

48. Lancashire

Countryfile is in Lancashire. John Craven explores one of the county's hidden jewels and Ellie Harrison investigates the sculptural art of the area.

30 listopada 2014

49. East Sussex

John Craven and Helen Skelton are in East Sussex, where Helen discovers a long-forgotten chronicler of the county's rural past and John takes a stroll around Batemans.

7 grudnia 2014

50. Clwydian Range

Ellie Harrison and Matt Baker are in the Clwydian range which spans Denbighshire and Flintshire in North Wales, where Matt joins the team cutting back heather.

14 grudnia 2014

51. Christmas Special

The Countryfile team go out and about at Christmas before meeting up at the Christmas market in Bath.

21 grudnia 2014

52. Celebrations Compilation

John Craven is on the South Downs gathering goodies to throw his own festive party, toasting the taste of the South Downs.

28 grudnia 2014

Season 27 (4 stycznia 2015)

1. Rare Breeds Compilation

Adam Henson presents a special edition of Countryfile looking at rare breed farm animals, starting with his own old spot pigs.

4 stycznia 2015

2. Somerset

The team are in Somerset, revisiting areas hit by 2014's floods. Matt Baker talks to farmer Geoff Miller, and Helen Skelton explores the bird life of the area.

11 stycznia 2015

3. Keswick

In the Lake District, Matt Baker discovers a piece of mountain rescue equipment being used to enable wheelchair users to abseil and Ellie Harrison climbs Helvellyn.

18 stycznia 2015

4. Burns Highlands

The team are in the Highlands of Scotland following in the footsteps of poet Robert Burns. Ellie Harrison learns how to drive a pony and carriage.

25 stycznia 2015

5. West Yorkshire

Ellie Harrison joins one of Britain's best poets, Simon Armitage, on a yomp across the snowy moors. Matt Baker visits a farm run by volunteers with wildlife in mind.

1 lutego 2015

6. Leicestershire

Ellie Harrison reports from Leicestershire on the drastic decline in farmland birds and joins farmers learning how to spot rare birds.

8 lutego 2015

7. Gloucestershire

Ten years on from the fox hunting ban, Matt Baker visits the oldest pack of foxhounds in the country and Tom Heap hears from people on both sides of the debate.

15 lutego 2015

8. Suffolk

Matt Baker and Ellie Harrison are in Suffolk finding out how erosion has shaped the landscape, swallowed up whole towns and inspired award-winning authors.

22 lutego 2015

9. Pembrokeshire

Countryfile is in Pembrokeshire to mark St David's Day. Matt Baker forages for food and Ellie Harrison is out at sea trying to spot a porpoise.

1 marca 2015

10. Cheshire

The team are in rural Cheshire. Matt Baker finds out about agricultural apprentices and Tom Heap asks whether we should be building more affordable houses in rural areas.

8 marca 2015

11. Northern Ireland

The team explore the watery east of Northern Ireland. Matt Baker discovers the Irish hares who have made a rather unusual location home.

15 marca 2015

12. All Creatures Great and Small

Countryfile is on the Isle of Man. Adam Henson explores the local rock pools and goes on safari to find a wallaby.

22 marca 2015

13. Hampshire

Matt Baker and Shauna Lowry are in Hampshire, Charlotte Smith is at London Fashion Week and Tom Heap investigates the potential of tidal power in the UK.

29 marca 2015

14. Norfolk

Matt Baker and Ellie Harrison are in Norfolk. Matt finds out the important part rabbits play in maintaining the Breckland heath. Ellie visits the mysterious Grime's Graves.

5 kwietnia 2015

15. North Cumbria

Matt Baker and Ellie Harrison are in the uplands of north Cumbria. Matt meets photographer Ian Lawson, who has spent years photographing the hill shepherds.

12 kwietnia 2015

16. Woodland

Ellie Harrison, John Craven and Anita Rani explore Britain's woodlands, while Tom Heap investigates what can be done to protect trees from the threat of disease.

19 kwietnia 2015

17. High Peak

In the Peak District, John Craven looks at how to make the countryside accessible to all, Ellie Harrison meets some search dogs and Anita Rani explores the Pennine Way.

26 kwietnia 2015

18. Spring Special

As the landscape bursts back into life, the team celebrate spring. Matt Baker gets a real feel of spring in north Wales, where he meets a flock of orphan lambs.

3 maja 2015

19. Farming Heroes

Countryfile celebrates Britain's farming heroes past and present. Adam Henson is in Bristol to reveal the winner of the first ever Countryfile Farming Hero.

10 maja 2015

20. Where Town Meets Country

Anita Rani returns to her home turf of Bradford to explore the countryside on the edge of the city. She discovers the rural gems right on her doorstep.

17 maja 2015

21. Warwickshire

Countryfile visits Warwickshire, where Matt Baker explores Charlecote Park and Anita Rani discovers what it is really like to be a pig farmer.

24 maja 2015

22. Channel Islands

Countryfile visits the Channel Islands, where Matt Baker explores the legacy of naturalist Gerald Durrell and Ellie Harrison helps with a habitat restoration.

31 maja 2015

23. Somerset

Matt and Ellie are in Somerset, where Matt is following in the footsteps of a legendary caver who first explored the caverns beneath the Mendips a century ago.

7 czerwca 2015

24. Nottinghamshire

Matt Baker visits a village where they farm just as they did in the Middle Ages, while Ellie Harrison goes bird spotting in Nottingham city centre.

14 czerwca 2015

25. East Yorkshire

In East Yorkshire, Ellie takes to the water near the mighty Bempton Cliffs and Matt tries his hand at fly fishing on the UK's most northerly chalk stream.

21 czerwca 2015

26. Working Landscapes Compilation

John Craven explores the working landscape of Dartmoor and discovers a fascinating photographic record of the farming community going back decades.

28 czerwca 2015

27. Cornwall

In Cornwall, Matt Baker tests his sea legs on the hunt for basking sharks. Ellie Harrison gets up to her knees in stinging nettles to dispel their bad name.

5 lipca 2015

28. Derbyshire

In Derbyshire, Matt Baker follows a new pilgrimage trail set up to mark the 350th anniversary of the plague, and Anita meets a man who grows furniture.

12 lipca 2015

29. Northumberland

In Northumberland, Matt Baker meets the artist who has learnt to dive so he can capture on canvas what lies beneath the North Sea.

19 lipca 2015

30. Summer Special

The Countryfile team visit the Kent County Show for their summer special. Friend of the show John Hammond explains just why Kent is so fruitful.

26 lipca 2015

31. Sheep Theme

The team look at all things sheep. Joe Crowley heads to the Yorkshire Dales to visit a traditional upland farm where the shearing is in full swing.

2 sierpnia 2015

32. Compilation Seaside Theme

John Craven travels to Llandudno to look at what it takes to make a great summer holiday. The team look back at their other summer holiday ideas.

9 sierpnia 2015

33. CLA Game Fair

Joe Crowley and Anita Rani explore the Country Land and Business Association's annual game fair, one of the highlights of the rural calendar.

16 sierpnia 2015

34. Powys

Matt and Anita are in Wales' largest county, Powys. Matt visits Powis Castle, while Anita meets the volunteers delivering locally grown fruit and veg to their community.

23 sierpnia 2015

35. Harvest

In this harvest-themed programme, Matt visits a farm in Buckinghamshire where they do things the old-fashioned way.

30 sierpnia 2015

36. Cumbria

Countryfile is in Cumbria, where John Craven takes to the skies to discover a new line of defence in the battle against flooding - river restoration.

6 września 2015

37. Sussex

Countryfile is in West Sussex. John Craven meets the current members of the first Women's Institute in England to discover the impact the WI has had on rural life.

13 września 2015

38. Compilation - The Great Outdoors

Adam Henson is in the Lake District, discovering the joys of the great outdoors and looking back through the Countryfile archive.

20 września 2015

39. One Man and His Dog

Matt Baker and Ellie Harrison present Countryfile One Man and His Dog 2015, featuring the best shepherding talent from England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales.

27 września 2015

40. Lancashire

Anita Rani and Helen Skelton are on the coast of Morecambe Bay in the far north western corner of Lancashire. Anita takes a cycle ride along the coast near Silverdale.

4 października 2015

41. Cheshire

Matt Baker and Helen Skelton are in Cheshire. Matt visits Lyme Park, hoping for a glimpse of one of nature's most exciting spectacles - the annual red deer rut.

11 października 2015

42. Autumn Special

This edition of the countryside magazine revels in the colours of autumn. Ellie Harrison visits Perthshire, where the woodlands are a kaleidoscope of colour by both day and night.

18 października 2015

43. North Wales

Sean Fletcher visits Capel Celyn, where 50 years ago villagers were evicted to make way for a new reservoir. Sean meets the families still living with that legacy.

25 października 2015

44. Countryfile's Ramble for Children In Need

In this extended edition of the programme, the team present the first ever Countryfile Ramble for BBC Children in Need, as thousands of people explore the rural landscape.

1 listopada 2015

45. Cambridgeshire

The team explore Cambridgeshire. Matt Baker finds out how Cambridge University students past and present are having an impact on the countryside.

8 listopada 2015

46. Compilation Field to Fork

Ellie Harrison is in the market town of Frome in Somerset to find out about a field-to-fork revolution which is taking this place by storm.

15 listopada 2015

47. Dorset

Countryfile is in Dorset. Matt Baker explores a woodland architecture school, where the surrounding trees become the building materials.

22 listopada 2015

48. Shropshire

Countryfile is in Shropshire, where John Craven visits a seed bank and Ellie Harrison is on the hunt for the elusive Shropshire pine marten.

29 listopada 2015

49. Highlands

Ellie Harrison and Joe Crowley explore the NC500 - a new 500-mile scenic loop that takes in some of Scotland's remotest and most beautiful places.

6 grudnia 2015

50. The Peaks

Ellie Harrison and Matt Baker are in the Peaks in Derbyshire, looking at how the geology there gives rise to two distinct landforms - the Dark Peak and the White Peak.

13 grudnia 2015

51. Cornish Coastal Christmas

It's Christmas, and Matt and Ellie are in the tiny Cornish fishing village of Coverack, helping the locals get the place set for the festivities.

20 grudnia 2015

52. Compilation: The Farming Year

Adam Henson prepares for the new year ahead. There's also a look back at the farming year, with some favourites from the Countryfile archives.

27 grudnia 2015

Season 28 (3 stycznia 2016)

1. Compilation: Winter Wildlife

Ellie Harrison is at the Cotswold Water Park looking back at some of Countryfile's encounters with winter wildlife, and spotting some of her own.

3 stycznia 2016

2. Hertfordshire

Countryfile is in Hertfordshire, where Matt Baker meets a farming family who are turning oilseed rape into liquid gold - oil.

10 stycznia 2016

3. Gloucestershire

Countryfile is in Gloucestershire, where Matt gives the trees at Batsford Arboretum a health check using a clever bit of x-ray kit to look for decay.

17 stycznia 2016

4. North Devon

Ellie Harrison and Matt Baker are in north Devon, where Matt finds out what life is like for the residents once the tourists have gone.

24 stycznia 2016

5. Winter Special

The team pull on their thermals for a walk on the wild side of winter. Adam heads to North Ronaldsay, where their rare seaweed-eating sheep are under threat.

31 stycznia 2016

6. Tyne and Wear

Matt Baker visits a country park near Newcastle that was once the site of a coalmine, and Ellie Harrison looks at the restoration of Roker Lighthouse near Sunderland.

7 lutego 2016

7. Norfolk Broads

Matt Baker joins student gamekeepers at work, while Ellie Harrison reveals how cranes have returned to Norfolk after an absence of 400 years.

14 lutego 2016

8. Staffordshire

Matt Baker and Ellie Harrison are in Staffordshire. Matt visits a school with farming at the heart of the curriculum. Ellie meets a couple who own a nature reserve.

21 lutego 2016

9. Essex

Matt Baker and Shauna Lowry are near Colchester on the Essex coast. Matt ventures to Mersea Island to meet an oyster fisherman, and Shauna Lowry goes to the River Colne.

28 lutego 2016

10. Northern Ireland

Exploring the beauty of Northern Ireland, John Craven finds out about Rathlin Island's kelp industry. Anita Rani meets a farmer whose animals are now TV stars.

6 marca 2016

11. Young Farmers Compilation

Countryfile is in Aberystwyth, where Adam Henson visits the town's university to meet the youngsters working towards a career in farming.

13 marca 2016

12. Sussex

Matt Baker and Ellie Harrison are in Sussex exploring Ashdown Forest, the inspiration for the Hundred Acre Wood in AA Milne's Winnie-the-Pooh stories. Matt also visits a farm belonging to the Countryside Restoration Trust, which promotes wildlife-friendly farming. Ellie is on the hunt for woodpeckers - easy to hear, but harder to spot! John Craven is at West Rise, the state junior school with a difference: it has a bronze-age settlement and buffalo roaming its marshlands. Tom Heap is in Scotland where there's fresh concern about the impact that wind farms could have on birdlife. But how much of a threat do turbines really pose? And Adam Henson meets the farmer opening his farm to help refugees.

20 marca 2016

13. Three Counties

The team explore the three counties of Herefordshire, Worcestershire and Gloucestershire and meet some of the local crafts people keeping rural skills alive.

27 marca 2016

14. Cattle Theme

Matt Baker, Anita Rani and Helen Skelton tell the story of cattle in this themed programme. Matt spends the day with a young beef farmer.

3 kwietnia 2016

15. Northumberland

John Craven marks the 40th anniversary of LS Lowry's death by following in the artist's footsteps. Ellie Harrison learns about how to conserve moorland.

10 kwietnia 2016

16. Dumfries and Galloway

Joe Crowley meets a woman who looks after a herd of Belted Galloway cattle. Anita Rani joins photographer Keith Kirk after dark, looking for wildlife.

17 kwietnia 2016

17. Shakespeare Special

To mark 400 years since Shakespeare's death, Countryfile travels the length and breadth of the country in search of the landscapes that inspired his works.

