The Gadget Show

Documentary News United Kingdom 2004

The Gadget Show

Documentary News United Kingdom 2004

Documentary News United Kingdom 2004

34 seasons, 412 episodes

The Gadget Show is a British television series which focuses on consumer technology. The show, which is broadcast on Channel 5 is currently presented by Jason Bradbury and Rachel Riley with Jon Bentley and Pollyanna Woodward. Originally a thirty-minute show, it was extended to forty-five minutes, then later to sixty minutes. Repeats have also aired on the digital channel 5*, syndicated broadcasts on Discovery Science and Dave, and Channel 5's Internet on-demand service Demand 5. In Australia, it is aired on The Lifestyle Channel.

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Specials (30 stycznia 2009)

1. Road Trip special

New presenter Ortis Deeley joins the team as they travel from Edinburgh to London. Along the way, the hosts undertake a series of challenges, putting hi-tech tandems, wireless navigation systems, digital cameras, location-based games and portable media players to the test.

30 stycznia 2009

Season 1

1. The Gadget Show Season 1 Episode 1

Season 2 (14 stycznia 2005)

Season 3 (3 października 2005)

1. Series 3, Episode 1

3 października 2005

2. Series 3, Episode 2

10 października 2005

3. Series 3, Episode 3

17 października 2005

4. Series 3, Episode 4

24 października 2005

5. Series 3, Episode 5

31 października 2005

6. Series 3, Episode 6

7 listopada 2005

7. Series 3, Episode 7

14 listopada 2005

8. Series 3, Episode 8

21 listopada 2005

9. Series 3, Episode 9

28 listopada 2005

10. Series 3, Episode 10

5 grudnia 2005

11. Christmas Special

12 grudnia 2005

Season 4 (30 stycznia 2006)

1. Series 4, Episode 1

30 stycznia 2006

2. Series 4, Episode 2

6 lutego 2006

3. Series 4, Episode 3

13 lutego 2006

4. Series 4, Episode 4

20 lutego 2006

5. Series 4, Episode 5

27 lutego 2006

6. Series 4, Episode 6

6 marca 2006

7. Series 4, Episode 7

13 marca 2006

8. Series 4, Episode 8

20 marca 2006

9. Series 4, Episode 9

27 marca 2006

10. Series 4, Episode 10

3 kwietnia 2006

11. Series 4, Episode 11

10 kwietnia 2006

12. Series 4, Episode 12

17 kwietnia 2006

13. Series 4, Episode 13

24 kwietnia 2006

Season 5 (18 września 2006)

1. Season 5, Episode 1

18 września 2006

2. Season 5, Episode 2

25 września 2006

3. Season 5, Episode 3

2 października 2006

4. Season 5, Episode 4

9 października 2006

5. Season 5, Episode 5

16 października 2006

6. Season 5, Episode 6

23 października 2006

7. Season 5, Episode 7

30 października 2006

8. Season 5, Episode 8

6 listopada 2006

9. Season 5, Episode 9

13 listopada 2006

10. Season 5, Episode 10

20 listopada 2006

11. Season 5, Episode 11

27 listopada 2006

12. Season 5, Episode 12

4 grudnia 2006

13. Season 5, Episode 13

11 grudnia 2006

Season 6 (12 lutego 2007)

1. Episode 1

Kit out your house for next to nothing, Binoculars with Chris Ryan, The Critical List - mobile phones.

12 lutego 2007

2. Episode 2

Free WiFi for all, the campaign continues, What's on TV?, The Critical List - DAB radios, Digital bridge cameras

19 lutego 2007

3. Episode 3

Working party - on compact HiFis, MP3s - 'Tested to destruction', The Critical List - toys!, It's all in the Mindwriter

26 lutego 2007

4. Episode 4

Wild Challenge, The Critical List - MP3s.

5 marca 2007

5. Episode 5

iTrip, Spy Gadgets - the hunt for PS3, HDD camcorders, The Critical List - sounds creative.

12 marca 2007

6. Episode 6

Laptops - PC vs. Mac, Sky vs. BT vs. Virgin, The Critical List - juicers.

19 marca 2007

7. Episode 7

Queueing for the PS3, Digital SLR cameras, Razors - it's a cut-throat business, The Critical List - toy weaponry.

26 marca 2007

8. Episode 8

Gaming PCs vs. Consoles, iPod Shuffle, The Critical List - watches, Live search maps.

2 kwietnia 2007

9. Episode 9

Skateboarding, Digital DJ, Microsoft Vista, The Critical List - 'smart' clothing.

9 kwietnia 2007

10. Episode 10

Camcorders - 'Tested to destruction', Surround-sound headphones, The Critial List - digital cameras.

16 kwietnia 2007

Season 7 (29 października 2007)

1. Episode 1

Suzi Perry and Jason Bradbury pit the Nokia N95 and Apple's iPhone against each other in a series of challenges, testing their durability, multimedia functions and sat-nav capability. Jon Bentley investigates the trend toward miniaturisation, looking at a range of goods employing the tiniest technology

29 października 2007

2. Episode 2

Suzy Perry and Jason Bradbury compare the durability of a range of rugged digital cameras in the challenging environment of Iceland, while Jon Bentley teams up with athlete Iwan Thomas to test the latest hi-tech running shoes

5 listopada 2007

3. Episode 3

Jon Bentley, Jason Bradbury and Suzi Perry showcase technological toys, putting a range of outdoor gadgetry to the test and looking at the latest in combination cameras - devices designed to both shoot videos and capture still images. Plus, Suzi campaigns for honesty in broadband advertising

12 listopada 2007

4. Episode 4

The technophiles pit Sony's PlayStation 3 against the Nintendo Wii, compare Freeview personal video recorders and look at a revolutionary speedboat that can dive below the waves and jump out of the water.

19 listopada 2007

5. Episode 5

Jason Bradbury and Suzi Perry put HD camcorders to the test, while Jon Bentley investigates music phones with the help of Radio 1 DJs Bobby Friction and Nihal. Plus, the team scrutinises the latest gadgets for the kitchen, including a kettle that can boil water in just three seconds and a chip fryer that uses just one teaspoon of olive oil.

26 listopada 2007

6. Episode 6

Jason Bradbury and Suzi Perry compare the first two HD camcorders on the market, while Jon Bentley tests a range of mobile printers after a spell of photography at Longleat Safari Park. Also under scrutiny are the latest DAB radios and a revolutionary new digital instrument.

3 grudnia 2007

7. Episode 7

Jason Bradbury and Suzi Perry present a gadget gift guide, complete with advice on securing the best price. Meanwhile, Jon Bentley looks at a variety of televisions, determining the best boxes in a range of categories.

10 grudnia 2007

8. Episode 8

Jason Bradbury and Suzi Perry put rugged watches and multimedia players through their paces, and test the durability of a range of batteries. Elsewhere, Jon Bentley tours the R&D facilities of cutting-edge companies to see what the future holds for the world of technology - including a gadget that charges other devices wirelessly.

17 grudnia 2007

Season 8 (31 marca 2008)

The Gadget Show - season 8, episode 1
1. Episode 1

Jason and Suzi record a movie; Jon tries out the sleek new MacBook Air; and Jason's water-rocket car returns.

31 marca 2008

The Gadget Show - season 8, episode 2
2. Episode 2

The presenters hit the countryside, heading for the hills with a phone that claims to be the toughest in the world. They also put the latest generation of hand-held GPS devices through their paces, see how a range of tents stand up to the elements and race around in some of the coolest off-road kit available. They also test the three main PVR services available and Jason finds out what is on offer at the London Toy Fair.

7 kwietnia 2008

The Gadget Show - season 8, episode 3
3. Episode 3

Suzi and Jason shop 'til they drop to see who can buy the most gadgets for a grand. Jon Bentley hits the Alps with champion skier Graham Bell to test some hi-tech skiing jackets that are wired for MP3 players and mobile phones. The team also examine whether the whole gadget revolution has passed insurance companies by, and take a look at the top five laptop bags available on the market.

14 kwietnia 2008

4. Episode 4

Jason and Suzi are challenged to design a gadget; Jon spends the day with entrepreneur and businessman James Caan, testing the newest BlackBerries and other PDA devices; Jason goes to Europe's largest technology show, CeBIT, and Suzi tests the most popular camera phones on the market.

21 kwietnia 2008

5. Episode 5

Jason and Suzi put the very latest robotic mops and vacuum cleaners to the test and whip up a meal using the latest cooking gadgets; Trevor Nelson joins Jon to test the newest iPod Nano; Jason hits the slopes riding a PowerBoard and Suzi investigates the very best camera phones on the market.

28 kwietnia 2008

6. Episode 6

Jason and Suzi test new mobile phones, night-vision binoculars and satellite navigation systems whilst on the move; Jon investigates the best TVs on the market; Jason finds out about the new sporting craze of dirt surfing; and Suzi tracks down the best gizmos for office warfare.

5 maja 2008

7. Episode 7

Suzi and Jason have a speed race on the latest high-end road-racing bikes and take to the water to try out some motorised aquatic scooters. Jason visits Canfield University to try out a full-sized remote control Hummer.

