Extraordinary Extensions

Reality 2021

Extraordinary Extensions

Reality 2021

Reality 2021

1 season, 4 episodes

Dream home extensions with million-pound budgets

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Season 1 (20 października 2021)

1. Episode 1

Musician-turned-property guru Tinie Tempah follows British homeowners as they realise their dreams by embarking on ambitious home extensions. He begins by the sea in Hampshire, where teacher Amy and professional gambler Simon set out to breathe new life into three derelict buildings with one, uncompromising giant glass structure. He also visits retired couple Alan and Lynda in Herefordshire, who are creating a bold extension with an angular ski slope roof to house Alan's elderly father.

20 października 2021

2. Episode 2

Tinie Tempah follows two homeowners who are digging down on their quest to unearth extra space. In Hertfordshire, one couple plan to double the footprint of their Grade II listed gate lodge to the size of three double decker buses with an enormous subterranean extension. The second one - an £11million basement in the heart of Knightsbridge - was home to ballerina Margot Fonteyn and the former Panamanian Embassy.

27 października 2021

3. Episode 3

Tinie Tempah follows two builds that sit uniquely in their surroundings, meeting contractor Rod and his gin distiller wife Clarice, who have added a modern and uncompromising 21st-century extension to their 17th-century Cotswolds cottage. Tinie also follows passionate extenders NHS surgeon Humza and his banker wife Pari, who indulge their creative flair, attention to detail and love of terrazzo with a unique up-and-over arch window

3 listopada 2021

4. Episode 4

Tinie Tempah follows the pioneering reinvention of a Victorian building in south London. Architect Richard and his writer wife Eva are converting their 19th-century former timber yard from an office into a family home for themselves and their two children. Key to the design are the cutting-edge innovations to achieve ultra-low energy use, making this the only passive house that has been built by converting a commercial space

10 listopada 2021


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