24 kwietnia 2016

18. Conservation Compilation

Ellie Harrison visits the South Haven Peninsula in Dorset to tell the story of conservation's unsung hero Captain Cyril Diver.

1 maja 2016

19. South Devon

Matt Baker explores the Dartington estate in south Devon to discover the history of the place and meet the farmers who are turning their goats' milk into ice cream.

8 maja 2016

20. Spring Special

A snapshot of spring, including dolphins in Cardigan Bay, one of the UK's last remaining hay meadows, a Roman fort in Alderney, and a large vegetated shingle spit.

15 maja 2016

21. Veggie Theme

A snapshot of spring, including dolphins in Cardigan Bay, one of the UK's last remaining hay meadows, a Roman fort in Alderney, and a large vegetated shingle spit.

22 maja 2016

22. Snowdonia

John Craven races a hill runner to the summit of Snowdon and meets the volunteers protecting the area's ospreys.

29 maja 2016

23. Montrose

Matt Baker and Anita Rani are at the stunning Montrose Basin in Angus in Scotland, and Tom Heap asks what the EU referendum may mean for Britain's fisheries.

5 czerwca 2016

24. Hampshire

To celebrate British Flowers Week, Charlotte Smith and Anita Rani look at the resurgence of British flowers. Charlotte finds out why the smell of flowers is so popular.

15 czerwca 2016

25. East Midlands

Matt Baker takes to the Trent in a kayak and finds out about the effort to clean up the river. In Rutland, Helen Skelton is an apprentice in a windmill.

19 czerwca 2016

26. Compilation Weather

A look back at the long hot summer of 1976 with TV weatherman John Hammon, plus a rerun of some of Countryfile's best weather-related stories.

26 czerwca 2016

27. Pembrokeshire

John Craven takes to the water in Pembrokeshire to find out about the area's boating heritage, painting boats and learning sea shanties along the way.

3 lipca 2016

28. Kent

It is tennis season and Countryfile is visiting Kent, where Matt Baker finds out about Wimbledon strawberries and gets to grips with the harvest.

10 lipca 2016

29. Meadows

The Countryfile team explore meadows, from the wildlife that makes the meadow its home to the plants that thrive there. Matt Baker discovers the art of scything.

17 lipca 2016

30. Cumbria

The team visit Cumbria, looking at the places which inspired Beatrix Potter, a farm run using horses and steam power, and Lakeland sports, including Cumberland wrestling.

24 lipca 2016

31. Summer Special

A special edition of Countryfile celebrating the Great British summer. Matt Baker travels along the south Wales coast, while Naomi Wilkinson punts along the River Cam in Cambridge.

31 lipca 2016

32. Island Life Compilation

Anita heads to the tiny Scottish island of Kerrera, where she joins the postmaster on her daily round and helps the shepherd round up her sheep.

7 sierpnia 2016

33. Lochaber

Countryfile marks the sixtieth anniversary of the Duke of Edinburgh Awards scheme. Joe heads to the Scottish Highlands to meet a team taking part in five-day challenge.

14 sierpnia 2016

34. Countryfile Live

Matt Baker mingles with exhibitors and visitors at the first ever Countryfile Live, which took place in the magnificent grounds of Blenheim Palace in Oxfordshire.

21 sierpnia 2016

35. Wiltshire

Countryfile has been given access to an excavation at the Stonehenge World Heritage site, and Joe Crowley meets the team who have found strange items buried in the soil.

28 sierpnia 2016

36. Harvest

It is harvest time, and the countryside is buzzing with activity. The Countryfile team are getting stuck in as crops are brought in across the country.

4 września 2016

37. Anglesey

Anita Rani explores Anglesey, off the north west coast of Wales. She navigates the notorious Menai Strait and meets the fisherman who bought an island.

11 września 2016

38. Inspirational Countryside Compilation

Countryfile marks the 100th anniversary of Roald Dahl's birth by discovering his passion for the outdoors and how it inspired his writing.

18 września 2016

39. One Man and His Dog

Matt Baker and Anita Rani preside over proceedings as the best shepherds and their dogs from England, Wales, Ireland and Scotland battle it out for the trophy.

25 września 2016

40. Surrey

Anita Rani travels to Surrey to explore the revival of interest in growing hops there. Adam Henson is hoping for the right conditions to get the last of his wheat harvest in.

2 października 2016

41. Rivers & Waterways

Matt meets a writer who draws inspiration from the Thames Estuary and its people, and Naomi meets a photographer captivated by the waterfall at Lydford Gorge.

9 października 2016

42. Isle of Wight

Matt and Anita explore the Isle of Wight. Matt abseils down the walls of Carisbrooke Castle, while Anita is on Ventnor Downs helping to round up feral goats.

16 października 2016

43. Autumn Special

To celebrate nature's final flourish before the slow descent into winter, the team pulls on its wellies, kicks through the crisp leaves and explores the fruits of our forests.

23 października 2016

44. Herefordshire

Matt looks at Herefordshire's historic perry-making industry and helps out with the pear harvest. He starts out at Weston's, the world's biggest producers of perry.

30 października 2016

45. Ramble for Children in Need

In this extended edition of Countryfile, the team head out into some of the nation's most beautiful landscapes for the Countryfile Ramble for BBC Children in Need.

6 listopada 2016

46. A Remembrance Sunday Special

Helen Skelton is on a special cycle ride across northern France to commemorate 100 years since the Battle of the Somme.

13 listopada 2016

47. West Yorkshire

In West Yorkshire, Matt Baker meets the youngsters who have become RSPB rangers. Anita Rani meets an author who immerses himself in the landscape.

20 listopada 2016

48. Brecon Beacons

The team explores the Brecon Beacons. Matt Baker discovers geocaching, a treasure hunt with a modern twist, and meets an artist whose canvas is the night sky.

27 listopada 2016

49. Lincolnshire

The team are in Lincolnshire, where it's all go in the vast fields of winter veg. John Craven learns about the kalette, a cross between kale and a brussels sprout.

4 grudnia 2016

50. Aberdeenshire

The team are in Aberdeenshire, where Helen visits the only village on mainland Britain where cars can't go. Plus a turkey farm where the guard dogs are alpacas.

11 grudnia 2016

51. Christmas Special

Countryfile celebrates Christmas at Bamburgh Castle on the Northumbrian coast. John Craven learns what the first Christmases on Lindisfarne would have been like.

18 grudnia 2016

52. James Herriot Compilation

Ellie Harrison visits Thirsk to celebrate the centenary of vet Alf Wight, known to the world as James Herriot, and speaks to his children.

26 grudnia 2016

Season 29 (1 stycznia 2017)

1. My Countryside Compilation

Anita Rani travels to Malham Cove in the Yorkshire Dales. Plus she looks back at some famous faces who shared special places in the British countryside.

1 stycznia 2017

2. Shropshire

Countryfile is in Shropshire, where Matt Baker is exploring the highs and lows of a landscape shaped by the miners who once called this place home.

8 stycznia 2017

3. Carmarthenshire

Countryfile is in Carmarthenshire, where Matt Baker explores the explosive history of the sand dunes and Helen Skelton visits the National Botanic Garden of Wales.

15 stycznia 2017

4. Jurassic Coast

Countryfile is on the Jurassic Coast, where Matt Baker meets the man who's been digging for fossils for more than thirty years.

22 stycznia 2017

5. Peak District

Countryfile is exploring the Peak District. Matt Baker joins the team on a mission to restore the scarred moorland.

29 stycznia 2017

6. Feathered Friends

Matt is up at the crack of dawn at the RSPB reserve at Snettisham on the north Norfolk coast to witness thousands of pink-footed geese taking flight.

5 lutego 2017

7. Winter Special

Ellie Harrison is on a winter wildlife safari in the Cairngorms National Park in Scotland. In Filey, John Craven hears the history behind the fisherman's gansey.

12 lutego 2017

8. Somerset

Ellie abseils with a team from the National Trust to help give Cheddar Gorge its annual clean-up and make sure there are no loose rocks.

19 lutego 2017

9. Isle of Man

Joe takes a trip back in time on the oldest horse-drawn tram in the world and visits the farm where magnificent horses get to live out their days.

26 lutego 2017

10. South Downs

The team explore the South Downs. Matt Baker meets the pony who's blazing a trail. Helen Skelton discovers why dark skies are important for wildlife.

5 marca 2017

11. Farming Now and Then

Adam Henson is in Snowdonia to discover how farming has changed in the past 60 years, with the help of some recently unearthed BBC archive.

12 marca 2017

12. Hoo Peninsula

Matt Baker and Anita Rani are on the Hoo Peninsula in Kent, and Tom Heap looks at what leaving the EU could mean for the UK's agricultural migrant labour force.

19 marca 2017

13. Denbighshire

Matt Baker and Ellie Harrison visit Denbighshire in north east Wales. Ellie is up at the crack of dawn to witness the spring mating rituals of grouse.

26 marca 2017

14. Forests

Matt is in the New Forest taking part in an inventory of trees. Ellie is in Inverness-shire seeing what industrial-scale timber production looks like.

2 kwietnia 2017

15. Holderness

Matt, Anita and John are in Holderness in the East Riding of Yorkshire. Matt is on Spurn Point, which is now the country's newest island.

9 kwietnia 2017

16. Lancashire

In Lancashire, Matt Baker learns all about the age-old Easter tradition of pace egg rolling and Anita Rani takes to the hills to follow the Lancashire Witches Walk.

16 kwietnia 2017

17. County Durham

Countryfile is in County Durham, and Matt is on his old home turf, showing how to make panackelty, a traditional north-eastern dish.

23 kwietnia 2017

18. Warwickshire

For Hedgehog Awareness Week, Ellie Harrison meets three schoolgirls on a mission to keep the hedgehogs of Warwickshire safe from harm.

30 kwietnia 2017

19. Tales of the Riverbank Compilation

Ellie Harrison reveals how the landscape has been shaped by rivers, meeting those who live, work and play on the banks of the Severn.

7 maja 2017

20. Suffolk

Matt Baker hears about the plans the Suffolk Wildlife Trust are making for their biggest-ever land purchase in the charity's 55 years.

14 maja 2017

21. Lanarkshire

Matt Baker explores the rise and fall of the Clyde valley in Lanarkshire as a major force in Scotland's food industry. Ellie Harrison meets an urban beekeeper.

21 maja 2017

22. Spring Special

In a spring special edition of the programme Countryfile goes in search of the secret and often overlooked wonders of the season.

28 maja 2017

23. Essex

Matt and Ellie are in Essex where Matt jumps aboard the Pioneer, a fully restored Essex oyster boat, and Steve Brown finds out what it's like to fire an English longbow.

4 czerwca 2017

24. Northern Ireland

Joe Crowley is just south of Belfast, where he joins an RSPB team tagging swifts to find out where they are feeding. Joe Crowley is just south of Belfast, where he joins an RSPB team tagging swifts to find out where they are feeding.

11 czerwca 2017

25. Wye: Hay Festival

At the Hay Festival, Ellie Harrison goes on a wildlife safari and Sean is on a literary adventure with a group drawing inspiration from the Wye Valley countryside.

18 czerwca 2017

26. Working Animals Compilation

Sean Fletcher is in Carmarthenshire in west Wales taking a look at working animals. He meets one of the world's leading experts on birds of prey.

25 czerwca 2017

27. Worcestershire

Ellie joins a family who have set up a traditional cottage industry producing natural elderflower cordials and presses, and tracks lesser horseshoe bats in Worcester.

2 lipca 2017

28. Northants

John Craven meets enthusiasts Matthew and Neil as they create a truly disgusting butterfly banquet to try and catch a glimpse of the purple emperor.

9 lipca 2017

29. Fife

Ellie Harrison crosses the Firth of Forth to witness the seasonal spectacle of guillemots, kittiwakes and puffins jostling for position on the Isle of May.

16 lipca 2017

30. Wiltshire

Anita meets the contestants of the International Young Beekeepers competition at Marlborough College and visits the River Kennet.

23 lipca 2017

31. Cities

Anita Rani is in London at the remarkable Woodberry Wetlands, a haven for all sorts of wildlife just a stone's throw from the tower blocks of Stoke Newington.

30 lipca 2017

32. Roots and Shoots

Ellie Harrison visits a Bristol herb garden to find out about a plant that is on the front line in the fight against cancer.

6 sierpnia 2017

33. Dartmoor

Anita Rani explores the Artisan Trail in Dartmoor, a newly created route that links some of the area's best artists and craftspeople.

13 sierpnia 2017

34. Summer Special

Anita Rani explores the Artisan Trail in Dartmoor, a newly created route that links some of the area's best artists and craftspeople.

20 sierpnia 2017

35. Llyn Peninsula

On the Llyn Peninsula, Ellie goes snorkelling to explore the rich seagrass habitat underwater. Steve meets the dairy farmers who produce and deliver their own milk.

27 sierpnia 2017

36. Harvest

Countryfile looks at how food is harvested, from large-scale crops for supermarket shelves to smaller hand-picked harvests for local markets.

3 września 2017

37. Rame Peninsula

Ellie Harrison visits Mount Edgcumbe on Cornwall's Rame Peninsula, where the UK's first ever native dark honeybee reserve has just opened.

10 września 2017

38. Protected Countryside

To mark it becoming a Unesco World Heritage Site, Ellie explores what makes the Lake District an area of international cultural significance.

17 września 2017

39. One Man and His Dog 2017

The best shepherds and their dogs from England, Scotland, Ireland and Wales go head to head for the coveted One Man and His Dog 2017 title.

24 września 2017

40. South Yorkshire

Ellie is in South Yorkshire, right on the border of the Peak District, following in the footsteps of the Clarion Ramblers.

1 października 2017

41. Dumfries House

Prince Charles talks about why he stepped in to save Dumfries House in East Ayrshire and his vision of how it can be used to help the local community.

8 października 2017

42. Nature Strikes Back

Thirty years on from the Great Storm of 1987, Ellie Harrison visits Wakehurst Place in West Sussex to learn how it dealt with the devastation.

