Danganronpa: The Animation

Action & Adventure Animation Drama Mystery Japan 2013

Danganronpa: The Animation

Action & Adventure Animation Drama Mystery Japan 2013

  • 6,1 /10

Action & Adventure Animation Drama Mystery Japan 2013

2 seasons, 25 episodes

Being just a normal student without a special talent, Makoto Naegi wins a lottery to attend the prestigious Hope's Peak Academy where only the top prodigies attend. However, instead of this being the beginning of a wonderful high school life, it's a ticket to despair, because the only way to graduate from Hope's Peak Academy is to kill one of your fellow students or be one of their victims.

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Specials (6 lipca 2016)

1. Episode 1

7 lipca 2016

Danganronpa: The Animation - season 0, episode 2
2. The School of Hope and the Students of Despair

Makoto Naegi and the other survivors head out to stop Ryota Mitarai, receiving help from some unexpected allies along the way. Memories are remembered, and feelings are felt as the final battle between hope and despair comes to an eventful conclusion.

29 września 2016

3. Super Danganronpa 2.5: Komaeda Nagito to Sekai no Hakaisha

12 stycznia 2017

Danganronpa: The Animation (4 lipca 2013)

Danganronpa: The Animation follows the events of those of the video game Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc. The series follows 16 high school students locked inside "Hope's Peak Academy", their High School. The students are threatened by a anthropomorphic bear, known as Monokuma, who gives them only one way to leave the Academy, to murder another student, and not be found out in the subsequent trial.

Danganronpa: The Animation - season 1, episode 1
1. Prologue: Welcome to despair High School

Makoto Naegi, an average student, enrols at the prestigious Kibōgamine Academy for talented students. However, the moment Makoto steps inside the school grounds, he falls unconscious and wakes up in a dorm room littered with security cameras and steel plates. Following a note's instruction to assemble in the gym, Makoto finds 14 other unique students in a similar situation, including a school idol from his old middle school, Sayaka Maizono. It is at this point that the self-proclaimed principal, a stuffed bear named Monokuma, appears, announcing that the students will be staying in the school for the rest of their lives, with only those who kill another student being able to leave. The students spend the next few days searching the school grounds in order to try and find an alternative exit. When Monokuma notices noone has any particular motive to kill anyone, he shows each student a personalised DVD motivating them to escape.

4 lipca 2013

Danganronpa: The Animation - season 1, episode 2
2. (Not) Normal Arc: Kill and Live

As Makoto tries to grow accustomed to the situation, he learns from Monokuma about the faulty door on his shower room. Afterwards, Sayaka comes to Makoto's room, saying she is afraid that someone may be after her, so Makoto offers to switch rooms with her to put her at ease. The next day, however, Makoto discovers his room in a mess and is horrified to find Sayaka lying dead in the shower room, having been stabbed in the stomach with a kitchen knife. As Makoto becomes angered by this tragic turn of events, Monokuma explains that one of the students is responsible for her murder and they must judge for themselves who the killer is in a "class trial". If the guilty culprit is successfully deduced, that person will be executed, but if they accuse the wrong person, then the culprit will get to escape the academy whilst everyone else will be put to death.

11 lipca 2013

Danganronpa: The Animation - season 1, episode 3
3. Not Normal Arc: Kill and Live

As the trial begins, swimmer Aoi Asahina testifies that she and martial artist Sakura Oogami witnessed Sayaka enter the kitchen, during which one of the kitchen knives, which was used as the murder weapon, was stolen. Meanwhile, Kyouko proves Makoto's innocence by pointing out that, since his shower room didn't have a lock, he wouldn't have needed to take apart the doorknob to enter it. After wondering how the culprit entered the room in the first place, Kyouko presents evidence which reveals Sayaka had purposely invited someone into the room, meaning that Sayaka had actually intended to murder someone and pin the crime on Makoto, only for her target to fight back and kill her instead. Remembering the message written in blood, Makoto deduces that "11037" is actually an upside down spelling of "LEON" and accuses baseball star Leon Kuwata of the crime.