12 maja 2008

8. Episode 8

Suzi Perry and Jason Bradbury test the toughest walking boots on the market and play the video game Rainbow Six: Vegas 2 using the latest wireless laser gun technology. Jon Bentley tries out universal remote controls, and the top five gadget alarm clocks and mini laser tanks come under scrutiny.

19 maja 2008

9. Episode 9

The presenters turn their attention to music, testing a new music-based computer game, the latest in high-tech headphones and some expensive speakers. Elsewhere, Jon examines a range of domestic weather stations; and Jason looks at some of the best computer games on the market.

26 maja 2008

10. Episode 10

Suzi Perry and Jason Bradbury compare green gadgets with their less environmentally friendly equivalents, while Jon Bentley tests the best pseudo-surround sound speaker systems on the market with the help of movie reviewer James King. Plus, a list of the top five coffee machines. Last in series, a new run begins next week.

2 czerwca 2008

Season 9 (9 czerwca 2008)

The Gadget Show - season 9, episode 1
1. Episode 1

In this edition, Suzi and Jason focus on the world of sport as they test a range of athletic gadgets.

9 czerwca 2008

The Gadget Show - season 9, episode 2
2. Episode 2

Jon and Suzi test their newshound instincts and a range of media tools as they post entertainment reports on the web. Elsewhere, Dallas looks at survival gadgets; and Jason examines an in-car computer.

16 czerwca 2008

The Gadget Show - season 9, episode 3
3. Episode 3

Jason and Suzi review computer games that claim to whip both body and mind into shape. Elsewhere, Jon reveals what camera accessories have made it onto his top-five list; and Dallas tries out a jet-powered version of the dangerous street luge.

23 czerwca 2008

The Gadget Show - season 9, episode 4
4. Episode 4

Jon Bentley and Suzi Perry test the durability of heavy-duty torches by examining how they handle a cliff-dive and a clash with a 30-tonne truck, and check the credentials of two popular single-lens reflex cameras, the Nikon D60 and the Canon EOS 450D. Meanwhile, Dallas Campbell attempts to break the Scalextric world speed record.

30 czerwca 2008

The Gadget Show - season 9, episode 5
5. Episode 5

Suzi, Jason, Dallas and Jon head to the countryside to test a range of outdoor gadgets. They drive off-road vehicles including quad bikes and go-carts, try out the best in binoculars and put a pair of laptops through their paces. Elsewhere, Suzi gets to grips with frisbees and Jon hunts down the best mobile phone deals available.

7 lipca 2008

6. Episode 6

Jason and Jon explore an array of high-definition TVs. Former Olympic swimmer Sharron Davies teams up with Jon to test a range of high-tech running gear. Dallas visits a robot version of the Olympics in San Francisco; and Suzi names and shames her top five stupidest gadgets.

14 lipca 2008

7. Episode 7

The presenters test the latest in getaway gadgets, including underwater cameras, hard wearing luggage and seaworthy vehicles.

21 lipca 2008

8. Episode 8

Consumer technology show presented by Jason Bradbury, Suzi Perry, Jon Bentley and Dallas Campbell. Jon and Jason play with some of the cleverest gizmos around; Jon finds out how to keep abreast of current events while on the go; and it is crunch time for one of the most important kitchen gadgets.

28 lipca 2008

9. Episode 9

Suzi Perry, Jason Bradbury and Dallas Campbell test outdoor equipment in the last episode of the series, putting a range of backpacks and laptops through their paces and trialling skateboards, skis and skates. The new Apple iPhone is also compared with the HTC Touch Diamond and there is a countdown of the top five gadgets from the series.

4 sierpnia 2008

Season 10 (6 października 2008)

The Gadget Show - season 10, episode 1
1. Episode 1

Jason and Suzi test different modes of personal transport, the latest in satellite navigation and the toughest of travel cases; Dallas meets a robotic spy; and Jon and Suzi review personal entertainment gadgets.

6 października 2008

The Gadget Show - season 10, episode 2
2. Episode 2

Jason and Dallas take technology into the great outdoors; Jon Bentley reviews media-centre PCs; and Suzi asks a celebrity dentist for her thoughts on electric toothbrushes.

13 października 2008

The Gadget Show - season 10, episode 3
3. Episode 3

Suzi and Jason play spy games as they get to grips with the best in surveillance technology. The Hairy Bikers help Jon test food processors and Jason takes a look at the top five skateboards.

20 października 2008

The Gadget Show - season 10, episode 4
4. Episode 4

Suzi Perry and Jon Bentley blow up a selection of external computer hard drives with gunpowder to assess their physical toughness, before testing the latest inflatable movie screens and taking on a photo enlargement challenge. Jason Bradbury sets out to find the most impressive fireworks on the market and Dallas Campbell visits cinema special effects studio Industrial Light and Magic in San Francisco.

27 października 2008

The Gadget Show - season 10, episode 5
5. Episode 5

Jason and Suzi put recording technology to its ultimate test as they each tape a song. Elsewhere, Dallas achieves super strength with the help of a high-tech exoskeleton, Jon examines a number of folding bicycles, and Jason provides a rundown of the best internet radios available to buy.

5 listopada 2008

The Gadget Show - season 10, episode 6
6. Episode 6

The team assesses the latest outdoor technology by comparing the performance of analogue transmitters with cutting-edge digital devices in poor weather conditions. Thermal underwear is rated in extreme temperatures, and radios designed to withstand the rigours of a building site are fired from a home-made catapult. Jon Bentley goes in search of the best broadband deal in Britain.

10 listopada 2008

7. Episode 7

Suzy Perry and Dallas Campbell assess the latest party gadgets including portable karaoke machines, cocktail makers and digital graffiti walls. Jon Bentley joins Lady Victoria Hervey at London Fashion Week to test the best cameras on the market, and Jason Bradbury provides a rundown of the top five computer games available

17 listopada 2008

8. Episode 8

Suzi Perry tries to wean Jason Bradbury off his beloved Apple Mac products by getting him to test alternatives to iTunes, the iPhone and MacBook. Jon Bentley assesses voice-recognition software on speed, accuracy and ability to recognise multiple voices, and Dallas Campbell test-drives an unusual eight-legged vehicle, the Honda-powered Mondo spider.

24 listopada 2008

9. Episode 9

Jon gets the help of an impressionist to try out some home phones. Suzi lists her favourite watches available on the market.

1 grudnia 2008

10. Episode 10

Suzi and Jason look at the best Christmas gadget gifts around. Jon tries to find which television is the best high-definition one available. The Gadget of the Year 2008 is revealed.

8 grudnia 2008

11. Episode 11

Suzi and Jason try and make it in to the Guinness Book Of Records. Jon takes a look at the best washing machines available. Dallas takes a look into the future by seeing what gadgets are currently being developed.

15 grudnia 2008

12. Episode 12

Jon tries out the latest mobile phones available. Jason and Dallas travel to Austria to test the latest ski equipment.

22 grudnia 2008

Season 11 (9 marca 2009)

1. Episode 1

New series of the consumer technology show presented by Jason Bradbury, Suzi Perry, Jon Bentley and Ortis Deley. Suzi and Jason are gripped with Oscar fever as they put to the test a range of special-effects technology. Elsewhere, Ortis examines 3D TV, Jon looks at the best home-phone deals available and Jason visits the London Toy Fair.

9 marca 2009

2. Episode 2

16 marca 2009

3. Episode 3

23 marca 2009

4. Episode 4

30 marca 2009

5. Episode 5

6 kwietnia 2009

6. Episode 6

13 kwietnia 2009

7. Episode 7

Consumer technology show presented by Jason Bradbury, Gail Porter, Jon Bentley and Ortis Deley. Gail and Jason are thrown in at the deep end as they test wet suits, bikes and relaxing computer games. Elsewhere, Jon examines new-fangled TVs and Ortis encounters an automaton.

20 kwietnia 2009

8. Episode 8

Scientific special of the consumer technology show. Jason Bradbury and Jon Bentley attempt to score a 'supersonic goal', employing all manner of techniques to break the sound barrier with a football. Elsewhere, Gail Porter undertakes a range of experiments in the kitchen, and Ortis Deley heads to the States to check out wireless power.

27 kwietnia 2009

9. Episode 9

Consumer technology show presented by Jason Bradbury, Gail Porter, Jon Bentley and Ortis Deley. Gail and Jason compare iTunes with its new rival, Spotify, before using Facebook and Twitter to organise a 'flashmob' event at Somerset House in London. Elsewhere, Jon takes a tour bus full of sightseers around Stratford-upon-Avon to try out the very best camera phones on the market; and Ortis compiles his top five Wi-Fi routers.