15 października 2017

43. Cornish Heartlands

John and Margherita are in Cornwall, where John attends a food festival with a difference. Plus a profile of Cornish artist David Hosking.

22 października 2017

44. Ramble for Children in Need

A special programme following the team as they lead the way on rambles of their own through some of Britain's best landscapes, all in aid of Children in Need.

29 października 2017

45. Autumn Special

Matt Baker crunches through the leaves to find out about a new charter to protect woodlands, and Ellie Harrison meets Skomer's new seal pups.

5 listopada 2017

46. Remembrance

Ellie Harrison finds out about the so-called 'Idle' women of the canals, who played a vital role in the Second World War.

12 listopada 2017

47. Hertfordshire

Countryfile is in Hertfordshire, where Charlotte Smith meets the man who's made it his sole mission to save the barbel in the Old River Lea.

19 listopada 2017

48. Cairngorms

Joe Crowley is at Britain's largest national nature reserve, Mar Lodge, and he is on the search for ptarmigan at the top of a mountain.

26 listopada 2017

49. Cleveland Way

Helen Skelton and Sean Fletcher are on the Cleveland Way in Yorkshire. Helen meets the team of Scouts who have 'adopted' their own stretch of the 109-mile trail.

3 grudnia 2017

50. The Brecks

Ellie Harrison finds out about a conservation effort to save two species from extinction in Breckland, on the Norfolk-Suffolk border.

10 grudnia 2017

51. My Countryside Compilation

Ellie Harrison sees her home county of Gloucestershire as she has never seen it before. And Nina Wadia explores the Highlands.

17 grudnia 2017

52. Christmas Special

In this Christmas special, Matt Baker, John Craven and Anita Rani are in Castleton in the Peak District, where the Christmas tree festival is in full swing.

24 grudnia 2017

53. New Zealand Compilation

In New Zealand, Adam Henson meets some old friends, helps with a cattle muster and witnesses sheep farming on a breathtaking scale.

31 grudnia 2017

Season 30 (7 stycznia 2018)

1. Ribble Valley

Matt Baker is in the Gisburn Forest and meets the people who make the most of what nature has to offer here. Anita Rani is on a farm which is looking to the future.

7 stycznia 2018

2. Somerset Levels

In the Somerset Levels, Matt Baker is on the hunt for the common crane, a bird that has been brought back from the brink and which now thrives in the area.

14 stycznia 2018

3. Leicestershire

Anita Rani visits Leicester University's herbarium to investigate the city's plants' past, present and future, and Tom Heap looks at the rural fire services.

21 stycznia 2018

4. Perth and Kinross

Matt Baker visits a farm in Crieff to meet two brothers from a family famous in the sport of curling, discovering how Olympic training fits around farming.

28 stycznia 2018

5. Winter Special

Matt Baker meets the Dorset man championing local winter produce. Anita Rani finds out how making jewellery inspired by nature can improve the winter blues.

4 lutego 2018

6. Cambridgeshire

Ellie Harrison and Matt Baker are in Cambridgeshire, where Matt looks at a huge project to turn a quarry into the UK's biggest reed bed.

11 lutego 2018

7. Anglesey

Matt Baker and Anita Rani are in Anglesey, where Matt is on the lookout for harbour porpoises and Anita finds out what's behind the boom in Menai mussels.

18 lutego 2018

8. Derbyshire

Matt Baker and Helen Skelton are in Derbyshire, where Matt is exploring the boom in farming alpacas. Tom Heap looks at illegal abattoirs.

25 lutego 2018

9. Waterworlds Compilation

Helen Skelton is at Kielder Water in Northumberland, exploring the ways in which water shapes our lives. Plus watery worlds from the Countryfile archive.

4 marca 2018

10. The Lothians and Borders

Matt Baker visits St Abbs - a community who refused to let their lifeboat service go under.

11 marca 2018

11. Pembrokeshire

Ellie Harrison is in Pembrokeshire looking at the effect of recent storms on the coastline. Adam Henson is in Scotland exploring the mystery behind some missing upland sheep. Tom Heap looks at the problems faced by the UK's sheep farmers and asks why people have fallen out of love with lamb.

18 marca 2018

12. Shropshire

Matt Baker immerses himself in Shropshire Wildlife Trust's Love Your Rivers project. It's a huge conservation operation, involving 12 organisations.

25 marca 2018

13. West Yorkshire

Matt, Anita and Joe Crowley are in West Yorkshire where Matt meets Dr Ryad Alsous, a refugee from Syria whose love of bees has helped him forge a new life here.

1 kwietnia 2018

14. Loch Ness

Sean Fletcher and Naomi Wilkinson are in the wilds around Loch Ness. They travel to to Glenurquhart where they go head to head in a game of shinty.

8 kwietnia 2018

15. Cumbria

Matt Baker and Anita Rani are in West Cumbria where Matt takes a wild and bracing walk along a brand new section of the England Coast Path on Walney Island near Barrow.

15 kwietnia 2018

16. Heritage Crafts

Anita Rani is in Norfolk meeting the people keeping some of the UK's vanishing trades alive, including a millwright and a reed cutter.

22 kwietnia 2018

17. Cornwall

Matt Baker is in Cornwall to meet Julian Jackson, who lost his sight in 2010 and is raising money for a vision charity by walking from Land's End to John O'Groats.

29 kwietnia 2018

18. Northumberland

Anita Rani is in Rothbury, being put through her paces with the mountain rescue team and hearing how new technologies are helping search-and-rescue operations.

6 maja 2018

19. Hampshire

The team are in Hampshire, where Matt Baker hears about a project championing the use of local wood. John Craven hears how oysters are being reintroduced to the Solent.

13 maja 2018

20. Spring Special

Ellie Harrison meets the designer who's creating a celebratory 30th anniversary Countryfile garden for the Hampton Court Flower Show.

20 maja 2018

21. Royal Special: Windsor

To celebrate 65 years since Her Majesty's coronation, Countryfile, also celebrating its 30th anniversary, has been given unprecedented access to the Queen's Windsor estate.

27 maja 2018

22. Royal Special: Balmoral

To celebrate 65 years since HM the Queen's coronation, Countryfile has been given unprecedented access to the Queen's Balmoral estate.

3 czerwca 2018

23. Royal Special: Sandringham

To celebrate 65 years since Her Majesty's coronation, Countryfile visits the Queen's Sandringham estate. Adam Henson looks into the farming history of Sandringham.

10 czerwca 2018

24. Northern Ireland

Sean Fletcher, Margherita Taylor and Steve Brown are in Northern Ireland. John Craven launches the Countryfile Photographic Competition with Cerys Matthews.

17 czerwca 2018

25. West Sussex

In West Sussex, Matt explores the phenomenon of 'champing' - where people pay to stay in churches - and Ellie meets Maya Leonard, a self-proclaimed insect activist.

24 czerwca 2018

26. Dorset

Matt Baker and Margherita Taylor are in Dorset, where Matt spends time at Lorton Meadows, a nature reserve renowned for its birds of prey.

1 lipca 2018

27. Hampton Court

Ellie Harrison and Sean Fletcher explore the grounds and surrounds of Hampton Court Palace, which is home to the last stable of working shire horses in London.

8 lipca 2018

28. The Seven Wonders of Wales

Sean Fletcher introduces his 'seven wonders of Wales' - the mountains, hill farming, heritage, wildlife, castles, food and the coastline.

15 lipca 2018

29. 30th Anniversary

To celebrate Countryfile's 30th anniversary, John Craven takes us through 30 of the most memorable moments from the programme from the past three decades.

22 lipca 2018

30. Exmoor

In Exmoor, Margherita Taylor meets those doing all they can to restore the habitat, and numbers, of the UK's most endangered butterfly - the high brown fritillary.

29 lipca 2018

31. East Yorkshire

John, Margherita and Steve are in East Yorkshire where John takes a trip down memory lane to the seaside holidays of his youth.

5 sierpnia 2018

32. Nottinghamshire

Matt, Ellie and Steve are in Nottinghamshire where Matt reports on the plight of the original Bramley apple tree and there's a double hit of wildlife from Ellie.

12 sierpnia 2018

33. Countryfile Live

The team are at Countryfile Live, set in the stunning grounds of Blenheim Palace. Steve Brown goes backstage at the first ever British charcuterie awards.

19 sierpnia 2018

34. North Wales

Matt and Margherita are in north Wales where Matt discovers how miniature technology could tell us more about the habits of one of our best-loved insects.

26 sierpnia 2018

35. Saltmarsh, Sand and Sea

Steve Brown goes on a tour of the Isle of Sheppey. A flat landscape typified by saltmarsh, sea and big skies, this is a wilderness full of wildlife.

2 września 2018

36. Essex

Anita Rani and John Craven visit Essex. Anita hears how timber that has travelled around the world from the tropics to the UK is being up-cycled and repurposed.

9 września 2018

37. Harvest

Helen Skelton visits a farm in York to hear how carrots are in crisis. The extremes of weather have lead to the lowest yields for decades and the highest levels of imports.

16 września 2018

38. One Man and His Dog

The British Isles' top shepherds and their collies descend on the small village of Llansteffan in south Wales as we host Countryfile's One Man and His Dog 2018.

23 września 2018

39. Hereford

The team are in Herefordshire visiting a habitat creation project, harvesting hops and learning about the new-found popularity of a medieval apple drink called verjuice.

30 września 2018

40. Wildlife Special

Ellie Harrison takes a look at the state of the country's wildlife - the pressures it is under, the challenges it faces and the prospects for vulnerable species.

7 października 2018

41. A Different Day Out

Ellie Harrison is in Derbyshire to explore ideas for a different day out, including building a makeshift raft and taking in an arts trail.

14 października 2018

42. Autumn Special

Matt Baker is on the Isle of Skye otter spotting, Anita Rani visits the Ards Peninsular, and Steve Brown experiences the beauty of autumn leaves in miniature.

21 października 2018

43. Ramble for BBC Children in Need

The fourth annual Countryfile Ramble for BBC Children in Need features the show's presenters leading rambles across the UK, joined by viewers and inspirational youngsters.

28 października 2018

44. Worcestershire

Countryfile visits Worcestershire, where Matt Baker finds out about plans to save Pershore Lock Island and encourage more wildlife to live there.

4 listopada 2018

45. East Sussex

Countryfile visits East Sussex, where Sean Fletcher meets the family with a passion for poultry.

11 listopada 2018

46. Cambridgeshire

Countryfile visits Cambridgeshire, where Anita Rani is at the 40th annual hedge-laying competition and meets a painter who finds trees totally inspiring.

18 listopada 2018

47. Suffolk

Countryfile is in Suffolk, where John Craven takes to the water to meet the Walberswick ferrywomen. He also finds out about the age-old craft of pargetting.

25 listopada 2018

48. County Durham

Countryfile is in County Durham, where Helen Skelton finds out about the traditional rapper dance of the region and Steve Brown finds out about fancy pigeon showing.

2 grudnia 2018

49. Isle of Wight

John Craven, Helen Skelton and Margherita Taylor are on the Isle of Wight, where John meets the amateur dinosaur hunter finding new prehistoric creatures.

9 grudnia 2018

50. Cairngorms

In the Cairngorms, Matt Baker meets Tilly Smith and her herd of 150 reindeer, whose grazing habits are being studied by scientists to assess their environmental impact.

16 grudnia 2018

51. Christmas Special

Matt Baker and the team are in the small village of Elsdon in Northumberland, where preparations are in full swing for a big Christmas bash.

23 grudnia 2018

52. Countryfile's Inspirational Women

Anita Rani is in Yorkshire celebrating some of the many remarkable women who have been featured on the programme over the years.

30 grudnia 2018

Season 31 (6 stycznia 2019)

1. Vets

Adam Henson looks at the harsh reality of being a rural vet in the depths of winter. He also looks back at the trials and tribulations of one the country's largest practices.

6 stycznia 2019

2. Kent

Matt Baker is exploring the magnificent Leeds Castle as it celebrates its 900th anniversary. He tries his hand at a spot of falconry with the castle's resident birds of prey.

13 stycznia 2019

3. Wiltshire

Matt Baker discovers the incredible work of a care farm in Wiltshire which is changing children's lives. Anita Rani tastes a local cheese with a long heritage.

20 stycznia 2019

4. North Yorkshire

Turner Prize-winning artist Rachel Whiteread shows us her sculpture, commissioned to mark the Forestry Commission's centenary.

27 stycznia 2019

5. Winter Wildlife Rescue Compilation

Steve Brown visits Lower Moss Wood nature reserve in Cheshire to meet the volunteers and is shown the specialist hospital unit.

3 lutego 2019

6. Winter Special

The team reveal how the countryside is full of life even in the coldest of months. Steve Brown discovers the challenges faced by barn owls during winter.

10 lutego 2019

7. Devon

In Devon, Matt Baker looks at the work of James Ravilious, who spent years photographing the Devon countryside, and meets one of the farmers who appeared in the photos.

17 lutego 2019

8. Gloucestershire

Matt and Helen are in Gloucestershire where Matt pays a visit to the world-famous Slimbridge wetland reserve to see how a massive multi-million-pound refurbishment is going.

24 lutego 2019

9. Cheshire and the Wirral

Matt and Ellie explore Cheshire and a wildlife haven in the Wirral, and Hannah Cockroft travels to beautiful North Uist in the Outer Hebrides.

3 marca 2019

10. Somerset

Matt Baker and Helen Skelton are in Somerset, and in a special film for Comic Relief, Sir Tony Robinson visits a charity that’s making a real difference to people’s lives.

10 marca 2019

11. North West Wales

In north west Wales, Joe Crowley visits a sheep farm and meets its striking new arrivals. Margherita Taylor discovers the Welsh names for the local flora and fauna.

17 marca 2019

12. Food Compilation

Sean is in Oxfordshire meeting farmers with a passion for our more unusual produce, from picklers to cheesemakers.

24 marca 2019

13. Surrey

Countryfile is exploring Surrey, where Matt Baker meets the women who have inspired generations of conservationists and Helen Skelton visits a biodynamic vineyard.