18 lipca 2013

Danganronpa: The Animation - season 1, episode 4
4. (Not) Normal Arc: Weekly Shonen Despair Magazine

Following the class trial, Monokuma grants access to the second floor of the academy, containing a library and a swimming pool with gender-divided changing rooms. Whilst searching the library, the group find a broken laptop and a letter that indicates Hope's Peak Academy has actually been shut down for years, along with a storeroom filled with confidential files. As the pool changing rooms require ElectroIDs to unlock, Monokuma introduces a school rule that students are forbidden from exchanging their ElectroIDs. Later, Makoto comes across writer Touko Fukawa, who appears to have a thing for the cold-hearted affluent progeny, Byakuya Togami, before winding up as a witness to a sauna endurance battle between gangster Mondo Oowada and moral compass Kiyotaka Ishimaru, who end up bonding with each other.

25 lipca 2013

Danganronpa: The Animation - season 1, episode 5
5. Not Normal Arc: Weekly Shonen Despair Magazine

As the trial gets underway, Byakuya states that Touko is the culprit as she has dissociative identity disorder, her other personality being none other than Genocider Sho. Surely enough, as Touko faints, her personality switches to that of Genocider who, despite casually admitting she is a genuine homicidal maniac, denies killing Chihiro as she always uses scissors in all of her serial killings. Being the only other one who knew of Genocider's crimes, Byakuya is suspected of the crime, curiously not denying it. However, after Makoto deduces Chihiro was actually killed in the boy's changing room, with Kyouko subsequently revealing Chihiro was, in fact, a cross-dressing boy, Byakuya admits he is not the killer and had only modified the crime scene to make the game more interesting.

1 sierpnia 2013

Danganronpa: The Animation - season 1, episode 6
6. (Not) Normal Arc: Return of the New Century Galaxy Legend! O Armored Hero, Stand Upon The Earth!

After the others investigate the newly opened third floor, containing a rec room, art room and a physics lab, Monokuma announces his next incentive; a cash reward of 100 billion yen to whoever graduates, though noone seems to fall for it. Afterwards, the gang investigate the bath locker rooms after Aoi mentions seeing Chihiro's ghost the previous night, which turns out to be a laptop left behind by Chihiro before his death, containing an A.I. program called Alter Ego, who offers to help decrypt some files left on the laptop. As Kiyotaka, who has been mortified since Mondo's execution, asks Alter Ego if he blames him for Chihiro's death, he imitates Mondo to give him words of encouragement, which seems to encourage him a bit too much. Alter Ego then shows a curious photo of Leon, Chihiro and Mondo hanging together, which could not have possibly been taking during the time they've known each other.

8 sierpnia 2013

7. Not Normal Arc: Return of the New Century Galaxy Legend! O Armored Hero, Stand Upon The Earth!

Hifumi's dying words leave most of students convinced that the culprit is fortune teller Yasuhiro Hagakure, who is found by Kyouko near the pool stuck inside the aforementioned 'Justice Robo' costume. Yasuhiro, however, denies committing any murders, claiming he was knocked out after being called by a note, which had subsequently gone missing. After Makoto and Kyouko finish their investigation of the crime scene, the class trial begins, where Makoto starts vouching for Yasuhiro's innocence, using evidence to point out he couldn't have designed the outfit, let alone carry the corpses whilst wearing it. After Kyouko asks the court to consider the two murders as seperate incidents, Makoto deduces that Hifumi had only faked his death from before, with Kyouko's evidence revealing Hifumi was the one who killed Kiyotaka, moving his body to the art supply closet where he was killed himself.

15 sierpnia 2013

8. (Not) Normal Arc: All All Aplogies

Makoto overhears that Sakura had been forced to become Monokuma's mole as he took her family hostage. As Makoto feels he should not jump to conclusions until he has talked to Sakura, Kyouko becomes annoyed with him for keeping secrets from her. After exploring the fourth floor, containing some locked rooms that Monokuma forbids breaking into, the girls catch up with Alter Ego, who reports that Hope's Peak Academy was placed under lockdown due to a terrible incident that occurred, theorising that the school's true principal may be the one pulling the strings. He also discovers another strange photo, this time of Sayaka, Celestia and Hifumi together. Afterwards, Monokuma announces to everyone that Sakura is the mole, hoping to bring about another murder. As Aoi becomes angered with the mean words said about Sakura, she ends up getting into a scrape with Genocider, leaving Sakura angered that innocent people got involved.