4 maja 2009

10. Episode 10

11 maja 2009

11. Episode 11

18 maja 2009

12. Episode 12

25 maja 2009

13. The Gadget Show's Summer Special

1 czerwca 2009

Season 12 (3 sierpnia 2009)

1. Episode 1

Jason Bradbury and Suzi Perry take part in one of their most complex challenges to date, constructing a full-sized remote-controlled vehicle capable of competing in a banger race. Jon Bentley heads for New York to put touch-screen phones to the test, and Ortis Deley swims with a colony of robotic penguins in Germany

3 sierpnia 2009

2. Episode 2

Suzi Perry and Ortis Deley explore whether it is possible to lead a totally wireless life, using Lamborghinis, powerboats, electric cars and trains above and below ground to race from London to Plymouth. On reaching their destination, the duo travel across a quarry via advanced motorbike and personal hovercraft. Meanwhile, chef Simon Rimmer tests hi-tech ovens and Jason Bradbury checks out a selection of free online games

10 sierpnia 2009

3. Episode 3

Websites come under the spotlight as Jason Bradbury learns how to cook and Ortis Deley sets out to play the guitar, both using only online tutorials and resources. After one month, the presenters' progress is assessed by chef Antony Worrall Thompson and NME's news editor Paul Stokes. Meanwhile, Suzi Perry and Jon Bentley compare the technology for sale in London and Seoul, South Korea, and journalist Dawn Porter

17 sierpnia 2009

4. Episode 4

5. Episode 5

6. Episode 6

7. Episode 7

8. Episode 8

9. Episode 9

10. Episode 10

11. Episode 11

Consumer technology show presented by Jason Bradbury, Suzi Perry, Jon Bentley and Ortis Deley. Suzi and Jason compete to come up with the best application for a smartphone, Jon teams up with writer and presenter Danny Wallace to check out the latest car safety features and Ortis tests a mountain of headphones.

12 października 2009

12. Episode 12

Consumer technology show presented by Jason Bradbury, Suzi Perry, Jon Bentley and Ortis Deley. Jason and Ortis race across Derbyshire, Suzi heads off to Switzerland to check out the latest concept cars and Jon teams up with Dame Kelly Holmes to give the latest fitness gadgets a workout.

19 października 2009

13. Episode 13

14. Episode 14

In this episode of ‘The Gadget Show’ Jason and Suzi are set a challenge to design and build a gadget that will appeal to animals as well as humans. Who can produce the most innovative and ingenious gadget for pets? From a doggy treadmill to a flushing cat toilet, the duo endure animal mayhem as they test a selection of outlandish inventions in order to get some inspiration for their own builds. Despite being allergic to dogs, Jason opts for an automatic ball-launcher that takes the arm-work out of playing ‘fetch’ with a pooch. The idea is that the dog retrieves the ball and places it into the launcher. It is then hurled 30 metres and the process begins again. Because of her love of cats, Suzi decides to build a gadget for moggies. She always wonders where her cat goes when it disappears through the cat flap, so she develops a GPS tracking device and camera for cats to wear on a harness. Jason heads off to a dog show to see if his device has the audience begging for more, and Suzi tests her purr-fect invention with TV vet Scott Miller and his cat. Which invention will be a hit with the pets and their owners? Also this time, Ortis heads into the woods with ex-special forces hard man Mike Hawk to test the best pocket tools on the market. Jon, meanwhile, trawls through the top online photo-printing services available.

2 listopada 2009

15. Episode 15

Jason and Ortis join forces to build an amazing power-tool racer. Following a thorough trouncing in 2008’s Silverline Power Tool Drag Race, they decide to enter again this year. This time, however, the boys really mean business! Firstly, Jason and Ortis assess the competition. They take a good look at the vehicles that have been victorious in previous years and research the technology behind their success. They also evaluate how their team came so hopelessly unstuck last year. Deciding that chainsaw-powered vehicles are the way to go, Jason and Ortis enlist the help of ace engineers Stewart Pilley and Matthew Ward. They then track down three Stihl 8.7bhp chainsaw engines, and set about constructing a cutting-edge chainsaw-powered go-kart that might place glory within their grasp... The team decides to source an old go-kart from a karting centre and strip it down. Ortis and Jason take out the engine, seat, steering wheel and existing wheels. The rear axle is also removed from the chassis and the gear ratio is calculated specifically for the chainsaws. Lastly, they paint the kart, add new wheels and fit protective plastic to the chassis. Race day finally arrives and Ortis and Jason head to Haynes Motor Museum in Somerset to see just what their go-kart is made of. Will Jason, Ortis and their chainsaw-powered go-kart blow the competition out of the water? Or will they be humiliated and defeated once again?

9 listopada 2009

16. Episode 16

16 listopada 2009

17. Episode 17

Suzi Perry visits the Rinspeed HQ in Germany to drive their latest creation, a hydrofoil car, while Ortis Deley goes for a spin in the new Sand-X dune bike in Dubai. Continuing the transport theme, Jon Bentley takes to the streets of Paris without the aid of a sat-nav to test the navigational tools of multimedia devices like phones, and Jason Bradbury straps a jet engine to the hoverboard he built in series five

23 listopada 2009

18. Winter Special

Ortis Deley accompanies Jason Bradbury on a trip to the high-altitude glacial resort of Saas-Fee in Switzerland, where they test a range of skiing gear in an alpine race. Ortis also visits Dubai to explore a fully automated home fitted with hi-tech equipment, and Suzi Perry and Jon Bentley provide a rundown of the five best family computer games

30 listopada 2009

19. Christmas Special

Christmas Special

7 grudnia 2009

20. Gadget Of The Decade

14 grudnia 2009

Season 13 (1 lutego 2010)

1. Episode 1

New series. Jason Bradbury and Suzi Perry fight for survival using hi-tech tools when they visit the Liwa desert in Abu Dhabi - one of the most inhospitable locations on Earth. Jon Bentley tests the latest generation of e-readers on the beaches of the Caribbean, and Ortis Deley gives his opinion on some of 2010's most anticipated gadgets

1 lutego 2010

2. Episode 2

Comedian Dom Joly challenges Suzi Perry and Ortis Deley to take part in a money-saving task, in which they demonstrate economic ways to run expensive pieces of technology. Meanwhile, Jason Bradbury scours the London Toy Fair for this year's must-have devices, and Jon Bentley weighs up the benefits of upgrading to Blu-ray

8 lutego 2010

3. Episode 3

Two members of the team compete to shoot rival pop music videos, but while Suzi Perry has use of a full professional crew and equipment, Jason Bradbury has to do it all himself using consumer gear. Jon Bentley tests the latest smartphones on the market, asking if any have what it takes to steal the mighty iPhone's crown, and there is also a look at the top five mobile phone apps. Ortis Deley heads to the Czech Republic to try out the Snow Glider, an aerodynamic sleigh that boasts a rear-mounted propeller

15 lutego 2010

4. Episode 4

The team try and avoid capture using a variety of the latest gadgets. Jo Whiley and Jon try out three of the best music streaming systems. Suzi takes a look at the best kettles available.

22 lutego 2010

5. Episode 5

Suzi Perry and Jason Bradbury are challenged to create a mind-boggling illusion that will be judged by magician Paul Zenon. Ortis Deley travels to Barcelona to meet Reem-B, an advanced robot that can walk, grasp objects and communicate with humans, and Jon Bentley reviews the latest home cinema technology. Plus, a rundown of the five sexiest gadgets available

1 marca 2010

6. Episode 6

Ortis Deley and Suzi Perry use a combination of tracking devices, satellite photography and information readily available on the internet to locate Jon Bentley. Former Olympic 100m champion Linford Christie assesses the latest sports shoes available, and Jason Bradbury drives one of the world's fastest race-car simulators. Plus, a selection of digital cameras is subjected to extreme testing

8 marca 2010

7. Episode 7

Jason Bradbury and Ortis Deley are challenged to create two of the toughest robots money can buy. Jon Bentley travels to the Caribbean to test SLR cameras, and Suzi Perry encounters a human-powered submarine in a swimming pool. Plus, the presenters try to decide on their top five sexy gadgets

15 marca 2010

8. Episode 8

The presenters go up against experts in a variety of fields to see whether advances in technology can help amateurs beat professionals. Jason Bradbury uses a video game to compete against an elite Special Forces veteran, Suzi Perry challenges former world-champion swimmer Karen Pickering to a few lengths, and Jon Bentley pits his self-diagnosis skills against Dr Dawn Harper from Embarrassing Bodies. Plus, Ortis Deley takes on pool champion Gareth Potts

22 marca 2010

9. Episode 9

Ortis Deley joins Suzi Perry in a cookery challenge, visiting a London restaurant boasting one of the country's most technologically advanced kitchens, and pitting gadgetry against the skills of promising chefs from a leading school. The presenter also tests karaoke console games with singer Craig David, and Jon Bentley investigates the importance of backing up data

29 marca 2010

10. Episode 10

Ortis Deley competes against Jason Bradbury to design and produce a toy that will be judged by a panel of industry experts, and he also test-drives the Yike Bike - a unique mode of transport resembling a small penny-farthing. Indie band the Twang helps Suzi Perry review MP3 player docks, and Jon Bentley puts home massagers through their paces with Hollyoaks stars Kevin Sacre and Melissa Walton