31 marca 2019

14. National Parks

Matt Baker, John Craven and Margherita Taylor mark the 70th anniversary of the creation of our national parks.

7 kwietnia 2019

15. Shropshire

Matt meets the farmer using a no-till method of raising crops to help save our soils, while Ellie is on the trail of Shropshire’s Clun sheep.

14 kwietnia 2019

16. Herts & Bucks

Matt is in Panshanger Park in Hertfordshire, seeing how an old quarry has become one of the best places for wildlife in the county.

21 kwietnia 2019

17. Spring Special

Matt Baker is at Morecambe Bay to meet caravan enthusiasts celebrating 100 years of caravanning history, while John Craven tries his hand at sheep shearing.

28 kwietnia 2019

18. Living on the Edge

With sea levels rising and ferocious waves battering our coasts, Ellie Harrison finds out what it’s like living on the edge of land and sea all year round.

5 maja 2019

19. Aberdeenshire

Anita Rani is in Aberdeenshire meeting a family with a passion for Highland cattle, and Joe Crowley investigates the rapidly falling number of wild Atlantic salmon.

12 maja 2019

20. Queen Victoria

This month marks 200 years since Queen Victoria’s birth, so Countryfile is exploring the Victorian fascination with nature and the great outdoors.

19 maja 2019

21. Derbyshire

The team are in Derbyshire. Matt Baker joins a group who have been restoring Chesterfield’s canals, Anita Rani visits Tissington and Steve Brown learns how we can help pollinators.

26 maja 2019

22. South Wales

Matt Baker learns about a scheme to create new structures from the fabric of the land, while Tom Heap asks whether our countryside has become a tax haven for the super-rich.

2 czerwca 2019

23. Chalk Streams

Anita and Matt are in Hampshire celebrating our chalk streams, while Adam and Charlotte meet the last of the three contenders for our Farming Hero Award.

9 czerwca 2019

24. West Yorkshire

Matt Baker visits the beautiful Hardcastle Crags near Hebden Bridge, and John Craven launches this year's photographic competition.

16 czerwca 2019

25. Lincolnshire

In Lincolnshire, Ellie kicks back in a bar where it’s not drinks on the menu but clouds! Meanwhile, Adam looks at what Brexit could mean for our farmers.

23 czerwca 2019

26. Caring for Our Planet Compilation

Machynlleth is the first town in Wales to declare a climate emergency. Anita sees how the community is doing its bit in the fight against a warming planet.

30 czerwca 2019

27. Summer Special - Royal Highland Show

The team are at the Royal Highland Show celebrating the best that rural Scotland has to offer, including the Arbroath smokie and an award-winning Scottish gin.

7 lipca 2019

28. Bedfordshire

John Craven visits the secluded Luton Hoo estate, once a training ground for land girls, and Tom Heap looks at new forms of environmental campaigning.

14 lipca 2019

29. Cornwall

Anita Rani visits the Antony Estate on the Rame Peninsula, John Craven visits an off-grid camp in Truro, and Tom Heap meets farmers caught up in the bovine TB outbreak.

21 lipca 2019

30. Gloucestershire

The team is in Gloucestershire to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Riding for the Disabled Association. Interviewed, Princess Anne talks of her long association with the RDA.

28 lipca 2019

31. Norfolk

John and Margherita are in Norfolk, where John is up at the crack of dawn to help with a release back into the wild of one of our rarest birds, the corncrake.

4 sierpnia 2019

32. Perthshire

Countryfile visits Perthshire, where Matt visits Cultybraggan, a former prisoner of war camp that is now a thriving community of artisans and food producers.

11 sierpnia 2019

33. Working Animals

Sean is in the Lake District taking a look at some of the jobs working animals do, and we take another look at working animals we’ve featured in the past.

18 sierpnia 2019

34. Warwickshire

Matt Baker marks the centenary of the death of Joseph Arch, a farm labourer who founded the first national farm workers' union and later became an MP.

25 sierpnia 2019

35. Evacuees Special

This special programme looks back at how the wartime evacuation of children to the countryside shaped the lives of a whole generation.

1 września 2019

36. Northumberland

This week the team are in Northumberland. Helen Skelton visits the Blyth Tall Ship scheme, where students from disadvantaged areas are taught traditional boat-building skills.

8 września 2019

37. Dorset

Ellie Harrison joins volunteers restoring the Cerne Abbas Giant, and Charlotte Smith investigates the true scale of domestic abuse in the countryside.

15 września 2019

38. One Man and His Dog

The best shepherds from across the British Isles descend on the Scottish Borders to find out which nation has what it takes to claim the coveted title of One Man and His Dog 2019.

22 września 2019

39. Lake District

Joe Crowley is in Cumbria exploring the Lakes’ wild side, and Charlotte investigates the rise of far-right extremism in the countryside.

29 września 2019

40. Nature's Bounty

Helen Skelton learns about the history and traditions of harvesting, and we revisit the times when our presenters got stuck in to help harvest this country's varied produce.

6 października 2019

41. Wembury

Joe Crowley, Anita Rani and Ellie Harrison explore the wildlife and naval history of Wembury, near Plymouth, while Tom Heap tracks the gangs stealing village cashpoints.

13 października 2019

42. Forest of Dean

In the Forest of Dean, Matt Baker is on the hunt for the elusive adder, while Margherita Taylor meets a local brass band and visits Puzzlewood.

20 października 2019

43. Countryfile Ramble for BBC Children In Need

Matt Baker leads the fifth annual Countryfile Ramble for BBC Children in Need.

27 października 2019

44. Autumn Special

John Craven takes a walk in the footsteps of the poet John Keats and explores the landscape that inspired his poem To Autumn, written 200 years ago this autumn.

3 listopada 2019

45. Essex

Matt Baker helps the Essex Wildlife Trust with their first ever winter fish survey on Fingringhoe Wick, a newly created stretch of saltmarsh.

10 listopada 2019

46. Balcaskie

The team are on the Balcaskie Estate in the East Neuk of Fife, where Charlotte Smith tries her hand at the fast-growing rural sport of competitive ploughing.

17 listopada 2019

47. Conwy and Gwynedd

Matt Baker walks the Snowdonia slate trail, while Ellie Harrison finds out about the Outdoor Partnership, a project to get people outdoors and into the countryside.

24 listopada 2019

48. Tees Valley

Sean Fletcher and Helen Skelton explore the Tees Valley, while Tom Heap looks at whether enough is being done to protect UK farming and food production from flooding.

1 grudnia 2019

49. Wiltshire

John Craven visits a wood in Wiltshire that has been ravaged by ash dieback, while Adam Henson is in Lincolnshire to see for himself the impact of the recent devastating floods.

8 grudnia 2019

50. Buckinghamshire

Matt Baker joins a group of schoolchildren making their first visit to a farm, while Margherita Taylor meets the people preserving some of the UK's last box trees.

15 grudnia 2019

51. Christmas Special

John Craven and the team are at Tyntesfield in Somerset, a stately pile that celebrates Christmas in high Victorian style.

22 grudnia 2019

52. Caring for Our Community

Steve Brown is in Somerset celebrating the work that volunteers and communities do in our countryside. He spends the day on a community farm that's doing its bit for sustainability.

29 grudnia 2019

Season 32 (5 stycznia 2020)

1. Cottage Industries

Countryfile celebrates cottage industries, with Ellie Harrison meeting a woman who sells hand-crafted products all revolving around fire.

5 stycznia 2020

2. Welney Marshes

The team are at Welney Wildlife Reserve in Norfolk. Charlotte Smith helps out with the international swan census, and Sean Fletcher hears how mini donkeys are helping residents of a Welney care home. Steve Brown is on the trail of the elusive cranes that live in the washes around Welney. Margherita Taylor sees how the reserve's staff control flooding on the wetlands, and Sean Fletcher hears how mini donkeys are helping residents of a Welney care home. Tom Heap investigates the threat posed by the alien species making their way to our shores, and Adam Henson has designs on his own mini wetland down on the farm as he starts creating a dewpond.

12 stycznia 2020

3. Ballycastle

The team are in Ballycastle, a coastal community on the north eastern tip of Ireland that's quickly becoming known for its local crafts and artisan food and drink. Margherita Taylor is on a small ‘forward-thinking farm’ that produces ethical and sustainable produce from animals that would other be considered waste products in the dairy industry. Joe Crowley catches up with a couple who produce award-winning smoked salmon and dulse seaweed, a popular local delicacy. Charlotte Smith goes on a red squirrel safari with a local school group, and Adam Henson welcomes new bull Black Prince to his farm.

19 stycznia 2020

4. Hope Valley

This week, Countryfile is in the heart of the Peak District, where the pub is most definitely the hub! Anita Rani hears how the locals here saved Bamford’s village pub. It is now owned by the community and seems to be the epicentre of village life. Anita meets some of the locals and puts her best foot forward with a group of ramblers that meet here before exploring some of the stunning countryside that surrounds it. Sean Fletcher meets Luke Osborne, who is a grocer with a difference. He pulls together the best regional foods from farmers and local producers and delivers it to people in the wider rural community. Helen Skelton hangs out with a few more of the locals. When they are not propping up the bar in the village pub, some of them can be found dangling off rock faces! And the Peak has some of the top climbing spots in the country.

26 stycznia 2020

5. Dungeness

Although it's classed as Britain’s only 'desert' - and despite its bleak aspect in the depths of winter - the shingle headland of Dungeness is home to an incredible array of wildlife, plants and birdlife.  Matt meets Owen Leyshon, who's been the warden of the national nature reserve here for the past 25 years, to find out more about the rich and diverse species that make Dungeness their home. He also discovers that this is a landscape on the move – one that is growing outward at a rate of up to two metres a year.  Matt also joins a group of volunteers to tackle an important winter job that keeps some of the unique species here in tip-top condition – clearing bramble from the blackthorn bushes that grow on the headland.

2 lutego 2020

6. Auchlyne

Matt, Charlotte and Steve are on the Auchlyne Estate near Killin in Perthshire. It’s the first of four visits they’ll be making over the next year, charting life on the estate throughout the seasons. Matt meets Emma Paterson, the laird of the estate, to learn about its history and the plans for its future. He also gets a lesson in preparing their prized highland cattle for a show. Charlotte hooks up with Emma’s daughter Nicola for a spot of deerstalking and chats to gamekeeper Ian Dingwall about turning a profit from the venison. Steve is down by the river trying his hand at fly fishing for salmon, and there is a closer look at the life of Auchlyne’s resident handyman Dave Christie. Away from the estate Adam discovers that for one rare breed of sheep it’s already shearing time, and Tom goes back to the classroom to see if the next generation of farmers are being given the training they need.

9 lutego 2020

7. Farm Diversification

Sean is in Essex meeting a farmer who has taken diversification to the next level. David Eagle has let the sea inundate acres of his farmland to create vital saltmarsh habitat for migratory birds, and already thousands of brent geese are making the most of his hospitality. David is also on trend with his sea buckthorn juice, made from the berries of hundreds of sea buckthorn shrubs he has planted. But Sean finds out that they are not so easy to harvest. Sean then dons his running shoes to take part in a farm run – a form of diversification designed to help those with stress. We also look back through the Countryfile archives at other farm diversification stories featured on the programme.

16 lutego 2020

8. Shaftesbury

Matt, Ellie and Steve are in Shaftesbury in Dorset, where they take part in the town's celebrated snowdrop festival. Matt meets the growers and enthusiasts dedicated to the small white flowers. He discovers some of the rarer varieties and learns of the high prices some bulbs attract. Steve meets a potter whose snowdrop planters are in demand and who has his own special way of sourcing the clay he uses. Ellie finds out that there is more to spring flowers than just snowdrops. She goes on a seasonal stroll and sees some of the different plants whose early flowering is a blessing for insects. She then joins Matt and the townsfolk of Shaftesbury on a snowdrop-themed lantern parade that takes in the famous cobbled street, Gold Hill. Elsewhere, Adam meets a trailblazing vet, and Tom looks at whether the UK’s farmers can go carbon neutral by 2040.

23 lutego 2020

9. Gwent Levels

This week the team are on the Gwent Levels. Matt Baker meets a group of fishermen who are still catching salmon the way it has been done there for centuries. Ellie Harrison is on the trail of a star species that has made an amazing comeback on the Levels. Tom Heap is looking at what is being done to ensure that those most in need in the countryside can access the healthiest fresh food, and it’s the calm before the lambing season storm down on Adam’s farm.

1 marca 2020

10. Holnicote Estate

It’s International Women’s Day, and we’re in Somerset on the Holnicote Estate. Anita Rani meets Holly Purdey who farms with a baby on her back and her three-year-old as her farmhand. She’s part of a local Women in Farming group that aims to reduce the isolation often felt by women who live and work on farms. Meanwhile, Matt Baker finds out that the picturesque Holnicote Estate is at the beginning of an innovative river restoration project that is the first of its kind in the UK. It is also home to a new family of beavers. It's a busy day on Adam Henson's farm as he gets ready for the lambing season, and our special guest reporter, the 'Red Shepherdess' Hannah Jackson, looks at whether times have really changed for women in farming.

8 marca 2020

11. Looe Harbour

Countryfile visits Looe in Cornwall during Cornish Pasty Week. Margherita Taylor and Matt Baker meet the town's pasty makers and compete in a pasty-making competition. Margherita finds out more about the area's seal population and the fishermen who live and work on the shores. Adam Henson has his hands full as lambs start to arrive, and Tom Heap finds out if the UK's leading food-standards scheme is delivering when it comes to animal welfare.

15 marca 2020

12. Lake Vyrnwy

Lake Vyrnwy in Wales is gearing up for the warmer spring days ahead, when there will be a huge increase in migratory birds and tourists. Matt Baker and Ellie Harrison immerse themselves in the landscape, discovering the history of this man-made Victorian reservoir. Ellie finds out about the bird species that make the surrounding forests and breathtaking moorland home. The Evans family farm the moorland for the RSPB, and Matt helps out as they gather in their ponies for health checks and get their ewes ready for lambing. Meanwhile, Adam, Charlotte and Tom are joining forces for a special report on what future global trade deals could mean for UK farming and food production.