22 sierpnia 2013

9. Not Normal Arc: All All Apologies II

Following an investigation in the chemics lab, the class trial begins, where Touko reveals she, Byakuya and Yasuhiro received notes from Sakura calling them to the rec room, where she had witnessed Yasuhiro attack Sakura with a bottle out of fear. However, Yasuhiro being the culprit is ruled out when Makoto reveals Sakura had in fact been hit twice. This second hit is revealed to have come from Touko after she had passed out from seeing Sakura's bloody forehead and became Genocider, hitting her with another bottle. However, she is proven innocent as the place she attacked Sakura was different from where her body was found, with Byakuya revealing that the cause of death was actually poison, showing a bottle of poison that mysteriously contains protein shake. Aoi announces that she is the culprit, stating that she had replaced Sakura's protein shake with poison and gave it to her.

29 sierpnia 2013

10. (Not) Normal Arc: The Junk Food of Despair for Racing Through Youth

Kirigiri steals Monokuma's "treasure." He warns the students that everyone will be held equally guilty. Later that night, Togami finds that Monokuma has gone out of order. The next day, there is a new body.

5 września 2013

11. Not Normal Arc: The Junk Food of Despair for Racing Through Youth

Naegi and the others are forced to participate in an awkward classroom trial for a victim they don't know anything about.

12 września 2013

12. The Reason Super High School-Level Bad Luck Attracted Super High School-Level Murder, Super High School-Level Execution and Super High School-Level Despair

After being granted access to all previously locked rooms, Makoto and Kyoko investigate the dorm's second floor and find a hidden room in the headmaster's lodge. There, they discover the remains of Kyoko's father, who had died long before the killing game started, along with an SD Card containing video interviews of all the students agreeing to spend their lives in Hope's Peak Academy, although Monokuma pulls the plug before the video gets too far. Whilst Kyoko deals with the revelation that her father cared more about her than she thought, Makoto uses the headmaster's e-handbook to open some lockers, finding some textbooks allegedly belonging to Yasuhiro and a notebook containing Kyoko's handwriting, hinting at there being two 'Despair' students. Afterwards, Makoto visits the science lab, being used as a morgue, noticing some curious wounds on Mukuro's body before Monokuma gives him a photo featuring all sixteen students except for himself. As the class trial soon begins, with Monokuma joining the fray, the other students reveal they had also received similar photos, only with them missing from their respective photos. Wondering where these photos came from, Makoto reveals the books he found, deducing they are each missing some of their memories, revealed to have been stolen by Monokuma. Makoto then accuses Monokuma of murdering Mukuro, deducing that Mukuro was murdered twice, pointing out the true cause of death were wounds eerily matching the ones Junko received. After Kyoko proves her innocence by revealing the shameful burns on her hands, Makoto deduces from Monokuma's obscured evidence the identity of the culprit, Monokuma's controller, and the academy's mastermind to be none other than the real Junko Enoshima, who soon appears and reveals herself to be the true Super High School Level Despair.

19 września 2013

13. Goodbye, Despair High School

Now that the mastermind has been revealed, Naegi and his classmates must uncover the mysteries behind Hope's Peak High School during the final classroom trial. Can hope defeat despair or will the mastermind come out triumphant in the end?

26 września 2013

Danganronpa 3: The End of Hope's Peak High School Side- Future (11 lipca 2016)

The series serves as a conclusion to the storyline of Hope's Peak Academy, the elite school where the Super High School Level Despair, Junko Enoshima, played hostess to a "killing school life" among its students under the guise of the evil bear Monokuma.

Danganronpa: The Animation - season 2, episode 1
1. Third Time's the Charm

11 lipca 2016

Danganronpa: The Animation - season 2, episode 2
2. Hang the Witch

Monokuma reveals the rules of his new "Monokuma Hunter" game.

18 lipca 2016

Danganronpa: The Animation - season 2, episode 3
3. Cruel Violence and Hollow Words

Monokuma's twisted game continues while Makoto tries to restore what little balance he can to the Future Foundation.

25 lipca 2016

Danganronpa: The Animation - season 2, episode 4
4. Who Is a Liar

Kyoko Kirigiri decides it's time for her to put her detective skills to work, and goes to the boardroom to investigate.