5 kwietnia 2010

11. Episode 11

As the technology magazine show celebrates its 150th episode, Suzi Perry dons a leather catsuit to re-create one of the famous `bullet-time' sequences from 1999 sci-fi thriller The Matrix, using only a domestic camcorder. Meanwhile, Jon Bentley teams up with seasoned LA paparazzi to test the latest digital cameras, and Jason Bradbury tries to break the land speed record in a vehicle powered solely by water

12 kwietnia 2010

12. Episode 12

Jason Bradbury and Suzi Perry are challenged to complete an impromptu marathon across London using a variety of technological aids, and Jon Bentley puts the iPad through its paces. Meanwhile, Ortis Deley heads for Barcelona to examine a prototype that could make the gesture-operated computer technology of sci-fi thriller Minority Report a reality

19 kwietnia 2010

13. Episode 13

Jon Bentley, Jason Bradbury, Suzi Perry and Ortis Deley are challenged to put a selection of unknown devices to the test in a series of surprise challenges, each of which will push their presenting abilities to the limit. Among the tasks attempted are a race in super-speedy pedal cars, cracking the world's toughest memory stick, and a face-off with darts champion Phil Taylor

26 kwietnia 2010

14. Episode 14

The team examines obsolete pieces of technology in the gadget graveyard, and organises a sports day using a Nintendo Wii, an Easyglider, Usain Bolt's trainers and a medieval catapult. Plus, Jon Bentley visits Pisa to put noise-cancelling headphones to the test, and Jason Bradbury presents his top five pointless-but-fun websites

3 maja 2010

15. Episode 15

Challenged to escape from a kidnapper, Ortis Deley helps Suzi Perry pit smartphones against various alternative products, and also takes a death-defying plane ride to test the latest camcorders. Meanwhile, Jason Bradbury hits the half-pipe with skating champion Nick Lomax to try out the best inline skates

10 maja 2010

16. Episode 16

Ortis Deley and Suzi Perry each use a variety of gadgets to convert a disused barn into the perfect holiday destination, with Hollyoaks family the Valentines judging their efforts. Jason Bradbury joins chef Simon Rimmer to put home barbecue equipment to the test, and Jon Bentley heads to Los Angeles to put the latest sunglasses through their paces

17 maja 2010

17. Episode 17

The team provides a round-up of the best devices of the past 12 months. Jon Bentley recalls the training shoes he tested with Kelly Holmes, and Jason Bradbury revisits his virtual car race against ex-Formula One driver Johnny Herbert. Plus, Ortis Deley's memorable encounter with Larry the robotic dog, and Suzi Perry's stint as pop video director for the band Fightstar. Last in the series

24 maja 2010

Season 14 (2 sierpnia 2010)

1. Episode 1

New series of the consumer technology show. Suzi and Jason mount a promotional campaign to advertise the show using cutting-edge technology. Jon tests the iPhone 4

2 sierpnia 2010

2. Episode 2

This week, Suzi and Ortis race to the top of a mountain, Jason reports on cutting-edge gaming from Las Vegas, and the presenters get to grips with the latest coffee machines.

9 sierpnia 2010

3. Episode 3

In this episode's challenge, Jason and Suzi go head to head in a competition to produce the best cinema trailer. With cutting-edge amateur recording equipment at their disposal and acerbic Radio 1 film critic James King judging, the stakes are high. While Jason discovers an astonishing camera capable of filming in 360-degree wraparound vision, Suzi opts to embrace the 3D fad. Suzi makes the potentially risky decision to build her own camera system, but she scores a coup when she lands the world’s only ‘emotion jacket’, designed to allow viewers to share in the intense sensations experienced by on-screen characters. Elsewhere, Ortis looks into the murky world of black ops warfare and top-secret research projects. Top of his list is the Little Dog project, run by the US military’s secretive DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency) arm. The Little Dog is an incredibly advanced four-legged robot capable of giving chase to targets over rough terrain. Can Ortis persuade the creators to divulge the secrets behind this awesome new technology? Meanwhile, in Singapore, Jon and new girl Pollyanna road test the team’s top five in-ear headphones. Pollyanna soon finds herself being catapulted 200 feet in the air at 125mph on the end of a bungee rope – all in the name of research. Finally, Jon dons his whites and ventures into the kitchen with top chef Jean-Christophe Novelli to try out three of the best dishwashers on the market. But will any of the timesaving devices live up to the fiery Frenchman’s high standards?

16 sierpnia 2010

4. Episode 4

Jon Bentley endeavours to rescue some wet electronic gadgets, Suzi tests waterproof jackets and Jason and Ortis build their own speedboats.

23 sierpnia 2010

The Gadget Show - season 14, episode 5
5. Episode 5

Suzi Perry and Ortis Deley join forces to turn a traditional seaside bed and breakfast into an automated hotel. Their new-look establishment will be packed with state-of-the-art gadgetry designed to fulfil a guest’s every need. A real-life tourism inspector will then judge their efforts. Jon Bentley and Pollyanna Woodward head off to Singapore for the spectacular annual River Festival to test out the best one-touch camcorders on the market. Closer to home, Jason Plato takes to the streets and hops on buses, taxis and rickshaws to select his top five computer games to play whilst on the move. Also, Ortis slaps on his Speedos to check out the PowerSki Jetboard – a powered surfboard capable of speeds of 40mph. Ortis’s unusual choice of surfing destination is Sweden, which has ample quantities of the ‘flat’ water for which the board is designed. Unfortunately for Ortis, however, things do not go entirely to plan.

30 sierpnia 2010

6. Episode 6

- Ultimiate Tested to Destruction - Top 5 Gadget Games - Whole House Music Streaming - DTV Shredder (Off-Road Skateboard Hybrid)

6 września 2010

7. Episode 7

A 'Gadget Show' football special to celebrate the start of the Uefa Europa League. Pollyanna kicks off with a report on the Robocup - the most extraordinary football contest in the world. Competing against each other are fully autonomous robots, operating entirely without human control. Will the automatons have the footballing skills to pay the bills? Since the outcry over England's disallowed goal in the World Cup, goal-line technology has become a hot topic. Ortis gets together with former international referee Graham Poll to see if it is possible to remove the man with the whistle and run a game refereed entirely by technology. Meanwhile, Pollyanna takes aim at Jason in a series of gadget football games, as the pair choose their top five ways to play off-the-pitch soccer. Elsewhere, Jon is joined by renowned football commentator Alan Parry to select the best high-definition projectors available on the market. And Suzi indulges in some of the most expensive gizmos on the planet to choose the top five gadgets only a footballer's wife could afford.

13 września 2010

8. Episode 8

The 'Tested to Destruction' segment returns for another adrenaline-charged outing. Suzi and Pollyanna take a fast car and some powerful guns in order to subject seven tough gizmos to some extreme situations - all in the name of research. Elsewhere this week, Jon and Polly take a day trip to France to test some compact cameras. The latest models on the market come complete with interchangeable lenses, but can the tourists figure out how to use them to their advantage? In this episode's challenge, Ortis and Jason venture into the office in a bid to transform the bland environment into a fun, productive space - using only their own gadget ideas. The boys enlist a top design agency to help them on their quest, and add flair to their new concepts. Finally, Jason runs down another top five. This week, he turns his thoughts to gadgets that revamp old technology and give it an entirely new purpose.

20 września 2010

9. Episode 9

The presenters take each other on in a demanding cross-country race over land, sea and air.

27 września 2010

10. Episode 10

Jason and Jon debate the pros and cons of 3D television. Polly and Ortis put cloud computing to the test, and Jon visits the robot equivalent of the World Cup.

4 października 2010

11. Episode 11

The presenters have four surprise challenges sprung on them in just one day. With golf, computer gaming, lawn mower racing and world record attempts all on the cards, the team must pull out all the stops to triumph.

11 października 2010

12. Episode 12

Suzi examines cheap netbooks, Polly and Ortis scour the web and the high street for techie bargains, and Jon climbs behind the wheel of a swanky car to test some cut-price sa

18 października 2010

13. Episode 13

- Chainsaw Powered Vehicles - Top 5 Home Fitness Gadgets - Online Security

25 października 2010

14. Episode 14

Jason and Ortis test a martial arts simulator and a flight simulator respectively. Jon explores mobile phone tariffs and Polly looks at the best new apps available to download.

1 listopada 2010

15. Episode 15

Suzi and Jason go head to head in a gadget-based musical challenge, Jon remakes a classic film in order to test the latest in mini projectors, Ortis tests a special bike and Polly looks at the best bags on the market.

8 listopada 2010

16. Episode 16

In a Gadget Show first Jon, Suzi and Jason set out to make the Gadget Show themselves! The web is filled with programmes made by enthusiasts – but what’s the best tech to shoot and cut your own programme? The team take matters into their own hands and takeover the show to make it themselves using only gadgets and tech found on the high street.

15 listopada 2010

17. Episode 17

This week all five presenters square off in challenges not against each other – but against professionals, expert in their chosen field.