22 marca 2020

13. Signs of Spring

Ellie is in the Lugg Valley in Herefordshire, where recent heavy floods have left their mark. Despite this, she is on the hunt for signs of spring - not least toads. She joins volunteers making sure the amorous amphibians can make it safely across main roads to their favoured spawning grounds. Ellie also meets members of the community who have just planted out their first forest garden, and she joins an artist who sees beauty in the flooded landscape.

29 marca 2020

14. 24 Hours in the Lambing Shed

It is all systems go in the lambing shed as Adam Henson and Helen Skelton work round the clock to help a Wirral farmer at one of his busiest times of the year. Meanwhile, Sean Fletcher is in Carmarthen discovering first-hand the rigours of lambing outdoors.

5 kwietnia 2020

15. Presenter Favourites

The Countryfile presenters take you on a trip down memory lane, as they pick out their favourite films from the archive, including Anita Rani surfing in Snowdonia, Ellie Harrison counting gannets, Matt Baker visiting an alpaca blood bank and Helen Skelton fell running. Adam will be on his farm finding out about the pecking order of his chickens, and as always, we’ll be celebrating the glory of the countryside that surrounds us and the people who make it so special.

12 kwietnia 2020

16. Anita's Home Patch

In the first of a new-look Countryfile, Anita Rani is on her home patch discovering what the coronavirus lockdown means for Woodberry Wetlands and what the future holds for the animals of Hackney City Farm. Back at home, she gets stuck into reinvigorating her garden and cooks up a barbecue tandoori. Adam Henson is feeling the effects of the pandemic on farming, and Tom Heap investigates how a new British land army might work for our fruit and veg growers.

19 kwietnia 2020

17. Matt's Home Patch

With the country still in lockdown, Matt Baker is on his home patch doing all the jobs he has not had time to do until now. He gets stuck in building a pond, meets a peregrine who lacks the confidence to hunt and gets crafty with the paint brushes in his back garden. Also in the programme, wildlife film-maker Jack Perks reveals the wonderful world beneath the surface of his garden pond, Adam has a lot of hungry mouths to feed on the farm, and in the first of a series of new films, Kate Humble takes us round her home village to find out how the community is pulling together in these challenging times.

26 kwietnia 2020

18. Joe's Home Patch

Joe Crowley is on his home turf in north London, exploring the wonderful Lea Valley. He pays a visit to one of the UK’s biggest salad growers to see how Covid-19 is affecting them. He also heads to the mysterious gunpowder mills, its overgrown ruins a testament to past battles. As it is International Dawn Chorus Day, bird expert Adrian Thomas will be telling us what to listen out for. We hear from Hannah Jackson, the Red Shepherdess, about how she’s coping with the pandemic, and it is a race against time for Adam as he goes flat out to get his spring barley in.

3 maja 2020

19. Helen's Home Patch

Helen is staying close to home in West Yorkshire, finding out how current restrictions are affecting her community. She pays a visit to Harewood House to learn more about their conservation projects, and she drops in to meet some of the lonely residents of her local horse and donkey sanctuary, who are missing their regular volunteers. Local brothers and Olympic medallists Jonny and Alistair Brownlee demonstrate how to keep fit under lockdown, and Tom discovers how school closures have hit vital outdoor education. Adam steps in to help a nanny goat in distress, and we catch up with young naturalist Xander Johnston as he keeps an eye on local insect life on his daily walks.

10 maja 2020

20. Ellie's Home Patch

Ellie Harrison is on her home turf in Gloucestershire. At the Slimbridge Wetland Centre she helps with important conservation work and gets a ringside seat to watch some kingfisher parents busy feeding their young. She also visits an ancient bluebell wood, exploring the treasures of the forest floor. Adam Henson reveals how his horses are helping to create a wildlife haven, and Tom Heap investigates how fly-tipping is blighting the countryside more than ever.

17 maja 2020

21. Sean's Home Patch

Sean Fletcher visits Hampton Court, not far from his west London home, seeing how the team there keep the gardens and grounds in top condition. There is no machinery here, though - it’s a team of magnificent shire horses that do the work. Sean meets the handlers and takes the reins as the horses start another shift, pulling and harrowing and preparing the grounds for the summer ahead. Back home, Sean gives us tips on how to stay fit during lockdown by building his very own home gym. Kate Humble reports from her Wye Valley home patch on how local food producers are rallying round during the crisis, and Adam turns out a new Gloucester calf onto spring pasture.

24 maja 2020

22. John's Home Patch

John Craven is at home in his garden where he gives us tips on what butterflies to look out for and how to get involved in a nationwide survey and he catches up with super fund-raiser Captain – now Colonel – Tom Moore to discover what role the countryside has played in his life. We also find out how Hannah Jackson, the Red Shepherdess, is getting on with her two new collie puppies as she puts them through their first paces as working dogs. And Adam Henson turns teacher as he brings his piglets to the country’s home-schooled children.

31 maja 2020

23. Steve and Margherita's Home Patch

Steve Brown explores one of his favourite local haunts, Elmley Nature Reserve on the Isle of Sheppey, where swallows and swifts are gathering in their hordes, heralding the arrival of summer. Margherita Taylor is on the hunt for an invasive species of moth which threatens not just the oaks on Hampstead Heath in London but walkers too. On the farm, Adam’s horses are getting a hoof health check, and he catches up with top trainer Jonjo O’Neill to see how his racehorses are coping with life off the track. And wildlife film-maker Richard Taylor Jones hangs out with a busy vixen and her litter of playful cubs.

7 czerwca 2020

24. Down on the Farm

As well as tending to his crops, much of Adam Henson’s time on his Cotswold farm is devoted to caring for his animals. Each and every one of them is important to him, from his commercial flock of sheep to his chickens, his pigs and his ponies. Many have become much-loved Countryfile characters. We are dipping into the archive to rediscover some of Adam’s highs and lows with his marvellous

14 czerwca 2020

25. Epping Forest

Anita Rani is in Epping Forest to find out about its past, its wildlife and to meet some of the people who look after it. She discovers the art of cattle whispering when she meets the herd of Longhorns that help to conserve the forest, and at dusk she goes on the trail of one of the UK’s rarest creatures. Wildlife film-maker Hamza Yassin gets up close to one of our best-loved seabirds, the puffin, near his home on the west coast of Scotland, Gareth Wyn Jones gives us a glimpse into his life as a hill farmer in Wales, and down on his farm Adam Henson has a shearing dilemma to solve.

21 czerwca 2020

26. Charlecote Park

As organisations like the National Trust open up to visitors again, Ellie Harrison is at Charlecote Park in Warwickshire, one of the great estates of the Elizabethan era. She’s rolling up her sleeves to help with Britain’s oldest managed flock of Jacob sheep and visits a working Georgian water mill that’s busier than ever, supplying the lockdown baking boom. Dwayne Fields investigates the challenges facing members of the BAME community living in the countryside, and Adam is judging entrants in an online livestock show.

28 czerwca 2020

27. Grand Union Canal

Matt Baker explores the stretch of the Grand Union Canal that runs close to his home in the Chilterns. He meets those who live and work on the water and gets to grips with an engineering marvel that keeps the system flowing. Tom Heap investigates how farmers are adjusting to climate change, and with the help of Cerys Matthews and Simon King, John Craven launches this year’s Countryfile photo competition.

5 lipca 2020

28. The Blean

This week Anita Rani and Matt Baker are visiting The Blean, an ancient woodland in the heart of Kent, to get an exclusive look at a wilding project like no other. Matt comes face to face with the beast that will hopefully make this conservation scheme a reality – the bison - and Anita finds out about a sleepy success story: dormice are being breed here to boost the numbers in the wild. We also revisit the Auchlyne hunting estate in Scotland to catch up with Emma, the incoming laird. Deep in the wilds of Gloucestershire, we get a very special look at some of the UK’s most elusive creatures, pine martens, and down on Adam’s farm one of the driest springs on record is causing big problems.

12 lipca 2020

29. Shropshire Hills

Ellie Harrison and Tom Heap are in the Shropshire Hills to find out about an ambitious project to create a nature corridor between the two peaks of Long Mynd and Stiperstones. Tom meets a farmer who has become a convert to environmentally friendly regenerative farming, while Ellie goes in search of some rare and much misunderstood wildlife. In the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, and with Brexit on the horizon, Charlotte Smith tests the strength of Britain’s food supply system. And could the pitter patter of tiny hoofs be on the horizon for Adam’s Suffolk Punch?

19 lipca 2020

30. Chichester Hills

Countryfile visits Chichester Harbour, the only Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty in the UK that’s managed by a harbour authority. Matt Baker and Anita Rani discover how you balance the needs of a very busy harbour with those of nature and wildlife. While Matt is out on the water doing the daily rounds with the harbour master, Anita finds out about projects that help to protect the local populations of oysters, terns and seals. And Adam Henson’s Highland bull Archie might not have long left on the farm, but his legacy lives on…

26 lipca 2020

31. Wisley and Ockham

Matt Baker and Margherita Taylor are at Wisley and Ockham Common on a mission to discover why heathland habitat like this needs to be prized and protected. Margherita goes in search of one of Britain’s rarest reptiles, the sand lizard, while Matt is on the hunt for one our strangest and most elusive birds, the nightjar. For Adam Henson, it is a time of new beginnings as he opens the farm park again to visitors and celebrates the arrival of a litter of rare piglets, and Tom Heap investigates whether brewers and hop growers can recover from the impact of coronavirus.

2 sierpnia 2020

32. Weird and Wonderful

Day in, day out, our countryside is a hive of activity. Farmers grow our food, while guardians nurture our nature and wildlife. But you don’t have to dig too deep to discover the weird and the wonderful, as Ellie Harrison finds out. She is in the Cotswolds to visit Broadway Tower, a folly which sums up British eccentricity.untryside - such as the time Anita Rani met the farmer growing a crop of chairs, and when Margherita Taylor made microscopic art from nature.

9 sierpnia 2020

33. Bamburgh

Matt Baker and Anita Rani are in Northumberland in the beautiful coastal village and ancient English royal kingdom of Bamburgh. Matt is busy in the castle, which covers nine acres, discovering what it takes to safeguard it from the elements, while Anita digs into the secrets of bones dating back to the seventh century. Tom Heap investigates the new trend of escaping the city for the country – but at what cost? And on the farm, Adam goes head to head with his actor neighbour Robert Llewellyn to discover how green machines measure up to traditional diesel.

16 sierpnia 2020

34. Somerleyton

Matt Baker and Margherita Taylor visit the Somerleyton Estate in Suffolk to find out about an ambitious Wild East project aimed at turning East Anglia into a giant nature reserve. And it’s not just something that’s confined to the the 5,000-acre estate, as Steve Brown discovers. He is in the village of Risby, where residents are doing their bit no matter how small a patch they have. Margherita meets youngsters learning old rural skills to rescue Herringfleet smock mill, the last of its kind in this neck of the woods, and discovers why poo is key to otter communication. Meanwhile, Adam fears the worst for his winter barley as he starts harvesting.

23 sierpnia 2020

35. Mary Berry Special

Special guest Mary Berry reveals how farming and the countryside have influenced her life and career – and still do. Matt Baker is by her side to discover what inspired her during her childhood on her parents’ smallholding and the rural issues she holds dear today. Mary is a champion of small producers and local produce, but she loves her pigs too. Adam Henson is despatched to investigate the state of British pig farming, while Anita visits a school with a field-to-fork ethos. This is music to Mary’s ears, and something she would love to see rolled out across more schools across the country. And how will Matt fare when he has to cook for the UK’s queen of the kitchen?

30 sierpnia 2020

36. River Burn

Anita Rani goes back to her Yorkshire roots, exploring the lesser-known River Burn in the glorious Swinton Park estate. She discovers why we’ve fallen in love with fishing since lockdown and how the humble willow is the perfect weapon against river bank erosion. Meanwhile, there are competitions all round as Adam Henson meets this year’s One Man and His Dog competitors from Northern Ireland and Wales with their amazing sheepdogs, and John Craven joins Cerys Matthews and Simon King for the photographic competition as they all battle to get their favourites from the thousands of entries into the final twelve for the Childen in Need 2021 Countryfile.

6 września 2020

37. Stoke-on-Trent

Matt Baker and Margherita Taylor are in Stoke-on-Trent to learn about an ambitious scheme to bring the countryside into the heart of the city. Margherita finds out what it takes to move a stretch of the River Trent, while Matt meets the next generation of nature lovers as he glories in mud with some of the city’s youngest residents and their parents. In the light of the coronavirus pandemic, Tom investigates whether the UK is sufficiently armed against further threats of diseases that spread from animals to humans. And Adam meets another set of regional competitors vying to be crowned national One Man and His Dog champion.

13 września 2020

38. One Man and His Dog

Matt Baker and Charlotte Smith are with four of the UK’s top shepherds and their amazing sheepdogs for this year’s Countryfile One Man and His Dog competition. It is taking place on a tough course in the grounds of historic Hardwick Hall in Derbyshire, which really test man and dog alike. Coronavirus means things have to look a little different this year, with just one competitor from each home nation vying for glory. But this socially-distanced shepherding showdown is as testing and competitive as ever. The premier league of shepherding talent from England, Wales, Ireland and Scotland must battle it out over two rounds – the singles, where they run one dog, and the notoriously difficult brace, where they must work two dogs at the same time. Whoever gets the highest combined score secures the pride of their nation and the coveted One Man and His Dog title. Who has got what it takes?

20 września 2020

39. The Lake District

Ellie Harrison and Joe Crowley are in the Lake District to celebrate the 250th anniversary of William Wordsworth’s birth. They discover how his sister Dorothy and her writings were as influential as the beauty around him. And while Wordsworth’s poetry may lure many of us to the lakes, visitors can mean extra challenges. So we’re also commemorating another significant anniversary - 50 years of Langdale and Ambleside Mountain Rescue. And Adam finds out where he might get the best prices for his rams - online or at a traditional livestock market?