1 sierpnia 2016

Danganronpa: The Animation - season 2, episode 5
5. Dreams of Distant Days

Seiko Kimura and Ruruka Ando's past comes to light as the two recall how their friendship broke apart.

8 sierpnia 2016

Danganronpa: The Animation - season 2, episode 6
6. No Man Is an Island

Monaca Towa continues using her puppet to fool the Future Foundation members, but Kyoko Kirigiri's just one step away from finding the truth, especially with all the clues she's gathered.

15 sierpnia 2016

7. Ultra Despair Girls

Komaru Naegi and Toko Fukawa confront Monaca Towa in the hopes of putting the Final Killing Game to an end, but things take a turn for the worst when the second Junko Enoshima reveals that a survivor from the Killing School Life will die because of Komaru's brother.

22 sierpnia 2016

8. Who Killed Cock Robin?

Koichi Kizakura recalls his reasons for staying with Kyoko Kirigiri, who works to uncover the truth behind Sonosuke Izayoi's murder. But just being at the crime scene is dangerous enough itself. Meanwhile, Byakuya Togami looks for a way to break the Future Foundation out of the building, but certain obstacles prevent him from reaching that goal.

29 sierpnia 2016

9. You Are My Reason to Die

Betrayals are committed as Ruruka Ando struggles to survive and the traitor is close to being revealed. Monaca Towa's prophecy comes true when Kyoko Kirigiri's NG code is violated, because of Makoto Naegi. To bring an end to this dreadful game of despair, Kyosuke Munakata decides it's time to decide whose hope is better: his or Makoto's.

5 września 2016

10. Death, Destruction, Despair

Following Kyoko Kirigiri's death, Makoto Naegi resolves to bring an end to the Final Killing Game and clashes with Kyosuke Munakata, fighting for whose hope is stronger. However, a recent, shocking revelation about Chisa Yukizome has driven Kyosuke into insanity and despair.

12 września 2016

11. All Good Things

Leaving behind her notebook, Kyoko Kirigiri reveals the truth behind the Final Killing Game, leaving Makoto Naegi to test out his late friend's theory, only to be shocked by what he sees. Meanwhile, Juzo Sakakura decides to bring an end to this dreaded game in order to save Kyosuke Munakata.

19 września 2016

12. It Is Always Darkest

Kazuo Tengan's motives for masterminding the Final Killing Game are revealed as Ryota Mitarai decides to put an end to despair, by brainwashing all of humanity to sacrifice all negative emotions and unconditionally believe in hope. Makoto Naegi, Aoi Asahina and Kyosuke Munakata try to stop him, but their efforts are impeded by the brainwashed Future Foundation.

26 września 2016


Cast: Danganronpa: The Animation

  • Kanata Hongo Ryota Mitarai
  • Junichi Suwabe Juzo Sakakura
  • Takuya Eguchi Sonosuke Izayoi
  • Toshiyuki Morikawa Kyosuke Munakata
  • Saki Fujita Seiko Kimura
  • Megumi Ogata Nagito Komaeda
  • Nobuyo Oyama Monokuma
  • Chiwa Saito Aoi Asahina
  • Rie Kugimiya Daisaku Bandai
  • Mai Nakahara Chisa Yukizome
  • Keiji Fujiwara Koichi Kizakura
  • Yoko Hikasa Kyoko Kirigiri
  • Kenta Miyake Great Gozu
  • Hidekatsu Shibata Kazuo Tengan
  • Inori Minase Ruruka Ando

Crew: Danganronpa: The Animation

  • Ryoko Amisaki Character Designer
  • Hiroaki Kaguchi Color Designer
  • Tomohito Hirose Prop Designer
  • Seiji Kishi Director
  • Masafumi Takada Sound
  • Norimitsu Kaiho Writer
  • Daisei Fukuoka Director

TV Show Details

  • Original title: ダンガンロンパ 希望の学園と絶望の高校生 The Animation
  • English title: Danganronpa: The Animation
  • First air date: 2013-07-04
  • Origin countries: Japan
  • Languages: Japanese
  • Where to watch Danganronpa: The Animation: TBS, MBS, BS-TBS, CBC
  • Production companies: FUNimation Entertainment, Lerche
  • Keywords: anime, based on video game
  • Official website: https://www.nbcuni.co.jp/rondorobe/anime/danganronpa/