22 listopada 2010

18. Episode 18

This week Ortis and Woodward race across London in their own high-octane, gadget-packed take on the classic game of Monopoly. Going head-to-head using the latest urban personal transport –from skates and scooters to state-of-the-art electric transport – and the latest 'augmented reality' navigation technology, it’s a race which takes them across the city via each of the railway stations on the Monopoly board. With each leg, the race picks up pace, with their urban transport getting faster and more powerful. But, it’s not all plain sailing – as if having to tackle the dreaded London traffic wasn’t bad enough, they’re also subject to random forfeits from the notorious 'chance' cards, which could give their opponent a head start – or even spell out an unexpected trip to jail.

29 listopada 2010

19. Episode 19: Christmas Special

This week, The Gadget Show presents its Christmas special and reveals this year’s must-have gadget gifts! No matter who you’re buying for, this is the only festive technology guide you’ll need. The gang have been hunting high and low for the most hi-tech, unique, intelligent, crazy and downright desirable gadgets of the season! Jason and Ortis compete to find the best gadget for girls and enlist the help of the Aston Villa ladies football team to help. Meanwhile Suzi and Pollyanna seek the advice of chart-toppers Scouting For Girls to find the best gadget for boys. Then, it’s the ultimate challenge as they pair up and compete to find this year’s essential, ultimate, must-have gadget. They take a look at some of the standout products of the year and throw in a few surprises. And the lucky recipient? The Gadget Show’s own Jon Bentley – the man who’s seen it all and is the toughest to impress with gadgets at Christmas time.

6 grudnia 2010

20. Episode 20

The Gadget Show hits the snowy slopes of Switzerland for another action-packed winter challenge. Jason and Ortis gear up to test the very latest hi-tech clothing, navigation gadgets and snow transport in a race which takes them to the very top of Mount Titlis in the ski resort of Engelberg.

13 grudnia 2010

21. Episode 21 - Christmas Stocking

20 grudnia 2010

Season 15 (14 lutego 2011)

The Gadget Show - season 15, episode 1
1. Really Wild Challenge

This week, The Gadget Show is back with a brand new series and its our first where the gang performed in-front of a live studio audience. Ortis and Pollyanna head to South Africa testing photo cameras and video cameras in very extreme conditions. And, our Live Studio audience get hands on with a whole load of robots in a raging robot race. It’s going to be really wild show!

14 lutego 2011

The Gadget Show - season 15, episode 2
2. Get Rich Quick

This week on The Gadget Show Suzi and Ortis are using to gadgets to help them Get Rich Quick, Jon is joined by the fabulous Flawless to test Sports MP3 players and we bring you the Top 5 Tech you should be looking out for in 2011.

21 lutego 2011

The Gadget Show - season 15, episode 3
3. Gadget Rally

This week on The Gadget Show, Jason and Pollyanna get dirty in a Gadget Rally; Ortis ascends one of London’s tallest buildings, to test the latest pedometers. And Jon gets is joined by Jessica Jane Clement to test the best ways of getting your gadgets back if they’re nicked. Thanks to all of these guys who made it all happen!

28 lutego 2011

The Gadget Show - season 15, episode 4
4. CGI vs. Android

This week on The Gadget Show, Jason and Suzi are going virtual, Jon is testing All-In-One Home Cinema systems with Jonny Herbert, Ortis is off being a big kid checking out the latest toys at this years Toy Fair and Polly is off Florida to test an underwater scooter.

7 marca 2011

The Gadget Show - season 15, episode 5
5. King of the Smartphones

This week on The Gadget Show Pollyanna and Jon test the latest Smartphone’s to find the ‘King of the Smartphone’s, Guy Martin from The Boat that Guy Built tests Mountain Bikes on Cannock Chase, Ortis takes a hind end bike for a ride and Suzi is in Bed with Alarm Clocks to find the Top 5.

14 marca 2011

6. Engineering

This week on The Gadget Show Jason and Ortis put everything on the line as they each face a seemingly impossible challenge; can Ortis build a Gravity Racer and can Jason build a Jet Powered Luge? And, on top of that, Jon tests Freeview + HD boxes with the help of Mrs Bentley and Suzi surfs the web to find the Top 5 Websites.

21 marca 2011

7. War of the Robots

This week on The Gadget Show Suzi & Pollyanna have the task to beat a team of human paintballers using tech, Jon tests Bread Makers with Paul Hollywood, Pollyanna jets off to the US to drive a car blindfolded and Ortis, poses for a professional photographer to find the Top 5 Digital Photoframes.

28 marca 2011

8. Casual Gaming

This week on The Gadget Show Suzi and Jason get inventive by creating the cleverest, trickiest and most utterly addictive games that they can! Jon gets to grip with the more glamorous side of zoo-keeping … as he puts the latest pressure washers to the test! Ortis and Pollyanna check out the travel apps you shouldn’t leave home with out and Pollyanna also test drives a hydrogen-powered bike!

4 kwietnia 2011

9. Surprise Special

This week on The Gadget Show Suzi, Jason, Jon, Ortis & Pollyanna went into the unknown! They were given four challenges to complete in The Gadget Show, Surprise Special!

11 kwietnia 2011

10. Gadget Performance

This week on The Gadget Show, the stage is set and the house lights are down – but how will Ortis and Pollyanna fare when they hit the big stage at Gadget Show Live and put on a tech-inspired music performance in front of 5000 people? Also, Jon Bentley teams up with star of, ‘How Clean is Your House’, Aggie Mackenzie, to test the latest robotic vacuum cleaners. And, if you missed Gadget Show Live this year, we’re bringing you the highlights, including our top 5 gadgets at the show and highlights from the exhibition’s gaming and future tech zones.

18 kwietnia 2011

11. Man vs. Beast

The presenters use the latest gadgets and gizmos to pit themselves against animals in the man v beast challenge. Jon attempts to outrun a falcon, Polly races a racehorse, Ortis goes head to head with a sniffer dog and Jason challenges a cat's agility.

25 kwietnia 2011

12. Gadget Party

This week on The Gadget Show Suzi and Ortis we’re given 24 hours to turn a run down warehouse into 2 high-tech nightspots to impress Kirk Norcross from The Only Way is Essex, Jon tested the latest toning shoes, Pollyanna got to grips with the Flyrad and Jason got gaming to put together his top 5 gaming Apps.

2 maja 2011

13. Episode 13

Polly and Jon scour Europe for the best tech deals and Jason tests out the best gaming laptops.

9 maja 2011

14. Episode 14

Jon takes to the skies above London in an iconic Goodyear blimp to test the latest entry-level DSLR cameras. These cameras are a cut above compacts, and the first step an amateur might take toward professional photography - but how will they cope when put to the test on Jon's aerial photography challenge?

16 maja 2011

15. Episode 15

Jason and Ortis use different technology when they compete against one another in a triathlon. Suzi and Pollyanna spend some time at a spa. Jon looks at some of the more unusual inventions.

23 maja 2011

16. Episode 16

Suzi Perry and Pollyanna Woodward put camping technology to the test and invite former Big Brother housemate Nikki Grahame to decide whose den is the most enticing. Jon Bentley is joined by news reporter Martin Stanford to try out tablet computers, and the team evaluates wave-riding water vehicles

30 maja 2011

17. Episode 17

The team reflects on its favourite moments from the show's 15th run, including Suzi Perry's creation of a remote-controlled robot army and Jason Bradbury's world-record attempt on a jet-powered luge. Ortis Deley and Pollyanna Woodward also recall their photography challenge in South Africa, and Jon Bentley looks back at his technology tests. Last in the series

6 czerwca 2011

Season 16 (19 sierpnia 2011)

1. Foreign Movie Challenge

This week on The Gadget Show we kicked off the series with Ortis and Pollyanna heading off to Morroco to make a movie using consumer video tech, Jon jetted off to Italy to test the latest folding bikes and Suzi was putting a smile on the faces of some gadget volunteers to find the Top 5 Toothbrushes.

19 sierpnia 2011

2. Episode 2

Pollyanna checks out a powered exoskeleton, and Suzi sweeps up the best mini vacuums on the market.

26 sierpnia 2011

3. Episode 3

The gang shop for the best gadget that you can buy for £100 and road test the latest 3D camcorders.

2 września 2011

4. Episode 4

Jon takes a crash course in surfing and hits the waves to test the latest wetsuits. Meanwhile, Ortis goes on the hunt for the most effective shredders on the market.

9 września 2011

5. Episode 5

This episode looks at gadget experience days, 3DTVs, gadget toasters and whether expensive cables give you value for money.

16 września 2011

6. Episode 6

Suzi and Ortis try to give the paperback a 21st-century makeover as they create their own interactive e-books. Pollyanna takes a look at the different latest waterproof cameras available. Jon attempts to find the country's best and fastest broadband deals.

23 września 2011

7. Episode 7

Pollyanna and Ortis try out some of the latest kitchen gadgets and later set up rival stalls at a music festival to sell what they have created. Jason finds out the best ways to get internet throughout your home. Suzi names her top camera accessories.

26 września 2011

8. Episode 8

Ortis and Pollyanna end up getting their hands dirty after they are given the task of becoming car valets for the day. Jon, Jason and Pollyanna attempt to get their heads around the latest wireless headphones. Suzi takes a look at some of the best tablet apps available.