27 września 2020

40. South Devon

Matt Baker and Ellie Harrison visit south Devon, once the cider capital of England, to discover how orchards are being revived. Matt meets eighth-generation cider-makers who have as close an eye on conservation as they do in making the liquid gold, while Ellie finds out why one of Britain’s rarest bats is so at home in this particular part of the south west. Adam Henson is on a quest to ensure the survival of one of Britain’s rarest cattle breeds, the Albion, and Tom Heap investigates whether efforts to combat air pollution could come at a high cost to those rural communities already fighting fuel poverty.

4 października 2020

41. Harvest Special

It’s a harvest that will go down in history - downpours and drought, pests and a pandemic. Adam Henson takes us through the toughest harvest of his career on his Gloucestershire farm. Charlotte Smith picks grapes from sun-ripened Welsh vines, and Matt Baker races to keep up with the booming strawberry harvest in Yorkshire. Who will be the winners and losers of harvest 2020?

11 października 2020

42. Big Adventures

We could all do with a bit of adventure in our lives after the last few months - and what better place to find it than in our great British countryside! This week, Joe Crowley visits Box Hill in Surrey to take on its infamous zigzag cycle route – pitting himself against cycling Olympic gold medallist Joanna Rowsell Shand. And we go on an adrenalin-fuelled journey through the Countryfile archives in search of the some of the best thrills and spills in our countryside.

18 października 2020

43. Lake Vyrnwy

Matt and Ellie are in Wales, exploring how industry and conservation are working together to safeguard important habitats at Lake Vyrnwy. Ellie gets hands-on with woodland management in a bid to protect a rare day-flying moth, while Matt discovers the fascinating story of the Bank of the Black Ox. After a disappointing harvest, Adam hopes some new crops will make for an improved yield, and Charlotte investigates concerns that the UK’s environmental watchdogs aren’t doing enough to protect our wildlife and their habitats.

25 października 2020

44. Children in Need Ramble

The Countryfile team head out for Children in Need Rambles like you’ve never seen before. In this 75-minute special of one-to-one rambles with inspirational youngsters from across the UK, Matt Baker goes canoeing, climbing and walking with bereaved teenager Harvey. We discover how a five-year-old has inspired Steve Brown to pit himself against the challenges of Pen y Fan in the Brecon Beacons. Margherita Taylor is in Northern Ireland with a youngster who has been helped with anxiety issues, while Anita Rani’s in Scotland to find out more about sibling support. Adam Henson rambles in the Cotswolds to learn how dogs are helping to transform the lives of two children, and John Craven catches up with ramblers supporting Children in Need – all putting their best foot forward up and down the country on Covid-safe sponsored rambles.

1 listopada 2020

45. Cornwall

Matt Baker and Charlotte Smith are in Falmouth for the start of the oyster season, where successful hatching is down to the moon. They also discover how old traditions are being used in modern ways, from boat building to using horse power to manage an ancient landscape. Charlotte also helps out in the exotic gardens of Trelissick, and Adam Henson finds out why British turkey farmers could be in for tough time this Christmas.

8 listopada 2020

46. Healing Countryside

The healing powers of the great outdoors have never been more valued than now, so Ellie Harrison visits Gloucestershire to discover just how our countryside can provide the perfect tonic in troubled times. From forest bathing to wild swimming, she immerses herself in nature. We also take a restorative visit to the Countryfile archives to rediscover the health-giving potential of the UK’s green havens. John Craven finds out how nature helped wartime wounds, Anita Rani visits a farm giving respite to refugees, and Steve Brown learns about the healing power of goats’ milk.

15 listopada 2020

47. Lincolnshire Wolds

Anita Rani and Joe Crowley are in the Lincolnshire Wolds at historic South Ormsby, which has ambitions to be the finest farming estate in the world. They discover the entrepreneurial spirit driving the revival of the local rural economy, including two young women carving out new careers. Adam Henson has high hopes for an inner city teenage jockey competing in her first race, while Tom Heap investigates whether it's time to ditch the greenbelt.

22 listopada 2020

48. Plant Britain

Countryfile launches Plant Britain, an ambitious two-year challenge aimed at galvanising everyone in the nation to get planting. Matt Baker is in Cheshire, planting the very first trees in what will become the Countryfile Plant Britain wood, while Anita Rani is in her home town of Bradford, helping residents of the Canterbury Estate to plant trees in their front gardens and at the local primary school. Anita is also on her home turf in Hackney, discovering how her local area is going green with help from voluntary organisation Tree Musketeers. Margherita Taylor is at Wytham Woods in Oxfordshire, discovering exactly how trees capture carbon. Steve Brown is in Neath, south Wales, to learn which trees to plant in which location, while John Craven discovers a micro-forest close to his home and plants a simple window box to demonstrate how you can still do your bit even if your outdoor space may just be a window ledge.

29 listopada 2020

49. Black Mountains

Ellie Harrison and Sean Fletcher are in the Black Mountains, which straddle the border between Wales and England, to find out more about a drive to preserve ancient rural skills and traditions. Sean gets a bird’s eye view of the spectacular landscape, while Strictly alumni and former thatcher Joe Sugg battles for supremacy in a hedge-laying competition. Joe Crowley investigates the challenges facing the Scottish salmon industry, and Adam has high hopes that his smart new ram will be a hit with the ewes in his flock.

6 grudnia 2020

50. Stour Estuary

The Stour estuary in Essex has just been added to Suffolk Coast Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty - the first extension of an AONB for thirty years. At this time of year, birds flock here in their thousands to over-winter, but Matt Baker and Margherita Taylor are on a quest to find the area's unsung heroes that don’t get the recognition they deserve: bugs, beetles, crabs and worms. Adam Henson welcomes early lambs to his farm in the Cotswolds, and Tom Heap investigates a tale of two rural high streets in lockdown .

13 grudnia 2020

51. Christmas Special

Countryfile celebrates Christmas on the stunning Auchlyne estate in Scotland. Charlotte Smith and Joe Crowley join laird Emma and her family to help monitor beavers and tame some deer. Charlotte also discovers the remarkable story behind a Scottish version of German stollen, Matt Baker makes decorations for a special Christmas tree that will help birds survive the winter cold, and John Craven finds out about the ancient tradition of Gaelic psalm singing. Adam Henson is as busy as ever on the farm but gets some welcome help from Countryfile’s very own Christmas elf, Anita Rani, and Tom Heap is in search of festive cheer.

20 grudnia 2020

52. Wildlife Compilation

Ellie Harrison has a love for the natural world and all creatures great and small. She is in Bristol to meet wildlife photographer and friend of Countryfile, Simon King, to get a crash course in how to photograph wildlife. His top tip is, if you’re experimenting with nature photography, don’t make your life too hard by picking nervous subjects. So they attempt to capture on camera birds in flight over the magnificent Avon Gorge, inquisitive city squirrels and a herd of deer who live semi-wild in the nearby Ashton Court estate. Ellie has also combed the Countryfile archive for some of her wildlife highlights plus a few extra treats.

27 grudnia 2020

Season 33 (3 stycznia 2021)

1. Review of the Year Compilation

Sean Fletcher looks back at 2020 – a difficult year for all of us as we faced a pandemic but a year when the countryside became a lifeline for unprecedented numbers; when wildlife came out to play and also made their homes in curious places during lockdown. Sean also catches up with some of the inspiring young people at the forefront of the battle to protect the environment, and there's a timely reminder of how we can all do our bit to safeguard our countryside.

3 stycznia 2021

2. New Year, New Me

After the turmoil of 2020 and as a new year gets underway, how do we plan to make the countryside a bigger part of our lives? Matt Baker wants to get fitter and tries his hand at canicross, Anita Rani straps on her walking boots, Margherita Taylor heads for the woods, Helen Skelton wants to buy local, Tom Heap discovers the joys of 'blue' therapy, and Adam Henson gets creative with clay.

10 stycznia 2021

3. Mendips

Ellie Harrison and Tom Heap are in the Mendips looking at how this stunning but fragile area is being protected from the invasion of visitors. Ellie scales Cheddar Gorge and discovers the damage cars are wreaking on narrow, winding roads. She also learns how white-clawed freshwater crayfish are being saved from voracious invaders. Tom finds out how the countryside can help transform lives and investigates if the government’s new green subsidy scheme can really deliver for farmers and the environment. Meanwhile, Adam meets one of his heroes, international rugby ref turned farmer Nigel Owens, who is facing his herd’s first TB test.

17 stycznia 2021

4. The Chilterns

Matt Baker is staying close to home, exploring the Chilterns landscape and the people and skills that have shaped this Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. He discovers some hidden historical gems revealed by a revolutionary new mapping technique, heads deep into the woods to learn about the ancient art of bodging and rolls his sleeves up to help clean up ponds which are so desperately needed by wildlife. Joe Crowley investigates if large-scale schemes such as HS2 tally with the government’s pledge to go green, and on the farm, Adam calls in a horse whisperer to help with a nervous Exmoor pony.

24 stycznia 2021

5. Ellie's Home Turf

Ellie Harrison is in Gloucestershire, finding out how communities on her home turf are pulling together to support each other in these tough times. She meets the producers on a mission to get everyone eating local and healthy meals at affordable prices, finds out why gardening is on prescription and helps out with Britain’s favourite mammal, the hedgehog, which is facing a precarious future. Wildlife film-maker Jack Perks gets up close to dippers, Adam sizes up a new boar for his pigs, and Charlotte investigates what future trade deals could mean for the food on our plates.

31 stycznia 2021

6. Helen on Crompton Moor

Helen Skelton is on Crompton Moor in the Pennines, braving all weathers to discover what makes this site of biological interest such a special place. Battered by rain, wind and snow, she helps install ‘leaky dams,’ discovers how a plant with superpowers is helping to restore these uplands and meets the community coming together to bring wildlife back to the hills. Adam Henson tries out a new app to show how contented his animals are, wildlife film-maker Richard Taylor-Jones shows you how to spot wonderful wildlife on your doorstep, and Tom Heap investigates the rural mental health crisis.

7 lutego 2021

7. Winter Heroes

Whilst visiting Kentish Town City Farm to lend a helping hand, Margherita Taylor takes a look back through the Countryfile archives to celebrate some winter heroes - the farmers toughing it out in all weathers; wildlife rescue volunteers risking their lives to save one of our most majestic animals; and the community working together to save the heart of their village. Margherita also catches up with one of her childhood winter heroes, Eddie the Eagle. And we couldn’t forget our Children in Need ramblers, as we reveal the astonishing amount our viewers have raised.

14 lutego 2021

8. Nene Valley

Tom Heap explores Northamptonshire’s Nene Valley, discovering how a farmer fighting flooding has embraced wetland wildlife to make his land pay. Tom also meets a sheepdog turned search-and-rescue hero and gets hands-on with a project that has unearthed evidence of riverside residents dating back to Neolithic times. Adam is hoping for good news from his ewes as, thanks to scanning, he discovers how many are in lamb. Charlotte Smith investigates whether Brexit is delivering all it promised for the UK’s fishing industry, and ecologist Josh Styles reveals the secret world inside a prehistoric plant.

21 lutego 2021

9. Hidden Treasures

This week Anita Rani is on her home turf in London, showing that you don’t need to go far for a healthy dose of green. Anita is taken on an enchanting tour of one of London’s 'magnificent seven' cemeteries, as she discovers a trove of treasures right on her doorstep and sets out to crack the mystery of a non-native bird. Adam Henson shows us how he concocts a super-meal for his animals during the winter months, and Tom Heap investigates a controversial decision that allows UK farmers to use a banned pesticide on their fields.

28 lutego 2021

10. Colne Valley

Charlotte Smith visits the Colne Valley Regional Park, a landscape of forest, fields and waterways on the edge of west London. She does battle with an invasive species, gets up close with tiny creatures that show the health of the park’s rivers, meets a savvy septuagenarian saving her farm from development, and helps secure a future for one of our most endangered mammals, the water vole. Tom Heap asks whether eco-education should be at the heart of our school system, Adam Henson introduces new boar George II to his sows, and wildlife cameraman Jack Perks gets up close with otters.

7 marca 2021

11. Lambing Special

In this special episode, Ellie joins Adam and his team for 48 hours of hectic lambing action. She may be the rookie in Adam’s lambing shed, but Ellie quickly gets to grips with multiple births, touch-and-go adoptions and the emotions of the life-or-death decisions faced each day during this busiest of spring seasons on the farm. Tom Heap finds out why mountains of wool, historically the nation's most valuable sheep product, are now piling up in warehouses across the country. In Cumbria, Hannah Jackson – the Red Shepherdess - meets young upland farmers bringing new ideas to this traditional form of sheep farming. Plus how to count sheep using an almost forgotten Celtic language system.

14 marca 2021

12. First Signs of Spring

Ellie Harrison celebrates the arrival of spring on her home turf in the Cotswolds. From the millions of snowdrops in Painswick’s Rococo Gardens to discovering some old folklore, finding out about a scheme to enable wheelchair users to enjoy tougher terrain in the great outdoors and meeting the cattle that encourage wildflowers, Ellie also raids the Countryfile archive. There’s the time she went on dolphin watch in Cardigan Bay, Matt Baker's visit to tulip fields in Lincolnshire and the day Adam Henson went to North Yorkshire to catch his supper.

21 marca 2021

13. Greensand Ridge

Joe Crowley discovers how science is helping better understand nature on Bedfordshire’s Greensand Ridge. He gets up close with avian giants, finding out how the world’s longest-running bird survey helps monitor heron numbers. He gets on his bike to help map the amount of plastics polluting our rural landscape, and is out on toad patrol, helping create a new national DNA database to discover why these amphibians are in trouble. As spring appears, Adam finds out if his farming gambles are paying off, Tom investigates whether the UK’s environmental ambitions will change the face of our national parks and areas of outstanding natural beauty, and naturalist Dan Rouse captures the seasonal spectacle of thousands of oystercatchers on the Gower Peninsula.

28 marca 2021

14. Daffodil Way

Ellie Harrison visits the 'golden triangle' in Gloucestershire to find out why the area is so famous for the wild daffodil. She takes a trip down memory lane with villagers who recall picking the daffs as children and how the flowers were sent by rail on the daffodil line to cities across the country. She discovers the difference between wild and cultivated daffodils and witnesses some of the finest medieval wall paintings in England. We also meet the Meanwells - a mother and son fulfilling their dreams of farming in the Cumbrian hills - and Charlotte Smith investigates the challenges facing our rural churches and the communities they serve.

4 kwietnia 2021

15. Canals

Tom Heap and Margherita Taylor look at the impact of canals on the past, present and future of our countryside. In the Midlands, Tom is on the UK’s longest canal – the Grand Union - discovering the engineering triumphs that helped traverse our rugged landscape and how they could now play their part in a 21st-century green tech revolution. Meanwhile, Margherita celebrates the 200th anniversary of the Regent’s Canal, finding out how this once commercial route now brings a slice of countryside to the city, benefitting both residents and wildlife. Tom also investigates what’s going into our public sector meals, wildlife film-maker Jack Perks dons his wetsuit to get up close to some frisky frogs, and we pay our first visit to Brookvale Farm in Northern Ireland, where we will be following the fortunes of a family staking their future on the success of hi-tech farming.

11 kwietnia 2021

16. Hambleden Valley

Sean Fletcher goes wild in the Hambleden Valley in Buckinghamshire with a whistlestop trike tour of a chocolate box landscape that has been the beautiful backdrop for many TV dramas and films. But how can we breathe new life into the area? Sean finds out how the old cottage industry of lace-making is poised for a comeback, and he saddles up to meet a couple opening up their farm to enable safer riding in this corner of the countryside. Adam Henson is busy with some new arrivals, and as picking season dawns, Charlotte Smith investigates whether UK farmers can cover any shortfall in the number of seasonal farm workers needed to gather their harvests.

18 kwietnia 2021

17. Nidderdale

Helen Skelton is in the Nidderdale Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty in North Yorkshire, helping prepare for the return of both animals and visitors to the hills. She joins a team keeping track of adders emerging from hibernation, to find out why numbers are falling. She also joins in with efforts to help save essential woodland and its wildlife, and discovers hidden wonders as she heads into the depths of How Stean Gorge. On his Cotswold farm, Adam Henson is struggling with the unpredictable spring weather. Tom Heap investigates how a rise in pet ownership is fuelling dog thefts and wildlife film-maker Jack Perks celebrates one of our most colourful but overlooked freshwater fish – the grayling.

25 kwietnia 2021

18. John Craven's Best of Britain

As John Craven celebrates 50 years as a BBC presenter, on this – his 1,250th episode for Countryfile - he opens up a treasure trove of memories of some of his favourite parts of Britain. Each location evokes aspects of his life, his career and his passions: discovering a hidden treasure he never knew existed on his childhood doorstep in Yorkshire; indulging his love of verse with a trip to Cambridgeshire to find out more about John Clare, the peasant poet; and revealing his love of history on an ancient Scottish battlefield. And he has never forgotten the time he was roped up to the heady heights of the dark hedges in Northern Ireland.

2 maja 2021

19. Cranbourne Chase

Matt Baker and Ellie Harrison uncover the wonders past and present of Cranborne Chase. Matt unravels a puzzling piece of the area’s past as he explores a 900-year-old mediaeval ‘miz maze’ hidden in the woods, before crossing the Chase to help tend to Britain’s biggest modern day maze on the Longleat Estate. Ellie joins the UK’s only ‘supercluster’ of farmers working together to encourage wildlife on their land. She also heads to the River Ebble to disccover what makes this chalk stream so special and how it’s helping to give rural teenagers a sense of purpose. Steve Brown is in for some special stargazing in the Chase - the UK’s first designated dark sky reserve. Tom Heap investigates plans to launch a new space race from the heart of our countryside – but at what cost to the environment? And Adam Henson has a nervous wait on his hands as his rare-breed Suffolk Punch Lexi goes to the maternity unit.

9 maja 2021

20. White Peak

Matt Baker and Charlotte Smith head to the Peak District to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the UK's first national park. Matt joins a pioneering scheme to restore ruined farm buildings and meets 'legend' of the Peak District Gordon Miller, one of the area's early rangers and a last link to those who brought about the national park. Charlotte channels her inner artist to help create a giant anniversary art mural and records the special sounds of the park's waterways. Sean Fletcher meets a 'tyre runner' using the Peak District's hills to help his mental health. Meanwhile, as some of his traditional crops fail, Adam takes a glimpse at what the farming of tomorrow might look like, and Joe Crowley investigates new pollution laws causing controversy in the countryside.

16 maja 2021

21. Plant Britain Spring Special

Plant Britain is all about encouraging community gardens and planting wildflowers in a two-year initiative to help combat climate change, help wildlife and pollinators and transform our own wellbeing. Matt Baker and Margherita Taylor help Bristol locals to create a community garden, and Charlotte Smith visits a project in Glasgow that is blooming. Sean Fletcher is in Northern Ireland with primary school children to find out about their field-to-fork project. Helen Skelton is with a young botanist who is on a mission to save our native wildflowers, while Joe Crowley discovers the secret life hidden in a special meadow in north Wales. The Natural History Museum do some cutting-edge soil and pond DNA forensics, and John Craven finds out how to do your bit no matter how small a space you have - from a pot on a windowsill to a balcony planter. Also, look out for special messages from some well-known faces.

23 maja 2021

22. Llŷn Peninsula

Matt Baker and Margherita Taylor visit the stunning Llyn Peninsula in north Wales, known as 'Snowdonia’s arm'. Margherita finds out about plans for a major blue energy project. While harnessing the power of the tide might cure energy issues, what do residents make of it all? And what will the impact be on wildlife and fishing? Matt dons his wetsuit, wading into the sea to help check the health of a critical crop of carbon-capturing sea grass, and also helps launch new research into mountain goats. Joe Crowley is hoping for a close encounter with angel sharks to find out why they are appearing more and more frequently in Welsh waters. Adam Henson celebrates the success of the rare breeds revival, and Tom Heap investigates planning loopholes that could see park holiday homes become permanent residences and threaten some of the most beautiful parts of our countryside.

30 maja 2021

23. Norfolk / Suffolk

It’s a tale of transformations as Matt Baker and Charlotte Smith head to the Norfolk-Suffolk border. Matt gets his fingers dirty gardening and feels the heat of the forge at a social enterprise that is harnessing the healing power of the rural landscape and training homeless people in traditional skills to give them a fresh start. Charlotte heads into the surrounding countryside to meet farmers making Britain’s only raw brie, and she sets sail with a lady fisherman who swapped a job in logistics for lobsters and whelks. Adam Henson looks at how science is using biobanks to secure the future of rare breeds.

6 czerwca 2021

24. County Down

Matt Baker and Anita Rani head to County Down in Northern Ireland to catch up with the dairy farming Lilburn family and their quest to diversify. Matt jumps into a tractor to help cut grass to feed the cows, and he discovers how ‘zero grazing’ works. Anita helps check the calves’ health with a cattle nutritionist, before seeing how the farm’s milk is being turned into ice cream ready for the summer months ahead. Elsewhere, Adam Henson discovers how science is helping to save rare breeds, Charlotte Smith investigates a ‘shadow pandemic’ of rural domestic violence, and John Craven launches the thirtieth Countryfile Photographic Competition.

13 czerwca 2021

25. Art in the Countryside

Ellie Harrison is in Gloucestershire at Nature in Art, the world’s first museum and art gallery dedicated to art inspired by nature, as she goes in search of her inner muse. Under the expert eye of award-winning wildlife artist Jackie Cox, Ellie picks up some top tips including how old make-up can do just as good a job as fancy pencils.

20 czerwca 2021

26. Cumbria

Adam Henson and Charlotte Smith are in the stunning Cumbrian Hills as we catch up with the formidable mother and son farming duo Andrea and Hector Meanwell. We first met them in early Spring, but Adam is rolling up his sleeves to discover what life is like on the farm as summer beckons. We also see how the Meanwells are diversifying to make ends meet. Charlotte meets their neighbours to find out how they are working to protect this beautiful landscape and the animals which call it home. We also head to Northern Ireland to catch up with award-winning author Dara - one of Countryfile’s young naturalists - as he takes a group of young eco warriors out on a nature adventure. Meanwhile, Joe Crowley investigates the worrying rise in attacks on livestock by dogs off the leash.

27 czerwca 2021

27. Wimbledon Common

Matt Baker and Ellie Harrison explore Wimbledon Common to celebrate its 150th anniversary. Matt saddles up with one of the UK’s only mounted rangers, finding out how horseback patrols have been enforcing the common’s 57 bylaws for the past seven decades. Ellie goes on the hunt for miraculous but often maligned moths, discovering how these winged wonders can be creatures of beauty and are more prolific pollinators than bees. And Matt and Ellie join together to celebrate the common’s most famous ‘residents’, the Wombles, meeting the daughter of their creator and seeing how these original eco warriors are still inspiring others today. Elsewhere, Adam Henson has a busy day on the farm as some new bulls are introduced to the herd; Tom Heap investigates whether efforts to protect the world’s oceans are delivering for UK waters; and, in the first of a four part series, explorer Dwayne Fields leads four youngsters at a crossroads in their lives on an expedition into the Welsh wilderness.

4 lipca 2021

28. Isle of Purbeck

Matt Baker and Margherita Taylor are in Dorset, on the stunning Isle of Purbeck, looking at the importance of its diverse landscape and the changes the coastline has gone through over the centuries. Matt goes on safari to look at the wildlife that call this habitat home, and Margherita discovers what used to live along these shores millions of years ago. We catch up with Dwayne Fields and his gallant team of explorers on the second part of their Snowdonia adventure, and Tom Heap investigates the damage that is being caused to the countryside and coast by an influx of visitors and holidaymakers.

11 lipca 2021

29. Flamborough Head

Anita Rani and Tom Heap head to Yorkshire’s Flamborough Head. Anita visits England’s largest onshore seabird colony at Bempton Cliffs, where she helps to track breeding numbers and witnesses a very special arrival as a rare albatross pays a visit. Below the cliffs, Tom explores some of the coast’s chalk caves, discovering the rare life they support, and Tom and Anita are joined by local youngsters as they go on a rockpool safari to take stock of the marine life washed up at low tide. Charlotte Smith investigates the environmental impact that increases in offshore windfarms are having both on land and at sea. Adam Henson visits an project that gives teenagers a step on to the farming ladder, and in the third of our four-part series with explorer Dwyane Fields, our four youngsters overcome their fear of heights, getting to grips with climbing a rockface - but things take an unexpected turn when one of the team has to leave the challenge early.

18 lipca 2021

30. Community Farm - Herefordshire

As more and more of us yearn for a life in the country, Matt Baker and Charlotte Smith roll up their sleeves on a community farm in Herefordshire. Matt helps to save a bee colony and harvests fruits from their walled garden. Charlotte hand milks Snowdrop, one of the community’s dairy cows, before making her own butter. It’s the final challenge for Dwayne Fields and his gallant team of adventurers as they set out to climb Wales’s biggest mountain, Snowdon. Tom Heap investigates why some plant-based products on supermarket shelves may not be as good for us as we might think.

25 lipca 2021

31. Food and Drink

Joe Crowley meets chef Romy Gill to celebrate the glories of seasonal food at Chew Magna Community Farm. From pickles and preserves to a feast making the most of fabulous produce, Joe also delves into the world of no-dig farming and rolls up his sleeves to help pack orders with a thriving veg box business. He calls into Hartcliffe Community Garden, which Countryfile helped to establish as part of our Plant Britain initiative, to check in on the venture and join school children as they harvest vegetables they have grown in the garden. He also delves into the archives to celebrate the best of British food and drink, like the time Anita met a highland beef farmer, Matt visited a 200-year-old cider orchard, and Steve found out how surplus produce can be ‘gleaned’ to reduce food waste.

1 sierpnia 2021

32. Highlands Rewilding

Joe Crowley and Charlotte Smith are in the Highlands, visiting a 100-acre rewilding site near Loch Ness known as the Natural Capital Laboratory. But this is no ordinary lab, and there’s not a white coat in sight. Instead - and with the help of the latest technology - scientists here are mapping, tracking and quantifying the changes to the landscape and the life in it. Charlotte looks at hi-tech devices that track animals and create a virtual vision of what the site will look like in 100 years’ time. Joe digs in, discovering how efforts to restore neglected peat bogs could pay dividends for the environment. Tom Heap investigates the impact that reintroducing long-lost species could have on our countryside and its people, and wildlife film-maker Tom Hartwell take us on a journey into the beautiful and brutal life of the cinnabar moth.

8 sierpnia 2021

33. Coniston

Charlotte Smith and Steve Brown are on Yew Tree Farm in Coniston, which sits in the stunning landscape of the Lake District National Park. Steve meets first-generation farmers to find out how they are diversifying and tries a bit of therapy with some of their woolly residents. Charlotte discovers how the landscape surrounding the farm is one of their driving inspirations, Sean Fletcher visits a farm in Monmouthshire that has branched out into music and some of the biggest names in rock and roll, and Tom Heap investigates if plans for a greener, more environmentally friendly economic recovery can really bring benefits for the UK’s wildlife and its habitats. 

15 sierpnia 2021

34. Offa's Dyke Path

Countryfile Matt Baker and Ellie Harrison are on the border of England and Wales to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Offa’s Dyke Path and to explore the fascinating history and treasures that lie along this 1,200 year old man-made monument. Matt kicks off conservation efforts to help to preserve the dyke and the surrounding landscape for future generations to enjoy, while Ellie abseils to measure and record one of the UK’s rarest trees. She also discovers the engineering skills of nature’s very own master builders. Adam Henson has got the experts in to calculate the carbon footprint of his farm, and, in its 30th year, it’s decision time in Countryfile’s photographic competition. Which of the thousands of entries will make it into the top 12?