3 października 2011

9. Episode 9

Ortis tries once again to race the world's fastest pedal bike. Jon steps inside one of the show's famous power tool drag racers. Suzi looks back to the show's early days.

10 października 2011

10. Episode 10

The presenters take part in a Surprise Special in which they have no clue what challenges they will be doing.

17 października 2011

11. Episode 11

Jason and Suzi attempt to take gaming on to next level. Ortis looks for the five toughest USB sticks available on the market.

24 października 2011

12. Episode 12

Ortis and Suzi become creative as they create their own gadget bags. Jon is helped by a sound designer to test out some soundbar speakers.

31 października 2011

13. Episode 13

Jason, Ortis and Jon take part in three of the most ambitious tests the show has ever tried. Jon takes a look at the latest fitness console games with the assistance of Matt Willis. Pollyanna travels to America to find out more about the most exciting hovercraft the show has ever seen. Suzi shares the websites she thinks that everyone should be taking a look at.

7 listopada 2011

14. Epsiode 14

Jason, Jon and Pollyanna compete in Britcar 24 but while the other cars are racing round Silverstone, the presenters will be driving on a race simulator re-creating the track. Ortis takes a look at the latest hi-tech microwaves. Suzi explains how to create a photo book.

14 listopada 2011

15. Episode 15

The presenters take part in a is a budget special, where they have to go to extraordinary lengths to find the best technology for the lowest price.

21 listopada 2011

16. Epsiode 16

Polly and Ortis find themselves being challenged to use different gadgets and technology to learn a new skill. Jon takes a close look at consumer rights. Jason takes a look at the latest and best in-ear headphones.

28 listopada 2011

17. Episode 17

The presenters reveal which Christmas presents should be at the top of your list this year. Polly and Suzi get the help of The Soldiers, whilst Ortis and Jason get help from the cheerleaders Cheer Force Ten as they compete to find the best gadgets.

5 grudnia 2011

18. Episode 18

12 grudnia 2011

19. Episode 19

In this special winter edition of the show Jon and Polly hit the slopes. Suzi is snuggling up indoors. Jason does a bit of Christmas shopping.

19 grudnia 2011

20. Christmas Eve Special

The presenters look into the future of tech, including 4G, the Kindle Fire, Windows 8 and a new military helmet that enables fighter pilots to lock onto targets by looking at them.

24 grudnia 2011

Season 17 (3 czerwca 2013)

1. Episode 1

Jon Bentley rejoins the team as does newcomer Rachel Riley. Noise-cancelling headphones are tested at Birmingham's Spaghetti Junction. Pollyanna is in Canada to take a look at the Maverick flying car. Jon is in Manchester to put three action cameras through their paces with the help of the British BMX team. Danny Dyer offers his views on movie-streaming services.

3 czerwca 2013

2. Episode 2

Rachel and Jason take a look at the latest 4K television technology with the help of Got To Dance champions Chris and Wes. Pollyanna takes a look at state-of- the-art watercraft in California, Jon gets some celebrity help to test the latest convertible laptops for the new Windows 8 operating system.

10 czerwca 2013

3. Episode 3

Rachel and Jason try out some backlit e-readers whilst Pollyanna gets behind the wheel of The Human Car. Jon tries some walking boots on a hike in the Lake District and comedian Al Murray learns more about soundbar technology.

17 czerwca 2013

4. Episode 4

Rachel and Jason are in the chair this week as they team up with top cosmetic dentist James Russell to put the latest electronic toothbrushes through their paces. Polly comes face-to-face with the Mantis, the biggest all-terrain hexapod robot in the world. Jon Bentley is in Amsterdam testing out the latest batch of Android smartphones.

24 czerwca 2013

5. Episode 5

With 2013 already shaping up to be the year of the gamer, the team hooks up with superstar gamers KSI and Ali-A in LA at the biggest gamers’ expo on the planet – E3 – to find out how good these next-generation consoles really are. Back on home soil, Rachel and Jason enlist the help of ex-con Michael Fraser as they rig the studio with the latest home security technology.

1 lipca 2013

6. Episode 6

8 lipca 2013

7. Episode 7

Rachel and Jason are investigating the nation’s wi-fi woes. Why do so many of us have trouble connecting, and what can we do about it? With new routers being released by BT and Virgin, could our connection issues soon be a thing of the past? Triple-jump gold medallist and keen cyclist Jonathan Edwards dons lycra and gets on his bike to take a look at cycle computers – technology that is fast growing in popularity. Polly is in Hungary, checking out the Mammuth Rewarron, the world’s first one-third scale, radio controlled car. Will it be a mammoth enough ride to get to the top of Polly’s leader board of thrills? With tablets of all shapes and sizes released on what appears to be a weekly basis, there is more choice than ever.

15 lipca 2013

8. Episode 8

Rachel and Jason take a look at camcorders and ask whether we really need them anymore, now that we all carry one around with us built into our mobile phones. Consumer champion Dom Littlewood makes a guest appearance to test the best ways of staying safe online and stopping your personal data being snooped upon. From the tracking of our likes and dislikes to the more malicious hackers who try to get inside our hard drives, Dom has all the info to help ward off unwelcome online attention. Polly heads to Greece, where she ploughs her way through the rugged landscape just outside Athens in an all-terrain super car – the Korres P4. Is it powerful enough to catapult its way to the top of her leader board of thrills? Jon Bentley is off to Hemel Hempstead and its famous magic roundabout to test lawnmowers. In recent years, lawnmower technology has sprung forward –with the days of two-stroke engines or electric cords trailing through the kitchen window now long gone.

22 lipca 2013

9. Episode 9

Jon Bentley takes a look at the world of photo books – all in the aid of surprising Rachel to commemorate her first series on the show. But how will the books look good enough for Miss Riley to take home and put on her mantelpiece. Rachel and Jason build a gadget that we all want to own – a personal flying machine.

29 lipca 2013

Season 18 (3 czerwca 2013)

1. Episode 1

This week, Rachel has ten pairs of noise-cancelling headphones to test. While she listens to music, Jason uses cutting-edge synth technology to create enough noise to interfere with her listening pleasure. After Rachel has selected her favourite three pairs, they submit them to further testing at Birmingham’s Spaghetti Junction. Around 210,000 cars pass through this busy road traffic interchange every day. Which pair of headphones can best filter out the noise? Meanwhile, Polly is in Canada to check out the Maverick flying car, Jon Bentley tests three of the latest and best action cameras with the help of the British BMX riding team in Manchester, and actor Danny Dyer makes a special guest appearance to give Blinkbox, Netflix and Lovefilm a thorough workout before deciding on the best movie streaming service. Finally, Rachel and Jason investigate the technology behind travel cards and similar one-touch payment systems before adapting the technology in some novel ways.

3 czerwca 2013

2. Episode 2

This week, Rachel and Jason begin by taking a look at 4K technology, which is set to change how consumers watch television forever. In Birmingham, they use a cutting-edge 4K camera to film a spectacular street dance routine with ‘Got To Dance’ champions Chris and Wes, while Jason provides the tunes. With the footage in the can, the team return to the studio where they display the footage through three different 4K TV screens. Which one will they decide is the best? In California, Polly is busy testing two of the most exciting watercraft on the market. The 50mph SeabreacherX is the most advanced submersible that Innespace have ever built. Polly has fun operating the controls, which send the vehicle speeding in and out of the water like a crazed dolphin. The exhilaration continues as she climbs aboard the Jetovator, a water-propelled stunt bike, which gives her a ride unlike anything she has ever experienced before. Meanwhile, Jon Bentley is in Shakespeare country, testing the latest convertible laptops for the new Windows 8 operating system. Actor Jonathan Slinger, Paralympic rower James Roe, artist Kyle Lambert and Britain’s fastest touch-typist Bethan Davis help him to put three of the best through their paces to decide on the ultimate form factor for Windows 8. Indie band 2 Door Cinema Club are also roped in to help The Gadget Show test equipment this week. Music has all but moved up to the cloud now and a raft of streaming sites are available, but which is the best? The boys put them to the test on the UK leg of their recent tour and give their verdict. Next, Rachel and Jason attempt to take on the big boys of the coffee world, as they build their very own coffee machine and take it out onto the streets to see if it passes the public’s taste test. Finally, in The Gadget Show studio, an innocent little USB stick is about to undergo testing to destruction. The Lacie USB extreme key has an impressive list of indestructible features, but after the team have put it through its paces with the help of Britain’s strongest man, a deep fat fryer and some liquid nitrogen, will it survive?

21 października 2013

3. Episode 3

Jason and Rachel haunt the streets of Birmingham with some teched-up Halloween costumes.

28 października 2013

4. Episode 4

Rachel and Jason test the tastiest electronic toothbrushes on the market. Polly pushes a mechanical Mantis around and Jon picks out the smartest android smartphone.

4 listopada 2013

5. Episode 5

Blockbuster smartphones, fitness bands and road bikes.

11 listopada 2013

6. Episode 6

Judge Jules tests four leading DJ apps in Ibiza.

18 listopada 2013

7. Episode 7

Dick and Dom turn on the tech in the kitchen.

25 listopada 2013

8. Christmas Special

The gang look at techy treats and must-have toys.

2 grudnia 2013

9. 250th Episode

The team attempt two world records, while Jon looks at how tech has evolved since show began in 2004.

9 grudnia 2013

10. Episode 10

The team turn a robotic version of Jason Bradbury into a stand-up comedian.

16 grudnia 2013

11. Christmas Stocking

Jason and Rachel test the Xbox One and the Playstation 4.

23 grudnia 2013

12. Episode 12

Jon looks back on the best gadgets of the past 12 months.

31 grudnia 2013

13. Episode 13

This week the team test smart watches and in-car gadgets.

6 stycznia 2014

Season 19 (24 lutego 2014)

1. Episode 1

Ortis joins Rachel and Jason to reveal why the desktop PC has gone the way of the dodo.

24 lutego 2014

2. Episode 2

The team put tablet cases to the test.

3 marca 2014

3. Episode 3

Jon and Jason decide which home cinema system is worthy of an Oscar.

10 marca 2014

4. Episode 4

The team test 3D projectors and wireless printers and Ortis rides future transport in California.

17 marca 2014

5. Episode 5

Helen Skelton hops on the Gadget bus to see if technology can transform her into a master baker.

24 marca 2014

6. Episode 6

The team use the latest technology to try to beat some human experts at their own games.

31 marca 2014

7. Episode 7

Ortis shines a light on some tech aimed at making cyclists more visible and safer.

7 kwietnia 2014

8. Episode 8

The team take a look at curved TVs, health check apps and the next move in Nintendo gaming.

14 kwietnia 2014

9. Episode 9

Jason and Rachel uncover some of the most exciting and stylish wearable tech innovations around.

21 kwietnia 2014

Season 20 (15 września 2014)

1. Episode 1

The team look back to the first series to see what technological evolution has done to the world of gadgets.

15 września 2014

2. Episode 2

The team find out if the latest music-making technology can help them top the charts.

22 września 2014

3. Episode 3

Amy takes a look at an all-purpose emergency rescue vehicle with a difference.

29 września 2014

4. Episode 4

Jon, Jason and lots of gadgets take on Ortis and Amy in a physical and mental challenge.

6 października 2014

5. Episode 5

The team look at mirror-less cameras and gadgets for man's best friend.

13 października 2014

6. Episode 6

Ortis is in Seoul checking out bluetooth speakers.

20 października 2014

7. Episode 7

This episode is filmed entirely by the team themselves using consumer kit!

27 października 2014

8. Episode 8

In a special edition, the team are looking at exoskeletons.

3 listopada 2014

9. Episode 9

Jason and Amy race souped-up lawn mower against a quad bike with airless tyres.

10 listopada 2014

10. Episode 10

The team test technology while taking on sporting pros

17 listopada 2014

11. Episode 11

Jason and Jon the hottest question on the planet – which is the best phone money can buy?

24 listopada 2014

12. Episode 12

Union J throw a gadget-laden party.

1 grudnia 2014

13. Episode 13

As Christmas nears, Jason goes behind the scenes at Amazon.

8 grudnia 2014

14. Episode 14

Jon tests the latest mobile tablets and Jason takes part in a triathlon to test fitness technology.

15 grudnia 2014

Season 21 (21 września 2015)

Season 22 (19 lutego 2016)

Season 23 (7 października 2016)

Season 24

Season 25 (10 marca 2017)

Season 26 (6 października 2017)

1. Episode 1

The G Team help magician Tom London improve his YouTube videos. Ortis is in Malta to test a millionaire's dream underwater toy. And, Jon evaluates Dyson's addition to the robotic vacuum sector.

6 października 2017

2. Episode 2

Jon taste tests some tea-making tech, Georgie follows a trail to Italy that leads to a personal cargo-carrying robot, and The G Team deliver a crash course in dash cams.

13 października 2017

3. Episode 3

Craig Charles flies the most affordable ever drone. Jon Bentley tests out IKEA smart lighting, Georgie Barratt meets rock band The Hoosiers as they test out portable music tech and Ortis Deley reveals the coolest gadgets at Europe's biggest consumer electronics show.

20 października 2017

4. Episode 4

Special edition from EGX, the UK's biggest gaming event.

27 października 2017

5. Episode 5

The G Team get up to speed with the latest e-bikes.

3 listopada 2017

6. Episode 6

Jon Bentley learns how DNA testing kits work.

10 listopada 2017

Season 27 (9 marca 2018)

Season 28 (5 października 2018)

1. Episode 1

Jon Bentley heads to Weston-super-Mare in Somerset to put three leading noise-cancelling headphones through their paces, testing for performance, comfort and sound quality. Gaming expert Jordan Erica Webber reports from the world's most prestigious video games festival, gamescom, while Ortis Deley and Georgie Barrat head to Berlin's massive consumer tech exhibition, IFA, for a look at the newest launches and latest products. Plus, Jon, Ortis and Georgie reform the G Team to help dog-lover Rachel, who wants some innovative tech ideas for her beloved pooch. Presented by Craig Charles.

5 października 2018

2. Episode 2

Episode 2 Georgie Barrat offers a bride-to-be a virtual reality experience ahead of her big day, while Jordan Erica Webber reports from the UK's biggest gaming fair and Jon Bentley puts a miniature camera to the test in a safari park. Plus, a report from the IFA tech exhibition in Berlin, examining the future of smart home technology.

12 października 2018

3. Episode 3

The G Team is given a budget of £1,000 and challenged to come up with three home cinema options for a bunch of millennials who want the excitement of the big screen without leaving their living room. With yet another iPhone launch from Apple, Jon Bentley takes a look at some of the more unusual Android alternatives, which include the Oppo, the LG soundbox and the return of the Blackberry. Craig Charles and Ortis Deley report from the Green Meadows Festival in Peterborough, where they test out the latest in DJ tech.

19 października 2018

4. Episode 4

Craig Charles and the team test a variety of tech designed to beat the winter blues. Georgie Barrat visits Wales to meet astronomer Mark Thompson, who helps her try out the latest stargazing apps and telescopes. Ortis Deley tests a range of specialist low-light cameras, and Jon Bentley puts a selection of nocturnal running and cycling equipment through its paces. Plus, a voice-activated board game and a spectacular holographic display.

26 października 2018

5. Episode 5

The G Team aid a father and son with some cool new tech to enhance their computer gaming experience. Jon Bentley tries out smartphone alternatives. Ortis Deley investigates how SkyMagic use synchronised drones to put on spectacular displays. Jordan gets a hands-on demonstration of the new Forza 4 game.

2 listopada 2018

6. Episode 6


9 listopada 2018

7. Episode 7

Georgie Barrat and Ortis Deley put rugged tech to the test, dunking speakers into shark tanks, freezing mobile phones and dropping shatter-proof hard drives from great heights in a bid to determine which piece of hardware will prove the most indestructible. Plus, Jordan Erica Webber visits the studio behind the new blockbuster Just Cause 4 console game, to learn how the developers brought a digital 1024 square kilometres of country - complete with vehicles and extreme weather - so vividly to life.

16 listopada 2018

8. Episode 8

Episode 8

23 listopada 2018

9. Episode 9

Episode 9

30 listopada 2018

10. Episode 10

Episode 10

7 grudnia 2018

11. Episode 11

Episode 11

14 grudnia 2018

Season 29 (29 marca 2019)

Season 30 (4 października 2019)

1. Episode 1

Georgie heads to a tech fair in Germany, Jon road tests the latest dash cams, and the G Team pack their suitcases full of tech on a trip to world's best B&B.

4 października 2019

2. Episode 2

The G Team tests a gaggle of gardening gadgets against former Blue Peter gardener Lee Connelly, compares folding e-bikes, and reveals how Apple are now looking into the games market.

11 października 2019

3. Episode 3

The G Team find a new environmentally friendly gadget for a vegan cafe owner, Ortis tests a futuristic quadrofoil, Jon finds the best budget metal detector, and Georgie champions the GoPro.

18 października 2019

4. Episode 4

25 października 2019

5. Episode 5

1 listopada 2019

6. Episode 6

8 listopada 2019

7. Episode 7

15 listopada 2019

8. Episode 8

22 listopada 2019

9. Episode 9

29 listopada 2019

10. Episode 10

6 grudnia 2019

11. Episode 11

13 grudnia 2019

12. Episode 12

20 grudnia 2019

Season 31 (12 czerwca 2020)

1. Episode 1

Jon Bentley takes Google's latest laptop - the Pixelbook Go - on a day's work experience at one of the world's foremost news websites, the Mail Online. The G Team assists some NHS nurses who want to see how gadgets can get them improve their sleep patterns when working night shifts. Plus, Craig Charles attempts to turn a house into a smart home using off-the-shelf DIY kits and Georgie Barrat hunts down the must-haves for 2020 at the CES exhibition in Las Vegas.