22 sierpnia 2021

35. Manifold Valley Agricultural Show

Sean Fletcher and Steve Brown are in Staffordshire at the Manifold Valley Agricultural Show, where the focus is on encouraging young people to get into the countryside, agriculture and the show ring with their prize livestock. After weeks of preparation, will it be a red rosette for eight-year-old Owen and his Limousin calf, and how will 12-year-old Myles and his Clydesdale fare? Adam Henson finds out what he needs to do to go green on his farm, and Tom Heap investigates a toxic threat to dolphins, porpoises and killer whales.

29 sierpnia 2021

36. Islands

Joe Crowley is on Isle Martin, a dot of an island off the west coast of Scotland, which is getting ready to host Scotland’s very first seaweed festival. Joe meets the island's sole occupant, explores the magical qualities of seaweed and sees how it is at the forefront of the battle against climate change. Joe also delves into the Countryfile archives to revisit some island jewels around the UK, including the time Anita Rani visited the Hebridean island where all the farmers are women, Ellie Harrison's trip to Church Island in Northern Ireland, and Margherita Taylor surveying seals off Looe Island. And we catch up with Mari Huws on Bardsey Island, just off north Wales’s Llyn Peninsula.  Audio 

5 września 2021

37. County Down

Charlotte Smith is in County Down, Northern Ireland, catching up with the dairy farming Lilburn family after our last visit in June.  The pressure is on for them – Richard is up against the weather to get his harvest done. Will the rain scupper his plans for his pea crop? Charlotte also hits the road with Pamela to meet local suppliers providing for the new farm shop, and there’s some taste-testing to do on bakes – good news for the three Lilburn children.  We also meet the first two teams, England and Wales, vying for glory in this year’s One Man and His Dog competition, while Adam Henson starts his quest to find Countryfile’s young countryside champion of the year when he visits a teenager carrying on the family farm after his father’s untimely death. And get ready to ramble as Matt Baker meets brother and sister Ailsa and Finn, who are working to inspire everyone to get outdoors and raise money for Children in Need in this year’s Countryfile ramble.

12 września 2021

38. Bromyard Hops

Anita Rani is in Herefordshire to discover the secrets behind the great hop revival, from pest-eating predators to new flavours to help pack a punch in our pints. She also meets one of the last pickers who harvested hops by hand. Adam Henson chats with another inspiring contender to be Countryfile’s Young Countryside Champion, and he meets the final two teams of shepherds and their dogs going for glory in this year’s One Man and His Dog competition. As the countdown continues to the Children in Need Countryfile Ramble, we discover what a difference we can all make to young lives.

19 września 2021

39. One Man and His Dog 2021

Matt Baker and Helen Skelton are at the helm of this year’s One Man and His Dog sheepdog trial competition as competitors from all four nations compete to clinch the coveted trophy. And there couldn’t be a better backdrop than Penryhn Castle in Gwynedd, set between the waters of the Menai Straight and the dramatic mountains of Snowdonia National Park. The best young talent from England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales are paired up with top senior shepherds from each home nation. The youngsters will compete with one dog while the seniors take on sheepdog trialling’s toughest discipline - ‘the brace’ - where they must work two dogs at the same time. Who has got what it takes to lift the trophy? Away from the action, Helen also discovers how the surrounding landscape supports a wealth of wildlife and investigates what it takes to keep the Olympians of sheepdog world in top condition.

26 września 2021

40. Cumbria

Sean Fletcher and Charlotte Smith catch up with mother-and-son farming duo Andrea and Hector Meanwell in Cumbria. Countryfile has been following them throughout the year, and they have some big challenges ahead - not least the results of TB tests. Will Hector’s cattle be clear?  Get ready to ramble as we meet 14-year-old Alfie, who is determined to live life to the full, no matter what. Adam meets the third and final contender in our Young Countryside Champion Awards, and John has a big surprise for an unsuspecting photographer when the winner of this year’s Countryfile Photographic Competition is revealed.  In an exclusive Countryfile investigation, Charlotte uncovers fears that the UK’s farm labour shortage has left the foreign workers who bring in our harvest at greater risk of exploitation than ever before.

3 października 2021

41. Harvest Special

It’s harvest time on Adam’s farm. The old reliables are back - wheat, barley and oilseed rape - and the combines, tractors, trailers and balers are hard at work. But how much longer will farmers be working like this? Big changes are on the horizon for British agriculture, and harvests of the future will be very different to what we’re used to. But how exactly? In this harvest special, Countryfile turns its eyes to the future and meets the machines and robots that could be the farmers of the future.

10 października 2021

42. Wild Britain

Steve Brown is on the Isle of Mull in the hope of realising a lifetime ambition: to see white-tailed eagles in the wild. They are Britain’s largest bird of prey, and not the only wild wonders he might encounter. Steve also delves into the Countryfile archives to celebrate wild Britain, including the memorable moments when Anita visited Northern Ireland's Causeway Coast, Margherita explored how nature has taken over ancient mines in the Forest of Dean, and Charlotte investigated wild flavours for chocolate-making in Scotland.

17 października 2021

43. Countryfile Ramble for BBC Children in Need 2021

In this 75-minute special, the Countryfile Ramble for BBC Children in Need heads out on a tour of the UK in the company of some truly inspirational youngsters. Matt Baker takes on a challenge in the Lake District with Alfie & his family, all of whom were helped by Hope House Children’s Hospice after Alfie had his leg amputated following cancer treatment. Steve Brown heads to the Mendips with sports-mad eight-year-old liver transplant patient Violet, on a ramble with a high-octane finish; Margherita Taylor walks the vast open sands of the Norfolk coast with 17-year-old Chloe, who shares how therapy sessions have helped her with anxiety and other issues; Ellie Harrison is in County Down, hearing how the Children in Need-funded charity Women’s Aid helps children caught up in domestic abuse; and, for her first Countryfile Ramble, Charlotte Smith is on a memory-filled stroll along Scotland’s stunning east coast with brother and sister Finn and Ailsa, whose dad passed away during lockdown.

24 października 2021

44. Newlyn

Joe Crowley and Ellie Harrison are in Cornwall, exploring the fishing port of Newlyn with a remarkable secret history. Joe also discovers the fishy equivalent of ‘nose to tail’ eating, while Ellie finds out how the area is reeling from the 2021 Staycation Invasion. As global climate change talks get underway, Tom Heap investigates the threat posed by rising sea levels here in the UK. And on his farm, Adam Henson has some new arrivals - but will they all be delivered safely?

31 października 2021

45. Plant Britain

Countryfile’s Plant Britain autumn special celebrates the magic of trees and hedgerows in combatting climate change, boosting wildlife and our own wellbeing. We also look at the future guardians of our planet as Charlotte Smith finds out about green careers and Matt Baker meets a six-year-old environmentalist with big ambitions. Tom Heap joins the front line in the fight against tree disease, John Craven is at Westonbirt Arboretum to discover what our future forests could look like, and Joe Crowley is busy learning how to collect and sow seeds. Margherita Taylor pops into a Bristol community garden to help them get ready for winter, and there are some special messages from well-known faces to encourage us all to plant Britain.

7 listopada 2021

46. Staffordshire National Memorial Arboretum

For Remembrance Sunday, Ellie Harrison visits the National Memorial Arboretum in Staffordshire to help the Royal British Legion mark their centenary and to explore the diverse ways nature can offer healing and recovery. She also treks with llamas and discovers how an old pair of jeans are key to converting old Second World War pillboxes into new des res for bats. Adam Henson discovers why military veterans are armed with just the right skills to be the farmers of tomorrow, and Charlotte Smith investigates the true cost of protecting the countryside’s most historic landmarks and landscapes.

14 listopada 2021

47. Best of Autumn

John Craven revisits the Gloucestershire village of Hillesley 50 years after he first reported on the local newspaper. He meets Hollywood screenwriter William Nicholson, who cut his teeth on the paper, catches up with today’s editor, meets three generations of farmers and pops into the pub that was saved by the community to discover what’s at the heart of village life. And he delves into the Countryfile archives for some of his favour autumn moments across the years.

21 listopada 2021

49. Compton Verney

Ellie Harrison and Joe Crowley are at the Compton Verney estate in Warwickshire to mark 300 years since the death of Britain’s greatest master carver, Grinling Gibbons. Known as the Michelangelo of wood, Gibbons was influenced by nature, and Joe discovers how his legacy lives on today. Ellie explores Compton Verney’s 120 acres of parkland, shaped by 18th-century landscape architect Capability Brown, and finds out why it is now a haven for local wildlife, including orphaned badgers. Tom Heap investigates the crisis facing UK pig farmers, and Adam Henson is on Exmoor to help with the annual round-up of one of the UK’s rarest native pony breeds.

28 listopada 2021

50. Kielder Forest

Matt Baker and Charlotte Smith are in Kielder in Northumberland to explore some of the 250 square miles of England’s largest forest. Charlotte discovers how this man-made landscape supplies a quarter of England’s timber - from the joists in your house to the chair you sit on - and heads to a ‘rock festival’ as Northumberland Wildlife Trust celebrates its 50th anniversary by revealing secrets going back millions of years that are hidden in the stones that shape this landscape. Matt finds out how the forest is managed for its wildlife, helping a team clean out osprey nests 65 feet high up and foraging for fungi that help the forest thrive. Adam Henson gets to grips with the latest entrants into the milk market - camels - and Joe Crowley investigates whether schemes to reduce the impact of big building projects on wildlife are working.

5 grudnia 2021

51. Malvern Hills

Matt Baker and Anita Rani explore the beauty of the Malvern Hills and discover how this area inspired writers such as JRR Tolkien and CS Lewis and composer Edward Elgar. Anita visits Malvern College, where Lewis studied and was visited by his friend Tolkien, and up on the hills she meets a group of young writers hoping to follow in the great masters’ footsteps. She also steps into Narnia as she meets the world’s only female gas light engineer, who repairs and maintains the famous lights that influenced CS Lewis. Matt is on the musical trail of Elgar and meets cellist Sheku Kanneh-Mason for a special Countryfile recital. Adam Henson welcomes a very festive new arrival to his farm, and Tom Heap investigates the toxic risks being served up in our winter game.

12 grudnia 2021

52. Countryfile at Christmas

Matt Baker and Charlotte Smith head to Christmas Common in Oxfordshire, home to one of the biggest Christmas tree farms in the country, to celebrate the festive season. Matt finds out why a dairy-farming family swapped cows for Christmas trees and how seasonal farming is a year-round business. Charlotte channels her inner elf, heading to the local market town of Watlington to help a butcher, a baker and a candlestick maker prepare their festive treats. The cattle are lowing as Adam Henson visits a Christmas cattle market in Rutland and also launches a cracker of a competition to design a bobble hat for Children in Need. Tom Heap gets gift wrapping with the countryside communities preparing a rural welcome for refugees. John Craven gets a Christmas present to remember as he meets the descendants of red kites he helped release nearly three decades ago, and wildlife cameraman Richard Taylor Jones goes on a white Christmas wildlife walk.

19 grudnia 2021

53. Christmas Traditions

Charlotte Smith takes a look at some of our Christmas traditions. She visits historic Lacock Abbey in Wiltshire – the birthplace of photography in Britain – to discover how the Fox Talbot family celebrated the festive season in the run-up to New Year. She also finds out how to make the most of Christmas leftovers, learns about some intriguing, age-old cures to relieve festive overindulgence, and delves into the archives to revisit some special Countryfile Christmas moments from across the UK.

26 grudnia 2021

Season 34 (2 stycznia 2022)

1. Review of the Year

As we usher in 2022, John Craven pays tribute to inspirational young people who are doing their bit for farming and the countryside. John is at College Lake on the edge of the Chilterns, which was created from a derelict quarry. He meets young volunteers and rangers learning about conservation and wildlife, and he also catches up with award-winning author and Countryfile young naturalist Dara, a girl who has been on the warpath against litter since the age of six, and a 14-year-old shepherdess. He also revisits mountain leader Rehna Yaseen and finds out how Alishba is faring after a freak accident put her out of action on an adventure in Snowdonia.

2 stycznia 2022

2. The Cairngorms

Sean Fletcher is in the snowy Cairngorms as we mark the centenary of the death of the great explorer Ernest Shackleton. In this mesmerising yet unforgiving landscape, Sean meets adventurer Mollie Hughes, who solo-crossed the Antarctic following in Shackleton’s footsteps, and discovers just how tough it is to train and trek in some of the harshest conditions in the UK. Sean also meets two scouts who are preparing to go on a Shackleton expedition, and learns some vital survival tricks. We also catch up with young naturalist Xander, who is on a mission to help save the northern damselfly, while Adam Henson discovers the damage growing numbers of deer are causing to farmers, and Tom Heap investigates the cost of renewable energy to our rural homes.

9 stycznia 2022

3. Bristol's Last Farm

Matt Baker and Charlotte Smith visit the last traditional farm in the Bristol postcode to meet a farmer fighting to keep her farm and her connection with the local community she feeds. Matt helps out with a spot of animal husbandry and some porcine romance, while Charlotte discovers how the farmland provides the city with a 'green lung' and a wildlife haven. On his Cotswolds farm, Adam Henson is keeping the peace between two testosterone-fuelled rams, and Charlotte investigates whether cuts to rural youth work are putting youngsters at risk of criminal exploitation.

16 stycznia 2022

4. Durham Heritage Coast

On the 50th anniversary of the miners’ strikes, Matt Baker and Anita Rani are in County Durham on the Heritage Coast to discover how this area has risen from the ashes and reinvented itself after pit closures. Matt finds out how a colliery has become a nature reserve, and Anita discovers how one pit is now enjoying a new lease of life as a source for cutting-edge clean, green energy. Also, Tom Heap investigates the hidden threat facing countryside communities living in the shadow of our mining past, and Adam Henson sees how the avian flu crisis is threatening the livelihood of free range egg farmers.

23 stycznia 2022


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