12 czerwca 2020

2. Episode 2

Craig Charles assesses Samsung's much-anticipated folding Galaxy Z Flip, while Jon Bentley gives Gogglebox star Sandra Martin three affordable 65-inch televisions to check out. Ortis Deley spends the day with his three-year-old daughter at London's annual Toy Fair where they explore the hottest techy playthings on offer for 2020. The team also revisits 1971, a year when floppy disks were not only a thing but were actually floppy and Craig continues his attempt to turn a house into a smart home. Plus, Harry Wallop has his latest tips on how to save money using tech.

19 czerwca 2020

3. Episode 3

Jon Bentley road-tests one the hottest smartphones on the market, the Samsung Galaxy S20, and reveals whether it's worth its premium price tag. Georgie Barrat gets a behind-the-scenes tour of Las Vegas, finding out how Sin City is reinventing itself in to one of the most technologically advanced places in the world. Plus, Ortis Deley reveals how 1995 defined the tech world of today, while a new feature sees Craig Charles attempt to turn a house into a smart home using so-called `easy fit' DIY kits.

26 czerwca 2020

4. Episode 4

Ortis Deley delves into the world of 8KTV, bagging an exclusive behind-the-scenes invite to BT Sport's 8K preparations, before checking in with one of its hosts, Gary Lineker, to see what he makes of the new tech. Jon Bentley joins forces with Great British Bake Off semi-finalist Selasi Gbormittah to put three smart ovens through their paces. Plus, the G Team turns its attention to the feline world, heading to a cat cafe to see what man's furry friends make of cutting-edge gizmos designed to keep them amused.

3 lipca 2020

5. Episode 5

Jon Bentley gets his hands on three of the latest soundbars, which promise to bring high-end cinematic audio to any self-respecting living room. Georgie Barrat heads into the rugged mountains of north Wales to take a ride on the world's longest zip line, while testing out a robust new drone ready to take to the skies - even in the wind and rain. The G Team jumps in at the deep end with three gadgets aimed at helping an aspiring swimmer take vital seconds off a lap time. Plus, Craig Charles tries to set up a wireless security system.

10 lipca 2020

6. Episode 6

Jon Bentley goes on a seaside break with an inexpensive DSLR camera to see if it can capture the essence of a great British holiday, while Craig Charles learns to play the piano with help from a smart speaker. Ortis Deley goes behind-the-scenes at a leading e-sports team's training camp to find out how these new stars of the gaming world prepare for a major event. Plus, the G-Team dusts itself down to find the cleaning gadgets that promise to make household chores a breeze and Jordan Erica Webber dives into the world of gaming.

17 lipca 2020

7. Episode 7

At the moment the 2020 Olympic Games were supposed to be starting in Tokyo, the presenters limber up to see if tech can put them on a par with elite athletes from four different events. Ortis Deley heads to the home of the next generation of British sport, Loughborough University, to take on a female weightlifter with the help of robotics. Plus, Craig Charles teams up with the fastest drone pilots in the country to try to outpace a group of medal-winning sprinters in a 4x100 metre relay.

24 lipca 2020

8. Episode 8

Jon takes three battery-powered lawnmowers for a spin on a Ryder Cup golf course to find out which one is top of the leaderboard.

31 lipca 2020

9. Episode 9

Georgie spends a day at one of the world's most futuristic farms. Jon tests three gadget prams.

7 sierpnia 2020

10. Episode 10

The G Team equip a pair of backpackers with the latest gear. Otis goes off road in the Ukraine. And Craig turns on some voice-activated home lighting.

14 sierpnia 2020

11. Episode 11

Jon kits out an old car with some of the latest after-market gadgets. Jordan's got a rundown of the best rebooted retro video games. Georgie unboxes an electric bike that you build yourself.

21 sierpnia 2020

12. Episode 12

Craig, Jon, Georgie and Ortis go on holiday with a shed load of the latest tech for a camping adventure.

28 sierpnia 2020

Season 32 (25 września 2020)

1. Episode 1

25 września 2020

2. Episode 2

2 października 2020

3. Episode 3

9 października 2020

4. Episode 4

16 października 2020

5. Episode 5

23 października 2020

6. Episode 6

30 października 2020

7. Episode 7

6 listopada 2020

8. Episode 8

13 listopada 2020

9. Episode 9

20 listopada 2020

10. Episode 10

27 listopada 2020

11. Episode 11

4 grudnia 2020

12. Episode 12

11 grudnia 2020

Season 33 (5 lutego 2021)

1. Episode 1

5 lutego 2021

2. Episode 2

12 lutego 2021

3. Episode 3

19 lutego 2021

4. Episode 4

26 lutego 2021

5. Episode 5

5 marca 2021

6. Episode 6

12 marca 2021

7. Episode 7

19 marca 2021

8. Episode 8

26 marca 2021

9. Episode 9

16 kwietnia 2021

10. Episode 10

23 kwietnia 2021

11. Episode 11

30 kwietnia 2021

12. Episode 12

7 maja 2021

Season 34 (29 września 2021)

1. Episode 1

Craig Charles, Jon Bentley, Georgie Barrat and Ortis Deley return with more tech advice and reviews. In this first episode, Jon puts three big-brand budget phones to the test - the Apple iPhone SE, Samsung Galaxy A52 5G and Google Pixel 4a. Georgie dives into the world of TVs, and with prices recently tumbling for high-end sets, she compares the popular OLED models with Samsung's own QLED tech.

29 września 2021

2. Episode 2

Jon takes to the skies to put Apple's highly impressive AirPods Max to the test, and Harry Wallop shares tips to save money on bicycle insurance. Meanwhile, George and Ortis go head-to-head in a battle of Android smartphones, and Craig tries his hand at some smart home tech, but how will he fare when attempting to make chicken wings in a pressure cooker?

6 października 2021

3. Episode 3

Jon Bentley tests four of the latest electric cars and Craig Charles uncovers a new piece of tech that claims to aid weight loss and help people work out more efficiently by simply using the power of your breath. Ortis Deley goes head to head with Jon as they find out if you can save a packet by repairing your broken and worn-out tech, and Georgie Barrat tackles another techie Top 5.

13 października 2021

4. Episode 4

Ortis tests out a pair of Rayban's latest smart shades, and Jon compares three bits of tech that promise to deliver big sound to your movie experience. Meanwhile, Craig jumps into the world of virtual reality with the Oculus Quest 2, and George tests out pressure washers on a farm.

20 października 2021

5. Episode 5

Jon Bentley becomes an influencer for the day as he heads to the UK's only social media house to test out the latest Wi-F tech, while Ortis Deley and Georgie Barrat compare a budget smartwatch to one of the market leaders. Craig Charles checks out innovative tech that helps people drift off to sleep with ease.

27 października 2021

6. Episode 6

Jon Bentley and Georgie Barrat come up with an idea to test out smart lightbulbs, while Craig Chrles is tasked with making his wine taste sublime - using the Kelvin K2, which not only tells when wine is at the optimum temperature, but also what should be eaten with it and even what glass it should be drunk from

3 listopada 2021

7. Episode 7

Craig's rolling up his sleeves on a building site to help Georgie test a pair of rugged phones that promise high-end performance. Jon spends the day with TikTok star Akafi Ali to test budget webcams, and Ortis offers a Top 5 rundown of voice-activated tech, including the world's first coffee machine that not only brews coffee but orders it too

10 listopada 2021

8. Episode 8

Jon finds out if the iPad is still the best tablet on the market, and Jordan has a review of the latest new console to hit the shelves, Nintendo's Switch OLED. Elsewhere, Georgie and Ortis battle it out in another challenge, answering an age-old problem - are branded drills, saws and sanders better than the cheaper, unbranded versions?

17 listopada 2021

9. Episode 9

Jon tests three entry-level short-throw projectors to see which is best for those cinema sessions, and Craig has found a gadget which claims to make our teeth whiter. Ortis and Craig go head to head in this week's challenge - can a portable speaker almost half the price of the Sonos Roam kick it with the big brand?

24 listopada 2021

10. Episode 10

Jon and Georgie test out the iPad Pro against the MacBook Air, while Ortis presents a rundown of his favourite smartphone accessories. Craig has uncovered another gadget with bold claims - the world's smallest vacuum - which could revolutionise the way people pack for holidays, and Jon heads to a classic railway with a long-standing member of the BBC Radio 4 Archers team to test eReaders

1 grudnia 2021

11. Episode 11

Craig Charles, Jon Bentley, Georgie Barrat and Ortis Deley look at the tech available this Christmas, from eBikes to Bluetooth speakers, and stocking fillers to smart-home gadgets. With the big day only weeks away, Craig will be telling four magical tales featuring Georgie, Jon and Ortis in the starring roles, and answering all the big tech questions for 2021

8 grudnia 2021

12. Episode 12

Georgie and Ortis battle it out for the final techie challenge of 2021, as they put the GoPro HERO10 up against DJI's recently released Action 2 camera with the help of the monkeys at Twycross Zoo. Meanwhile, Jordan's got answers to all the big gaming questions just in time for Christmas, and Craig gets to grips with a gadget that prints smartphone photos at home

15 grudnia 2021


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